1st and 10 Week 18

1st and 10 Week 18 by Utter-Fantasy Football Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles

“1st and 10″ is a weekly segment by Utter-Fantasy.com, getting fantasy football insights from a knowledgeable person in the fantastic fantasy football community. With 10 questions each week, we will canvass some of the hot button topics to keep us all informed on the ever-changing NFL landscape and which ones might carry major fantasy football implications.

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Week 18-  July 18th, 2016

“1st and 10″ Week 18 Special Guest Writer- GuestFFL.com’s Matt Dougherty

Special thanks to Matt and be sure to follow him @FFLSFantasy and  @QuestFFL


Utter-Fantasy #1) Here is a Dynasty Quarterback Ranking that I got off of a popular  fantasy football website. Please comment on what you do and don’t agree with, regarding to the QBs on this list and where each is ranked.

1. IND Andrew Luck
2. GB Aaron Rodgers
3. CAR Cam Newton
4. SEA Russell Wilson
5. OAK Derek Carr
6. TB Jameis Winston
7. JACK Blake Bortles
8. TENN Marcus Mariota
9. DET Matthew Stafford
10. SD Philip Rivers

GuestFFL.com Matt Dougherty: The top 3 QB’s are interchangeable and I would not fault anyone for taking any one of them as the first QB off the board, but Newton would be my #1 QB.  45 total TD’s in 2015 and that was with Ted Ginn and Jericho Cotchery as his top weapons.  Now he has a healthy Kelvin Benjamin, a developing Devin Funchess and a chip on his shoulder after his Super Bowl performance and post game meltdown.

Luck would come in as a close second and is a major buy low candidate after an abysmal 2015 season.  Expect a big bounce back season in 2015 and I love the young weapons he has around him with Hilton, Moncrief and Dorsett.

Rodgers is Mr. Consistent and you can always pencil him for over 30 TD’s and has Jordy Nelson coming back from injury.  At 32 years old, I would take Newton and Luck over Rodgers.  

I don’t have any issues 4-8 as all 5 QB’s will be great #1 options for the next 10 years.  Although Carr scares me a bit after his 2nd half performance in 2015 and would feel better taking a couple of the guys like Mariota, Bortles and Winston over Carr. In the final 5 games in 2015, Carr had a QB rating of 71.1 with a 8 TD’s and 7 INT’s.  

I expect a huge season from Rivers.  Travis Benjamin is a great addition and will put up some good numbers in that offense.  With Keenan Allen returning from injury and Antonio Gates back for another season, Rivers will easily surpass 30 TD’s and is a reliable #1 QB.  At 34, his age keeps him down in the rankings.  

I have a huge problem with Stafford in the top 10. Post Megatron, there is no way I trust him as my #1 fantasy QB. Golden Tate and Marvin Jones do not inspire much confidence.  I would take guys like Philip Rivers, Matt Ryan, Andy Dalton, and even the oldies but goodies Drew Brees and Tom Brady, even with the suspension  over Stafford.  


Utter-Fantasy #2) Is Chip Kelly’s 1st year as the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers doomed, if he is counting on either Blaine Gabbert or Colin Kaepernick to be his starting quarterback in 2016?

GuestFFL.com Matt Dougherty: Yes! I don’t expect either of them to be a long-term solution in SF and expect a musical chairs at QB this season.  In a tough NFC west, this should be a rebuilding season and a top 5 draft pick in 2017, where Kelly can grab his QB of the future.


Utter-Fantasy #3) In 2015 San Francisco, Minnesota and St. Louis were last in the NFL in passing -respectively. Can you make a case for 1 or more of these improving enough to stay out of the bottom 3 again in 2016?

GuestFFL.com Matt Dougherty: Minnesota will make a big move up those rankings. QB Teddy Bridgewater should continue to progress as a passer and I expect the coaching staff to open up the playbook for him this season.  I also love the weapons Minnesota is putting  around him.  Teams will continue to stack the box with AP still a stud and the addition of Treadwell, who will contribute immediately, will help the passing game.  Diggs and Rudolph should continue to improve as well.

