What if Calvin Johnson Does Retire

What if Calvin Johnson Does Retire by Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles

The Lions are batting a pathetic .090 when drafting WRs since 2003.

Detroit is so bad at drafting wide receivers, that most don’t stay in the NFL, let alone stay on the Lion’s roster for long.

Can Detroit replace Megatron? If we look at the Lions record of drafting wide receivers, the answer is “not through the draft, that is for certain!

Here’s their unimpressive batting record over the last 12 years…..

2014- WR- T J Jones

2013- WR- Corey Fuller

2012- WR- Ryan Broyles

2011- WR- Titus Young

2010- WR- Tim Toone

2009- WR- Derrick Williams

2008- WR- Kenny Moore

2007- WR- Calvin Johnson****

2005- WR- Mike Williams

2004- WR- Roy Williams

2003- WR- Charles Rogers

Only one out of the last 11 WRs drafted by the Detroit Lions has worked out for them (Granted, the one ****HOF WR almost makes up for the other ten busts.)

In 2014, the Detroit Lions passed on WR Odell Beckham Jr (12th overall selection) , WR Brandon Cooks (20th overall selection) and WR Kelvin Benjamin (28th overall selection) to select TE Eric Ebron with their 10th overall selection in that recent NFL Draft.

It is frightening to think how much another bust could hurt the Lions. It’s also frightening to think how good the Lions would have been if they had gotten Odell Beckham Jr in 2014, or WR Sammy Watkins in 2015. Both are true Home Run hitters, and Detroit could have used a Home Run wide receiver to up their batting average and a star already on their roster in 2016, if Megatron does indeed retire!