Fantasy Football Panic or Dont Panic


Fantasy Football Panic or Dont Panic by Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles

It’s only Week 1 so I truly hope I’m re-tracking my “Panic’ players by Week 3- until then….



DEN QB Peyton Manning- I had a fantasy draft back in July ( A league we call the Summer League) and if I had seen Manning in preseason thru a crystal ball, I would not have drafted him- It pains me but he looks bad- Manning’s longest pass completion Week 1 was 18 yards

CAR Cam Newton- 18/31 for 175 yards and 1 TD- 1 INT- I don’t think he’ll recover from losing WR Kelvin Benjamin

BALT Joe Flacco- 18/32 for 117 yards and no TDs- He’ll only get better ( maybe) when WR B Perriman can get into the line up- He simply has no weapons except WR Steve Smith ( who will be run down by Week 7)

TB Jameis Winston- I’ve been warning fantasy owners about Winston since April


DET Joique Bell- The second Ameer Abdullah was selected in the draft, I knew Bell’s fantasy value was hurt, but I didn’t think it would be this bad

TB Doug Martin-One good preseason game and he’s resurrected- I didn’t buy it, and I won’t…not with a rookie QB ( esp Winston)

JACK T J Yeldon- 4.2 average Week 1 isn’t horrible, but I don’t see him getting into the end zone often- It’s also difficult for any JACK RB because the Jags are usually trailing-I’d be panicking if I drafted him

CAR Jonathon Stewart- He played in the final 10 games of 2015, and suddenly this guy is the Iron Man of the NFL?!? He only had 809 yards and 3 TDs in 2014. RB DeAngelo William’s departure doesn’t automatically make this RB great or durable.

OAK Latavius Murray- One game ( 11 for 44 yards ) I wouldn’t be panicking except, with QB D Carr’s current hand injury…yes…I am kinda panicking


CAR Devin Funchess- Caught 1-of-2 targets for 9 yards Week 1 against the Jaguars. Funchess’ missed target was a drop. playing #4 WR behind the likes of Corey Brown, Ted Ginn and Jericho Cotchery….I am ready to panic

SF Torrey Smith- During the preseason, I watched QB Colin Kaep ignore T Smith for most of the half they played together, and when he did look his way…it was usually a deep pass that missed badly. I thought T Smith would be nice value in Round 8-9ish….but it’s looking like a wasted one-

SD- Malcolm Floyd- I always say…”I’ll believe it when I see it”- Well I saw QB Rivers favor Stevie Johnson over Malcolm Floyd, at least in Week 1

TB Mike Evans- The fact that he’s not healthy is a double bad whammy- but #1 whammy is how bad his QB is ( Winston) and the how little they have played together

DEN Demaryius Thomas- As goes Peyton, so goes Demaryius- I’d would consider shopping this guy for a #1 RB, before other owners figure out how bad a season this could be for Denver- not quite panic but very close

NYG Odell Beckham- For whatever reason, it usually takes QB Eli Manning 6 weeks to get going- unfortunately fantasy owners have to be panicky for the next 5 weeks- another not quite panic but very close


BALT Maxx Williams- The #1 TE drafted in April, I really thought QB Flacco would like him and make Williams a huge part of the BALT offense- Not the case at all




IND Andrew Luck- You didn’t draft QB Luck to be the #11 overall QB ( Week 1 )- It will be better- the BUFF defense is going to make a lot of QBs look bad
SEA Russell Wilson- You didn’t draft QB Wilson to be the #9 overall QB ( Week 1 )- It will be better- the ST L defense is going to make a lot of QBs look bad

MIA Ryan Tannehill- I am not a fan of Tannehill, but he is consistent and even I expected more from him than 22/34 for 226 and 1 TD, especially against a porous WASH defense- He has JACK next week, but another away game ( then BUFF at home)- A LOT better schedule after Week 3


BUFF L McCoy- He needs to get healthy- LeSean McCoy (hamstring) said he is not “100 percent,” but he is “good enough to go out there and compete- His schedule gets easier so I am not panicking yet

MIA Lamar Miller- ( 13 carries for 53 yards) He had better games in the preseason in only a couple quarters played- This was just a bad game all around for the Dolphins

IND Frank Gore- 8 carries for 31 yards. The Colts know they didn’t use Gore enough. They are looking at tape from that game and saying “Never again!”

MINN  AP- For the record, AP has been a player that I had serious doubts would come out blazing – ARTICLE PEEK AT MOCK DRAFT–  that being said, he’s too talented not to get it going. He should be in top form by Week 3


GB Davante Adams- Only 4 catches for 59 yards. I saw WR Adams open many times in Week 1 vs Chicago, and QB A Rodgers will see how many times he should have looked his way- I’m not worried at all

N.O.Brandon Cooks- Facing a good defense like the Arizona Cardinals, 4 for 49 yards was not surprising. The Cards took Cooks out of the game. I am not worried going forward

KC Jeremy Maclin- TE T Kelce just had a his day, so don’t panic. Maclin is going to have bad weeks because of QB Alex Smith, but he’ll have good ones mixed in IF you can be patient

DET Calvin Johnson- Zero preseason snaps…the man is going to be slow getting into the swing of a full game. I’m not worried at all ( I am also not worries about Golden Tate- The Lions did plenty wrong in this game, but Tate will have huge games ahead)


IND D Allen- 3 catches for only 17 yards ( but he did have a TD, but not until the 4th qtr) The Colts didn’t use RB Gore enough, and the Colts didn’t use TE Allen enough and they lost- They will fix this