As stated above, I see no hope in SF this year.  Kelly will run Hyde into the ground as there are virtually playmakers on the offensive side.  The same goes for the Rams, with a likely rookie starting QB.  It will be the Todd Gurley show.  Jared Goff is someone to stash on your roster in dynasty leagues, however.


Utter-Fantasy #4)  Preseason football is just a couple weeks away. What do you think is important for fantasy football owners to pay attention to, in the 4 preseason games?

GuestFFL.com Matt Dougherty: I try not to pay too much attention to pre-season numbers, especially when it comes to established players that you will be relying on as starters during the season.  Players will be rested and coaches will keep play calling close to the vest.  Pay attention to what kind of reps backups and rookies are getting in pre-season games, as this is a good indicator of where they may end up on the depth charts.

(Utter-Fantasy: I like to see the 1st string O-Lines)


Utter-Fantasy #5) In 2015, TENN TE Delanie Walker had a league leading 94 receptions, while none of the other Titan receivers even topped 36 receptions ( H Douglas/ K Wright both had 36). WR Dorial Green-Beckham only had 32 catches in 2015. In his 2nd year, will QB Marcus Mariota be more successful in spreading the ball around to his offensive weapons? Also, what kind of receiving stats do you see TE D Walker, WR DGB, WR K Wright and Rishard Matthews ending the 2016 season with?

GuestFFL.com Matt Dougherty: Mariota will continue to develop as a passer and his passing stats should reflect this.  The addition of Derrick Henry and DeMarco Murray will help open up the passing game for Tennessee and Mariota.  While I expect Walker to once again put up top 10 TE numbers, 94 catches will be tough to match with the weapons Tennessee has added and the development of WR’s like DGB.  DGB showed glimpses of the star that many think he will be the last half of 2015 with two 100 yard games out of the last 6.  1000 yards is not of the question for DGB.  Matthews and Wright could be a decent flex option in PPR leagues but their production will be inconsistent and their ceilings will be limited with the number of weapons Tennessee has.


Utter-Fantasy #6) Do you think a player like TB WR Mike Evans can dramatically improve his receiving abilities and concentration ( most drops in 2015 by a wide out), in only one off-season?

GuestFFL.com Matt Dougherty: I do and I expect Evans to have a huge year.  At only 22, and going into the magical 3rd year for a WR, I expect a big leap and Evans should not have a problem getting rid of the dropsies. With Winston continuing to develop and the Bucs also improving, I expect double digit TD’s and over 80 catches.


Utter-Fantasy #7) An NFL team may often have a terrible losing record, but still provide great players for fantasy football owners. The New Orleans Saints ( 7-9 in 2015) are a good example. Of the 14 defensive players selected in the 1st round of the 2016 NFL draft, who are you expecting to help fantasy football owners the most in leagues that score individual defensive players?

GuestFFL.com Matt Dougherty: If you are looking for immediate production, Joey Bosa of the Chargers should rack up the tackle total.  For long-term production, Jaylon Smith and Myles Jack are the players to own if you are willing to be patient and have the roster room available to wait for them to recover from significant injuries.


Utter-Fantasy #8) I have written that I thought Robert Griffin III could resurrect his career in 2016, if given the starting job in the preseason. However, looking at the upcoming NFL schedule, the Browns have 5 of their first 7 games on the road, and the 2 home games are against Baltimore and New England. A rough start will likely crush RG3’s fragile confidence, so I am back tracking on my earlier prediction. Good idea, based on the schedule?

GuestFFL.com Matt Dougherty: To go along with a fragile confidence, RG3 also has a very fragile body and I would be shocked if he makes it out of the first half alive. I would avoid him at all costs, especially with the price tag still a bit inflated with owners hoping he can replicate his rookie year performance.


