Playoff Rankings Division Round

Playoff Rankings Division Round by Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles


Quarterback Fantasy Football Playoff Rankings

1. Tom Brady (NE)
2. Carson Palmer (ARI)
3. Russell Wilson (SEA)
4. Cam Newton (CAR)
5. Peyton Manning (DEN)
6. Aaron Rodgers (GB)
7. Ben Roethlisberger (PITT)
8. Alex Smith (KC)
9. Landry Jones (PITT)
10. Brock Osweiler (DEN)


Running Back Fantasy Football Playoff Rankings

1. David Johnson (ARI)
2. Charcandrick West (KC)
3. James White (NE)
4. Jonathan Stewart (CAR)
5. C.J. Anderson (DEN)
6. Eddie Lacy (GB)
7. Christine Michael (SEA)
8. Cameron Artis-Payne (CAR)
9. Fitzgerald Toussaint (PITT)
10. Spencer Ware (KC)
11. Steven Jackson (NE)
12. James Starks (GB)
13. Ronnie Hillman (DEN)
14. Jordan Todman (PITT)
15. Andre Ellington (ARI)
16. Brandon Bolden (NE)
17. Fred Jackson (SEA)
18. Marshawn Lynch (SEA)
19. DeAngelo Williams (PITT)
20. Mike Tolbert (CAR)
21. Bryce Brown (SEA)
22. Fozzy Whittaker (CAR)


Wide Receiver Fantasy Football Playoff Rankings

1. Doug Baldwin (SEA)
2. Demaryius Thomas (DEN)
3. Randall Cobb (GB)
4. Michael Floyd (ARI)
5. Larry Fitzgerald (ARI)
8. Emmanuel Sanders (DEN)
6. Julian Edelman (NE)
7. Martavis Bryant (PITT)
8. Jeremy Maclin (KC)- questionable
9. Brandon LaFell (NE)
10. Ted Ginn (CAR)
11. Danny Amendola (NE)
12. Tyler Lockett (SEA)
13. Markus Wheaton (PITT)
14.  James Jones (GB)
15. John Brown (ARI)
16. Devin Funchess (CAR)
17. Jermaine Kearse (SEA)
18. Philly Brown (CAR)
19. Jared Abbrederis (GB)
20. Albert Wilson (KC)
21. Jericho Cotchery (CAR)
22. Jordan Norwood (DEN)
23. Chris Conley (KC)
24. Jason Avant (KC)
25. J.J. Nelson (ARI)
27. Davante Adams (GB)- ruled OUT for Division Round
28. Antonio Brown (PITT)- Ruled OUT for Division Round


Tight End Fantasy Football Playoff Rankings

1. Rob Gronkowski (NE)
2. Greg Olsen (CAR)
3. Travis Kelce (KC)
4. Heath Miller (PITT)
5. Owen Daniels (DEN)
6. Richard Rodgers (GB)
7. Chase Coffman (SEA)
8. Vernon Davis (DEN)
9. Jermaine Gresham (ARI)
10. Cooper Helfet (SEA)
11. Luke Willson (SEA)
12. Scott Chandler (NE)
13. Virgil Green
14. Andrew Quarless (GB)- Place on IR


Kicker Fantasy Football Playoff Rankings

1. Stephen Gostowski (NE)
2. Steven Hauschka (SEA)
3. Graham Gano (CAR)
4. Brandon McManus (DEN)
5. Chandler Castanzaro (ARI)
6. Chris Boswell (PITT)
7. Mason Crosby (GB)
8. Cairo Santos (KC)


Defense Fantasy Football Playff Rankings

1. Denver Broncos
2. Arizona Cardinals
3. Carolina Panthers
4. Seattle Seahawks
5. New England Patriots
6. Kansas City Chiefs
7. Pittsburgh Steelers
8. Green Bay Packers
Good Luck

Start A Fantasy Football Playoff League

Start A Fantasy Football Playoff League by Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles

Fantasy Football doesn’t have to be over!

I have been the commishioner of fantasy football leagues since 1980, and one thing I know for certain… that after Week 17 of the regular season, there a plenty of us that are not ready for fantasy football to be over! If you are not ready either, and want to continue the fantasy fun, I suggest that you Start A Fantasy Football Playoff League-

For Playoff Fantasy Leagues, I prefer it a smaller crowd, with only 6 teams because there are only 12 teams in the playoffs. I put a restriction on the number of quarterbacks, kickers and defenses a team can draft- 2 each. Each team may only draft 2 QBs, 2 kickers, and 2 defenses, that way, no one can make a run on them during the draft. Every team has the same number. (Each team can have as many co-owners as they want obviously). If you want to go big with your league, I would suggest going 12 teams, with a similar restriction of 1 quarterback, 1 kicker and 1 defense per team. After the QB ,Kicker and defense restriction, teams can draft as they please as far as

I also like to play “Best Ball Fantasy Football” in the Playoff leagues. If are not familiar with “Best Ball Fantasy Football”….allow me to explain. “Best Ball Fantasy Football” is where ALL of your players start ( no Start Em/ Sit Em), and at the end of the weekend scoring…only your “Best…as in highest scoring” QB is counted, only your “Best” 2 RBs is counted, only your “Best” 2 WRs is counted, only your “Best” TE is counted, only your “Best” kicker is counted,  and finally only your “Best” defense is counted. There are a scant few fantasy football websites that are set up to score “Best Ball Fantasy Football”… favorite is

Draft Rounds: With 6 teams, we draft 14 players, so there a 14 fantasy draft rounds. For 12 teams, we draft 12 players, so there a 12 fantasy draft rounds.

