Fantasy Champions Train for 15 Rounds

Fantasy Champions Train for 15 Rounds by Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator Doug “Light Heavyweight-” Bowles

Is your name Mike Tyson? If not, then you’re probably not going to win your fantasy league in the first round (and since boxing here is just a metaphor, it isn’t possible for even Iron Mike to win a league in the first round). So here are a few tips to help you KO your opponents this fantasy season.

Every team owner that will be drafting in August/September, studies, ponders and over-evaluates the first few rounds, determined to make the right decision on these important selections. And if you’ve been in as many drafts as I have been in, you notice something as the draft moves goes on. After the first 5 rounds or so, some team owners don’t seem to care as much anymore and their competitive intensity has diminished, compared to what it was at the start of the draft. They have drafted their starting QB, two decent RBs and a couple good WRs, so now it’s boring time, just filling the rest of their roster. And therein lies the mistake.

Truth is, anyone really can be successful in a fantasy football draft for the first 5 rounds. With the boom of FF, comes the boom of information to go with it. So any newcomer entering the ring, can figure out to take Antonio Brown, OBJ, Julio, Todd Gurley, then David Johnson, and Gronk, especially if your league requires you to score a tight end. Although it may be a little difficult to decide on a player in round 1, the list of who you should take is so obvious that you wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time in the gym to figure this out.

To finish off everyone at the end of the season however, you need some valuable players for that devastating upper cut, a good left hook and punishing body shots….and that’s what the middle and late rounds are for.

Last year, the following players below weren’t drafted on average, until the late rounds indicated (10 team leagues) . These were important fantasy players that not only strengthened the depth of fantasy football teams, but helped teams take a standing eight count, if sucker punched with player injuries.

These are players crafty owners drafted late in 2015…(10 team league)
(based on their potential, rather than on previous success)

QB Blake Bortles  ( 2015- 3rd Ranked QB)- Draft Round 11 or 12 in 2015
QB Kirk Cousins  ( 2015-9th Ranked QB) – Round 13 or 14… if even drafted
RB Chris Ivory  ( 2015-7th Ranked RB) – Round 7 or 8
RB David Johnson  ( 2015-8th Ranked RB) – Round 12 or 13
RB DeAngelo Williams  ( 2015-4th Ranked RB) – Round 13 or 14
RB Charlie Sims  ( 2015-21st Ranked RB) – Round 14 or 15… if even drafted
WR Doug Baldwin  ( 2015- 7th Ranked WR) – Round 11 or 12
WR Allen Hurns  ( 2015-14th Ranked WR) – Round 14 or 15… if even drafted
WR John Brown  ( 2015-22nd WR) – Round 13 or 14
WR Ted Ginn Jr  ( 2015-25th Ranked WR)- Round 14 or 15… if even drafted
WR Kamar Aiken  ( 2015-30th WR) – Round 14 or 15… if even drafted
TE Jordan Reed  ( 2015-2ndh Ranked TE) – Round 9 or 10
CAR DEF  ( 2015- 4th DEF) – Round 15


Fantasy champions train for all 15 rounds so here are ringers I love this up-coming 2016 season, who can be grabbed in late rounds are……….(10 team league)

QB Kirk Cousins WASH- currently going in Round 12
QB Matthew Stafford DET- currently going in Round 15
RB Isaiah Crowell CLEV- currently going in Round 13
RB Danny Woodhead SD- ( 2015-12th Ranked RB) currently going in Round 11
RB Charlie Sims TB-  ( 2015-21st Ranked RB) – Round 11
WR Travis Benjamin SD- currently going in Round 12
WR Corey Coleman CLEV- currently going in Round 13
WR Devin Funchess CAR- currently going in Round 15
WR Will Fuller HOU- currently going in Round 15
WR Sammie Coates PITT- currently going in Round 15… if even drafted
TE Gary Barnidge CLEV- currently going in Round 10
TE Martellus Bennett NE- currently going in Round 15… if even drafted

So pay attention the entire draft, take some chances and study rosters in depth. If you do, you’re very likely to hit some sleepers in the later rounds that will help you pummel the other team owners in your league. Once you’ve done this, you can spend the last round doing the Ali shuffle and get your Kicker.

Knock ‘em into tomorrow Rock!