NFL Week 4 Panic or Dont Panic


NFL Week 4 Panic or Dont Panic by Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles

We are only past Week 4 so I truly hope I’m re-tracking my “Panic’ players after Week 5……..but until then….



DET Matthew Stafford- Week 4 Stafford recorded 24/35 for 203 yards and 0 TDs. He has only 5 TD passes this season and 0 games over 300 yards- DET HC J Caldwell fits right in as a one of the many terrible HC hires for Detroit- Sadly, Stafford should be strictly a #2 QB ( and only with a decent match up) but kept in 10+ team leagues

MIA Ryan Tannehill- Only 198 yards Week with 2 TD passes. MIA HC Philbin was fired ( LONG OVER DUE) Interim HC Dan Campbell however doesn’t give me a lot of confidence with his “I’m not saying we want dirty players, but we are going to walk that line” talk. The real trouble in Miami is their O-Line and that won’t be fixed in a week

MINN Teddy Bridgewater- On my “Panic” list very week so far- Bridgewater is on a Bye Week…which is a good time to cut him and not look back

Move on from- SF Colin Kaerpernick-TB Jameis Winston-


PHIL DeMarco Murray- I’ve warned about him since the trade- DAL had an O-Line that made him look great (which he isn’t)- He now doesn’t have that O-Line in Philly, he has to share w/ 2 other RBs and he’s not 100%- Trade him

All DET RBs- It is bad enough that the team runs a RBBC, but now the team is playing bad, led by a bad head coach and DET is 0-4

CAR Jonathon Stewart- He is what most of us thought he’d be! An average RB that will put up average stats and often be injured. Keep him if you must, but 62 yards a game and 0 TDs is what you should always expect ( on a Bye Week)

WASH Matt Jones- 18 total yards ( 0 TDs ) last 2 games- Was Week 2 a fluke? Panicking owners are starting to think so


Note: None of my “Panic WRs” rebounded in Week 4- WEEK 3 PANIC LINK

PITT Markus Wheaton- Injured Week 4 and the “talented” #2 WR is back from suspension- ( WR Martavis Bryant)- I’m dropping Wheaton in all leagues because I like WRs on the waiver wire better

SF Torrey Smith- QB Kaepernick might be the worst QB in the NFL right now- The only way T Smith is going to help fantasy owners is with flukey deep passes and MIGHT come once every 3-4 games- You cannot win fantasy leagues starting WRs like that

MIA Jarvis Landry- The trouble with Landry is that Miami has TOO many weapons ( which I warned about preseason – SEE ARTICLE ) and Tannehill/ MIA O-Line are struggling- It’s difficult to cut/trade away a guy you drafted so high, but one game over 100 yards and 0 TDs….just saying

N.O. Brandon Cooks- All I can say is that he has great match ups until his Bye Week ( Week 11)- Hopefully QB Brees is covering from his shoulder injury and that you start Cooks when you need to and he finally produces. Two more weeks of this 50 yard average- 0 TD stuff however and he’ll be cut by every fantasy owner


MIA Jordan Cameron- In the “Don’t Panic” section last week…Well, 4 bad weeks and now on a BYE Week-Here’s how bad the chemistry is w/ Tannehill- 17 targets in the past 2 weeks- 5 receptions

BALT Maxx Williams- Even with TE C Gillmore OUT and WR Steve Smith sidelined…..Williams could only produce 2/4 targets for 17 yards- Panic mode is over- move on

SF Vernon Davis- He should not be on anyone’s roster



BALT Joe Flacco- Weeks 1 & 4 were very bad for fantasy owners. The BALT WRs were weak to begin with and injuries to WR Perriman and Steve Smith have made the situation even worst. Help is on the way however, with the signing of WR Chris Givens and emerging WR K Aiken. ( Also, ST Smith is said to be back sooner than later )

PHIL Sam Bradford- Week 4 was game fantasy owners have been waiting for- 270 yards and 3 TDs. Bradford spread the ball around hitting 7 different receivers- Good schedule for the next 2 weeks