No waiver wire moves after draft. A fantasy football league of attrition.

Draft Order: As in the regular fantasy football season, how your league decides the “draft order” is the up to the league or the league’s commishioner. My leagues always draft serpentine as well.

Fees: I like to have some green involved in my fantasy leagues, so I ask for playoff fantasy fees, and I usually have the top scoring team taking home 2/3 of the pot, and 2nd place taking home the other 1/3. ( I have never had HD2HD as part of my playoff fantasy leagues…just highest scoring- With 12 teams however, I can see I where HD2HD could be fun.)

Summarizing: For Fantasy Football Playoff Leagues;

6 or 12 teams

a restriction of 2 QBs, 2 kickers, and 2 defenses for 6 team leagues

a restriction of 1 QB, 1 kickers, and 1 defense for 12 team leagues

With 6 teams, we draft 14 players, so there a 14 fantasy draft rounds

For 12 teams, we draft 12 players, so there a 12 fantasy draft rounds

Serpentine Draft Order determined by league

With 6 teams, top 2 scoring teams split the money from fees, 2/3s and 1/3 respectively

Score best QB, best 2 RBs, best 2 WRs, best TE, best K and best defense

No waiver wire moves after draft. A league of attrition

Recommend –

If you have any questions, contact me- LINK– now I have to go study for my first Fantasy Football Playoff League on Friday night- Good Luck!





Fantasy Football After Half A Season

Fantasy Football After Half A Season by Utter-Fantasy writer & illustrator Doug Bowles

Even though the unpredictability of the NFL can drive fantasy football owners crazy, it’s also the one thing that probably makes it the most fun. If we all knew what was going to happen, the season would be over after the September draft. But we don’t, so along the way, a profusion of surprises happen that ultimately effects the outcome of every single fantasy league being played…all 2 million+ of them.

So after 8 weeks of fantasy football, I have compiled a list of several NFL realities that I most certainly didn’t see coming

and “If you knew this is how it would be…you’re smarter than me…Einstein”

8 Weeks ago, I would not have predicted that….


The Cardinals would be in sole possession of 1st place, 2 games ahead of St L and SEA


> WR Roddy White would only have 16 receptions


QB Joe Flacco would be averaging 1 TD pass a game


WR Sammy Watkins total yards going into Week 9- (165 receiving and rushing)


would be 7-0 after losing WR K Benjamin


QB Jay Cutler is averaging 1 TD a game


would be undefeated at 8-0


HC Pettine and WR D Bowe still would have jobs. I also would not have predicted that TE Barnidge would be this good


RB Darren McFadden would be a fantasy option


WR Dem Thomas would only have 1 TD reception


Owner would “clean house”, but leave HC Jim Caldwell coaching this team


RB Eddie Lacy would only have 2 TDs and hasn’t topped a hundred yards rushing yet


QB Brian Hoyer would have more passing yards (1581) than GB QB Aaron Rodgers (1568)…and Hoyer’s played one less game


QB A Luck would look like a bust for fantasy owners who drafted him in Rounds 1 or 2


Yeldon has 1 TD run, and that 1 TD run makes him the top rusher for the Jags


it took Miami 7 weeks to fire Joe Philbin


WR Stefon Diggs is the leading WR in MINN, not Charles Johnson or Mike Wallace


QB Tom Brady can throw TD passes ( 20 TDs vs 1 INT) without slightly deflated footballs. How does he do it now?????


it took QB D Brees 6 weeks before discovering he still has a TE to throw to ( Ben Watson….336 yards and 3 TDs Weeks 5-8)


can’t decide on one RB to run the damn ball. As of week 9, 4 RBs are getting touches- Jennings,Williams, Vereen and Darkwa


WR Eric Decker would have a TD reception in EVERY game so far except one


the Raiders actually have a pretty good team!