Utter-Fantasy #9) I recently published an article entitled “10 Players Getting No Respect” and on that list was JACK QB Blake Bortles. A few of my readers, who’s comments I very much welcome, disagreed with Bortles being on the list. They feel like he is already getting all the respect that he deserves in rankings and mock drafts. Which side of this subject are you leaning and why?

GuestFFL.com Matt Dougherty:  I need to see another year of production from Bortles before I can give him the proper respect that a QB coming off a 35 TD season deserves.  With Jacksonville playing from behind so much in 2015, his TD stats are a bit inflated and I expect those totals to regress some in 2016.  With Jacksonville loaded with young offensive talent in Robinson, Hurns and Thomas, Bortles is set up for long-term successes.  I just need to see one more season before I am completely sold.


Utter-Fantasy #10) As the commissioner of over 300 fantasy football leagues, many of which are “dynasty leagues”, what advice would give 1st year fantasy football owners starting in this type of formatted league?

GuestFFL.com Matt Dougherty: Study up!  Dynasty is a different animal than redraft leagues.  Review expert dynasty rankings, ADP and look at prior drafts on the site you are joining. Also, make sure you review the league scoring thoroughly before drafting.  PPR vs. non-PPR leagues are completely different drafting strategy.


Next Week’s Guest….IPA’s Arthur Richardson


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The Commissioner of 300 Fantasy Leagues

The Commissioner of 300 Fantasy Leagues by Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles

As a fantasy football fanatic, as a fantasy commissioner and as the creator of  Utter-Fantasy.com, I couldn’t help but take notice of someone in our fantasy football community who is the commissioner of over 300 leagues. His name is Matt Dougherty, and he is the owner of QuestFFL.com and FantasyFootballLeagueSite.com. Since 2007, Quest has been the top provider of long-term fantasy football leagues, who’s specialty is dynasty leagues, but who also hosts keeper leagues and the traditional (or “redraft”) leagues.

My mission, and Matt has accepted, is to find out a little about Mr. Dougherty, and information regarding his fascinating fantasy football websites. I hope you enjoy our conversation!

Utter-Fantasy Question #1 to Matt Dougherty) My first introduction to fantasy football was back in 1985, so I have been doing this for a while. I have an educated guess that you have been doing this for a while as well. What got you interested in fantasy football to begin with?

I have been a huge NFL fan and diehard Washington fan and season ticket holder since I was a child. HTTR!
I discovered fantasy sports in the 90’s and started with a redraft league, then keeper leagues and once I discovered dynasty, I was hooked. I love the bond that is formed with your team and fellow league mates as well as the rivalries that form. Dynasty leagues are year-round and I love the ability to trade and interact with league members during the off-season.


Utter-Fantasy Question #2) That first league that I started with back in 1985, is still a fun and competitive league today. How many fantasy football leagues do you participate in? Are there 1 or 2 that you have participated in for a number of years?

With the growing number of leagues I am running, I have had to cut back the number of leagues that I am in, but I still participate in about 15 dynasty leagues. A couple of them began back in the early 2000’s.  I have also recently discovered Best Ball dynasty leagues, which are leagues where there are no waivers and the system selects your best lineup each week based on the highest scoring players.  This format is great for owners with multiple leagues and limited time. We just started offering this league type at QuestFFL with great success.


Utter-Fantasy Question #3) I am the commissioner of a couple of leagues myself, and that’s plenty. How does any human being manage to be the commissioner of over 300 dynasty leagues?

It takes a good deal of planning and being as organized as possible.


Utter-Fantasy Question #4) What is the most demanding part of being the commissioner of so many leagues?

Definitely the time commitment.  In May, Quest and FFLS held its annual Rookie drafts. Over 2 weekends I ran close to 300 rookie drafts. I don’t think I left my computer or slept for a week straight. I had a blast following all of the drafts though and interacting with all of the owners!