BALT J Forsett- Last week Forsett was on this list because he hadn’t topped 68 yards in any game ( 0 TDs) Week 4 reminded us why we drafted him ( 27 carries for 150 yards) He still doesn’t have a rushing TD, but they will come – Don’t Panic

N.O. Mark Ingram- Currently ranked as the 22 overall RB in the NFL, but he wasn’t the 22nd RB drafted in September- more like the 11th overall RB drafted….so we want more. Only topped 53 rushing yards in Week 4 (77) and has only 2 rushing TDs on the season but receiving yards are there and the big games will come

MIA Lamar Miller- Unlike the MIA QB and MIA WR who I doomed for the “Panic” sections above, I have faith that the new coaching staff’s main priority…..will getting RB Miller going- Don’t Panic yet


ARI John Brown- The preseason darling – SEE PRESEASON WEEK 2 REVIEW…who was drafted high in nearly every league, has disappointed greatly in 4 games so far. There is hope because QB C Palmer targeted Brown 10 times Week 4, more than anyone on the team

DET Calvin Johnson- Not one game yet over 83 yards and 1 TD on the season- Here’s the good news….DET finally get some home games ( 3 in a row) and Week 8 is at KC, who teams have thrown all over.    Don’t Panic

In the….I told you “Don’t Panic” Dept…..DAL Terrance Williams- (Week 4….49 yards a 1 TD)


DEN Owen Daniels- From a slow start ( 5 receptions for 24 yards- 0 TDs in Weeks 1 & 2) to much better ( 7 receptions for 37 yards- 2 TDs in Weeks 3 & 4) QB Peyton Manning is playing much better now that he’s no longer under center, but starting in the shotgun. He will find Daniels more and more – GREAT match up Week 5 vs OAK

Fantasy Football Panic or Dont Panic 2


Fantasy Football Panic or Dont Panic 2 by Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles

It’s only Week 2 so I truly hope I’m re-tracking my “Panic’ players by Week 3- until then….



MINN Teddy Bridgewater- 384 yards and 1 TD in 2 games- Unfortunately…many 2nd year QBs regress ( and I for one have never liked QBs who have to wear gloves ) I’d rather start NYJ R Fitz over Bridgewater right now

IND Andrew Luck- You have to be panicking after his performance Monday night vs the Jets, and although he will rebound….this is a great reminder for you to WAIT on a QB in fantasy drafts. QBs Luck & Rodgers, after Week 2, are not even in the top 10 of overall QBs.

DEN QB Peyton Manning- Peyton redeemed himself in Week 2, throwing for 256 yards and 3 TDs, but keep in mind that they were playing KC who were torched by the combo of HOU QBs Hoyer & Mallett Week 1- Find a replacement because Peyton is going to wear down fast this season

TB Jameis Winston- He may have looked good to you Week 2….but my mother would look good as a QB vs that N.O. defense- You should be panicking having Winston facing a HOU DEF Week 3


PHIL DeMarco Murray-  I warned back in the summer- In DAL 2014 , the O-Line was so good that your grandmother would have racked up 1000+ yards- Not the case in Philly and he shares the ball with 2 other backs- Panic

WASH Alfred Morris- It’s not that RB Morris has lost anything, it’s that RB Matt Jones is just TOO good not to get touches. ( and when he does, he makes the world take notice) Morris owners should be panicking

DEN C J Anderson- GB QB Aaron Rodgers has out-rushed CJ Anderson- for whatever reason…rarely does the starting RB for the Broncos end up being the starting RB for the Broncos after Week 6

CAR Jonathon Stewart- You can’t start this guy. 17 carries for 62 yards Week 2….18 carries for 56 yards Week 1- Panic and start someone else

DAL Joseph Randle- I liked him a lot prior to Week 1. Since then….Dez is OUT, Rome is OUT and it appears TE Witten may be OUT Week 3. Panic!