Utter-Fantasy Question #5) You are the owner of QuestFFL.com and FantasyFootballLeagueSite.com. What was your inspiration for the 2 sites?

I used to participate in several leagues where the commissioner was unresponsive, took days to process trades and was not receptive to changes in the league.  As a commissioner I take pride in being very responsive. I have my smartphone tied to my hip and always respond to questions and trades very quickly. I also welcome constructive comments and criticisms on ways to improve the sites. These are your leagues!


Utter-Fantasy Question #6) Is there a difference between Quest and FFLS?

The FantasyFootballLeagueSite has an extra flex spot for lineups and also uses a taxi squad which is modeled after the NFL practice squad.  At QuestFFL we offer a wider variety of dynasty and keeper league types such as Best Ball, SuperFlex, Devy and Auction Salary Cap Dynasty leagues as well as a traditional keeper leagues where you keep a total of 7 players each year.  We also run a Quest League of Champions- invite only league, reserved for our most active owners.  This a free league with a large 1st place prize.


Utter-Fantasy Question #7) Can fantasy football owners join QuestFFL and FantasyFootballLeagueSite even after the NFL season begins?

We stop offering startup leagues right before the start of the season but there are usually some orphan teams that are available at big discounts during the season.


Utter-Fantasy Question #8) What’s the most common question that you are asked about your two fantasy football websites?

Will my league ever fold and will I get paid my winnings at the end of the season?

With the demise of several large dynasty sites in recent years, we wanted to provide more security for owners.  We just recently moved all league funds to LeagueSafe at QuestFFL and FantasyFootballLeagueSite.  All league funds are held in a LeagueSafe escrow account.  The commissioner has no access to these league funds.  At the end of the season, a majority of league members must vote to approve the allocation of winnings.  Winnings are sent by the end of December each year.

Since offering dynasty leagues in 2007, we have never folded a traditional dynasty league. While most of our owners are committed long-term, each year some owners decide to leave the league for a variety of reasons.  In order to entice new owners to take over the orphan teams, we offer these orphans at significant discounts. We currently are offering orphans at close to 40% off the regular entry fee. The payout structure remains the same even if a team gets sold at a discount.


Utter-Fantasy Question #9) What tends to be the most popular league that fantasy football owners join at Quest and FFLS?

Besides our traditional dynasty league, Devy dynasty leagues are becoming increasingly popular. In this league format, there is an annual draft in August reserved for non professional players. Any college player is eligible.
This allows you to follow college players as they make their way to the NFL. You can even select a high school player.  In the first devy draft I ran many years ago, an owner selected Dorial Green- Beckham who was a high school senior at the time.


Utter-Fantasy Question #10) On Twitter you write- “Send me your #dynasty questions!” Is fantasy football advice something the 2 sites provide, or something you do for your twitter followers?

As a commissioner, I need to be impartial and do not offer any advice to owners on either site.  However, I do offer advice on my personal Twitter account, @MattDynastyFF.  I have run over 300 drafts and processed thousands of trades so far this offseason so I have a great idea of player values.


Utter-Fantasy Question #11) Where would you like to see Quest and FFLS, 5 years from now?

The possibilities are endless.  I always welcome and encourage feedback from owners on ways I can improve the leagues. In recent years I have implemented many changes including implementing a toilet bowl, 3rd place game, additional roster and flex spots.  All of these changes are based on feedback from owners and will continue to make improvements based on the feedback I receive.


Utter-Fantasy Question #12) Is there anything else, that would you like fantasy football owners to know about Quest and FFLS?

On both sites we have a large number of startup leagues currently open and will have drafts running continuously through the start of the season. We also have several dynasty orphan teams that are discounted up to 40% off the normal entry fee.  We also offer an additional $15 discount off any purchase for new owners.

Looking forward to great 2016 NFL season!



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