Note: 3 of my panic WRs rebounded Week 2 ( Torrey Smith- Malcolm Floyd, Odell Beckham and to a lesser extent DeM Thomas)…and I’d prefer it that way…
Of those that rebounded, the one that still worries me is Torrey Smith who will live and die by the deep pass, and QB C Kaepernick isn’t playing like he can always deliver it

CAR Devin Funchess- Panic time is over for K Benjamin-less Funchess- It’s time to drop him

TB Mike Evans- Zero receptions Week 2. Until you can see some consistency and chemistry between Winston and Evans…I don’t see how you can risk your fantasy week starting him yet

NYG Rueban Randle- What isn’t out this guy that he can keep his “believers” believing in him? I don’t get it and I don’t want him…ever

DET Golden Tate- Fantasy owners beware- QB Stafford is beat up ( & there’s even talk of Stafford sitting a couple games) Combine that with DET’s brutal schedule continuing….home vs Seattle and home vs Arizona

….bonus panic PITT Wheaton- all N.O. WRs


SEA Jimmy Graham- I have warned since the spring that SEA is a running team, and Graham was brought in to block and as an “occasional” red zone target. You can’t trade or drop him, but you can panic

BALT Maxx Williams- The #1 TE drafted in April, I really thought QB Flacco would like him and make Williams a huge part of the BALT offense- Not the case at all



SEA Russell Wilson- On my Don’t Panic List last week and still on it. Seattle was forced to start the season with 2 away games, but Week 3 they are finally home vs the hapless ( and Cutler-less) Chicago Bears

STL Nick Foles- Week 2 Foles recorded a sad 17/32 for 150 yards and only 1 TD, playing away at WASH. He has 3 of his next 5 games in ST L and will get better with his offense


SEA  M Lynch- Seattle has lost their identity, but a cure for that is finally playing at home ( 2 games on the road) vs the Chicago Bears and new CHI QB J Clausen

MIA Lamar Miller- I wrote Week 1….( 13 carries for 53 yards) He had better games in the preseason in only a couple quarters played- Now in Week 2…10 carries for 14 yards- Keyshawn Johnson says …Give Lamar the damn ball

IND Frank Gore-IND should have looked at tape from Week 1 and said  “Never again!”….Instead…Gore looked strong and explosive monday night and only got the ball 8 times in the 1st half and 7 times in 2nd. INBD played TENN and JACK in the next 2 weeks and if they don’t establish the run, fantasy owners should panic


BUFF Sammy Watkins- QB Tyrod Taylor has only been the start for 2 games, so getting comfortable is taking time, but Week 2 was a good sign for Watkins and Tayor- 6 catches for 60 yards and a TD ( and the schedule 4 of the next 5 weeks is favorable

SD Keenan Allen- Zero TDs so far, and a pathetic 2 for 16 yards in Week 2. Although there are a lot of weapons in SD, Allen is still the #1 WR there and the TDs will come

GB Davante Adams- He was huge for the Packers in last year’s playoff run and with WR J Nelson gone for the season, Adams will have big games Rodgers- Don’t Panic yet


IND D Allen- Allen had zero receptions in Week 2 and Indy lost- not because of it, but it contributed- Indy has to get a lot things back on track

CAR Greg Olsen- Caught 6-of-14 targets for 70 yards Week 2- the TDs will come


Week 2 Fantasy Football Rankings

Week 2 Fantasy Football Rankings 2015 By Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles

Quarterback Week 2 Fantasy Football Rankings


1. Drew Brees
2. Andrew Luck
3. Tony Romo
4. Ben Roethlisberger
5. Tom Brady
6. Aaron Rodgers
7. Philip Rivers
8. Matt Ryan
9. Carson Palmer
10. Peyton Manning
11. Ryan Tannehill
12. Matthew Stafford
13. Russell Wilson
14. Sam Bradford
15. Nick Foles
16. Eli Manning
17. Cam Newton
18. Joe Flacco
19. Ryan Fitzpatrick
20. Andy Dalton

Running Back Week 2 Fantasy Football Rankings


1. Marshawn Lynch
2. Jamaal Charles
3. Jeremy Hill
4. Mark Ingram
5. Carlos Hyde
6. Matt Forte
7. Adrian Peterson
8. Eddie Lacy
9. Chris Ivory
10. Lamar Miller
11. DeMarco Murray
12. Justin Forsett
13. Ameer Abdullah
14. Joseph Randle
15. Rashad Jennings
16. Tevin Coleman
17. LeGarrette Blount
18. Melvin Gordon
19. DeAngelo Williams
20. Danny Woodhead
21. Chris Johnson
22. Jonathon Stewart
23. Latavius Murray
24. Bishop Sankey
25. Doug Martin

Wide Receiver Week 2 Fantasy Football Rankings


1. Julio Jones
2. Antonio Brown
3. Calvin Johnson
4. Odell Beckham Jr
5. A J Green
6. Brandon Marshall
7. DeAndre Hopkins
8. Demaryius Thomas
9. Jordan Matthews
10. Jarvis Landry
11. Keenan Allen
12. John Brown
13. Randall Cobb
14. Brandon Cooks
15. Julian Edleman
16. Alshon Jeffery
17. Emmanuel Sanders
18. Brandon Marshall
19. Golden Tate
20. Davante Adams
21. Terrance Williams
22. Steve Smith
23. Mike Evans
24. Jeremy Maclin
25. Andre Johnson

Tight End Week 2 Fantasy Football Rankings


1. Gronk
2. Greg Olsen
3. Jason Witten
4. Travis Kelce
5. Jimmy Graham
6. Martellus Bennett
7.  Ladarius Green
8. Tyler Eifert
9. Delanie Walker
10. Austin Seferian-Jenkins
11. Dwayne Allen
12. Jordan Cameron
13. Kyle Rudolph
14. Heath Miller
15. Jordan Reed

Defense Week 2 Fantasy Football Rankings


1. Miami Dolphins
2. Seattle Seahawks
3.  Baltimore Ravens
4. St Louis Rams
5. Houston Texans
6. Arizona Cardinals
7. Tennessee Titans
8. New Orleans Saints
9. New York Jets
10. Minnesota Vikings
11. Carolina Panthers
12. New England Patriots
13. Detroit Lions
14. Kansas City Chiefs
15. Arizona Cardinals

Outstanding site & link for all stats from Week 1- FFToday

Fantasy Sleeper Running Backs


Fantasy Sleeper Running Backs by Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator & Doug Bowles

The NFL Draft has come and gone, and in it’s wake, along with a wild free agency, are dramatically changes to depth charts. Many new faces to the NFL will be obvious 2015 fantasy draft picks in September, such as Oakland’s WR Amari Cooper, San Diego’s RB Melvin Gordon and Chicago WR Kevin White. I have often said however, that almost anyone can intelligently draft the first 4-5 rounds of a fantasy. The real work is keenly navigating through the later rounds and picking up fantasy sleepers that other owners haven’t paid attention to, or don’t even know about.

Last year about this time, I wrote an article entitled “Shuffle Up and Draft” and strongly urged owners to seriously consider the 2014 wide receiver class as legitimate fantasy weapons. If you took my advice, you probably did very well last year.

Because of the success of the rookies in 2014, this year’s rookie wide receiver class won’t fly under anyone’s radar, so one has to dig deeper into rosters to find potential “Sleepers for 2015″.

In 2014, the general consensus was that the league had “devalued’ the running back position, so fantasy owners were forced to as well. Owners of DeMarco Murray or LeVeon Bell however, were glad that they didn’t, and a push is back to get quality backs early.

Here are some running back names that you should consider after the top 10 are gone.

Indianapolis RB Frank Gore- I love this landing spot for Gore! He is one of the toughest players in the NFL, so he’s always going to suit up. He now plays on one of the best offenses and he will get tons of opportunities in the red zone. Utter- Fantasy currently has him as the #15 RB for 2015, and that may be too low.

Dallas RB Joseph Randle- I would not have been surprised if the Cowboys had drafted a running back in the first round of this years draft, but at the same time, wasn’t surprised that they didn’t draft one at all. I have been a firm believer that they consider RB Randle perfectly capable of handling the starting position in Dallas, especially with the league’s best O-Line. FYI- Don’t even consider RB McFadden as the starter. This guy is insurance only.

New England RB LeGarrett Blount- In current mock drafts, names like Ellington, Yeldon, Spiller (seriously?) and Gurley are going before Blount. HC Belichick has always gotten huge production out of Blount, and with RBs Vereen and Ridley gone, it’s Blount’s job to lose, and I don’t think he will, barring an unfortunate injury. Blount is Utter-Fantasy’s 16th ranked RB going into 2015., ( not #24, as in current mock drafts)

Detroit RB Ameer Abdullah-
The rookie RB rushed for 67 yards on 7 carries in the Lions’ Week 1 preseason opener. With Joique Bell still in recovery mode from offseason knee and Achilles’ issues, Abdullah ran with the starters and broke off an impressive 45-yard run between the tackles, showing off his agility and cutting ability. It’s a crowded backfield with Bell to return, and with Theo Riddick getting some reps, but Abdullah’s talent is unquestionable

San Diego RB Danny Woodhead- 2nd on the Chargers depth chart, Woodhead is expected to remain “a vital weapon” for the Chargers “on third down and in the passing game.” In his 1sy preseason game and 1st game back since last September when he injured his right ankle, Woodhead scored on an 8-yard run. Woodhead caught 76 balls in 2013, finishing as a top-13 PPR back

Houston RB Alfred Blue- With the newest injury to RB Arian Foster, the Texans find themselves without a starting RB, so RB Blue is once again on fantasy owner’s radar. It’s a familar role for Blue, who has stepped in more than a couple times due to Foster’s injury history. In the 1st preseason game vs SF, Blue was very impressive with Alfred Blue rushed 9 times for 59 yards with his longest run going for 32 yards. Houston may add another RB, but until we know differently, it’s Blue’s job to lose

Carolina Rookie Cameron Artis-Payne– 4th Round selection- Many owners became new believers in RB Jonathon Stewart last year, when he surprised most by ending the season as the 22nd ranked RB. I am NOT one of those new believers. Stewart is always going to be an ankle injury away from sitting the bench, which he has had and done, many times before. Artis-Payne is a very physical runner with great vision, and will get split carries even if Stewart stays healthy.

Arizona Rookie RB Chris Johnson- This paragraph was dedicated to the rookie RB David Johnson, but HC Bruce Arians has been so frustrated with his injured RBs ( Ellington and David Johnson) that he signed RB Chris Johnson. Chris hasn’t done much the last couple yars, but in 2014 he did have a 4.27 a yard rushing average. RB David Johnson is a better candidate for goal line work than starter RB Ellington. Ellington is also coming off the foot injury that sidelined him in 2014 for the final 5 games. Coach Bruce Arians “left open the possibility” that Chris Johnson could emerge as the Cardinals’ “featured tailback.”

Jacksonville RB Denard Robinson-
The Jaguars selected Rookie RB TJ Yeldon in the 2nd round of this year’s draft and most project him as the starter. However, having a wife who is an Alabama Alum, I have watched every game of the Crimson Tide, and I can’t say that Yeldon has ever impressed me much. I believe that he will be more a “Trent Richrdson” and less of an “Eddie Lacy”. Robinson on the other hand, starts every year down on the depth chart, and fights his way into the starting line-up. Don’t write Denard off this season!

Other less potential candidates: NYJ Stevan Ridley- KC Knile Davis- NYG Shane Vereen