WR Jordan Matthews is averaging only 56 yards a game and has only 1 TD


WR M Wheaton isn’t a fantasy option AT ALL, in any league ( OK…maybe a 14 team league)


RB Melvin Gordon would have 0 TDs so far in 2015- NONE


QB Colin Kaepernick would go from leading the 49ers to Superbowl XLVII to getting benched for QB Blaine Gabbert


20 other running backs in the NFL have better stats than RB M Lynch after Week 8


QB N Foles has become basically a game manager (like KC QB Alex Smith)- Did you know that Foles has only passed for 200+ yard ONCE in 2015


RB Doug Martin would be a top 5 RB in 2015 so far. ( I really thought DEFs would stack the box against Martin & force the rookie QB to pass )


RBs Sankey, West, Andrews, Cobb and Cluster have a combine 3 rushing TDs


RB Alfred Morris- Zero TDs

Panic or Dont Panic Week 7

Panic or Dont Panic Week 7 by Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles

We are heading into Week 8 and plenty of fantasy owners have players on their rosters that they have held onto this entire season, who are potential breakout players or just dead weight.  MINN WR Mike Wallace is a great example, and a player I suggested cutting bait from just this morning to Shannon H. Hopefully this article will help you decide on a few of your players, if you agree with my assessments.



MINN Teddy Bridgewater- “Teddy” has had one good week all season, which was his last game Week 7. He threw for 316 yards with 2 TDs, and 0 INTs. Has he turned it around? Only if he can play Detroit every week, which he can’t, so no, I don’t think he does.

SF Colin Kaepernick- 6 TD passes in 7 games. Not only should he be off fantasy rosters, but off NFL rosters. Hard to believe that he once led a team to the Superbowl. There are 31 other QBs I’d rather have.

N.O. Drew Brees- Only 8 TD passes this season and he can’t throw it deep down field. Brees is a roster QB to be started these days based on the match up.


NYG Rashad Jennings- Week 7 saw the RBBC situation in New York go from bad to worst, with the emergence of yet another RB getting touches- RB Orleans Darkwa. A team with 4 RBs is a team with none for fantasy owners. I don’t want any of them.

All DET RBs- It is bad enough that the team runs a RBBC, but now the team is playing bad, led by a bad head coach.

CJ Anderson-  ( 0 TDs ) this season, and it looks like RB Hillman will take over soon. Package Anderson to the fantasy owner with Hillman if you can.

SD Melvin Gordon- Only one game with over 51 yards rushing and 0 TDs. Add fumbling problems (i.e. a benching ) to those horrible stats and you have panicking fantasy owners.


Note: None of my Week 4 “Panic WRs” have rebounded. LINK

PITT Markus Wheaton-  The “more talented” #2 WR is back from suspension ( WR Martavis Bryant)- I’m dropping Wheaton in all leagues because I like WRs on the waiver wire better

ATL Leonard Hankerson- I was one of the first to push owners towards Hankerson, and now I want to push them away. Roddy complained about touches and Hank has a hammy.

N.O. Brandon Cooks- His great match ups came and went, and you got one good game out of him. The trouble is, Brees can’t throw it down field anymore. If someone thought Cooks was going to break out in the 2nd half and offered me a deal, I’d probably take it, to help another position on my fantasy team.

SF WRs- A Boldin and Torrey Smith can’t be started unless you are in the deepest of leagues


MIA Jordan Cameron- Few targets from QB Tannehill and brutal match ups on the horizon.

IND TEs Allen/ Fleener- Why did IND QB A Luck decide to stop throwing to his TEs? After 7 games in 2014…Fleener/Allen 520 yds-8 TDs. This season after 7 games…286 yds-2 TDs combined.

SF Vernon Davis- He should not be on anyone’s roster




CAR Cam Newton- He threw for only 269 yards Week 6, and for only 197 yards Week 7. ( Plus 5 INTs in those 2 games.) These games were against SEA & PHIL…great defenses. Except for the Packers Week 9, Newton has tasty match ups ROS

IND Andrew Luck- You could PANIC! some for the next 3 weeks because of the 2 difficult match ups and the Bye, but his final 7 weeks will make you very happy.


Note: ALL of my Week 4 “Don’t Panic RBs” have rebounded. LINK

GB Eddie Lacy- In 2014 Lacy had only 4 TDs in his first 8 games. Then he poured it on in the 2nd half, 9 TDs in the second 8 games. His coming back from the bye healthier

BUFF LeSean McCoy- ( Bye Week 8) – Patient fantasy owners were rewarded with almost 200 total yards and 1 TD Weeks 6 & 7. The bye will heal up McCoy to almost 100% and good match ups coming up in the schedule.


ARI Michael Floyd- Floyd had a hand injury for the first few weeks, but he’s been a real red zone target for QB Palmer the past 2 weeks. As L Fitz cools down, Floyd should heat up.

TB Mike Evans- Evans came through for fantasy owners in Week 7 with 164 yards and 1 TD. In his prior 4 games, he had 174 yards and 0 TDs total. Rookie QB Winston is going to take time to hone his skills. Evans ( and V Jax) stats will improve as Winston improves.

PHIL Jordan Matthews- ( Bye Week) Reports out of Philly are that Matthews suffered a ligament injury in his hand three weeks ago, but that the hand injury “supposedly” is no longer an issue. Matthews was plagued with “drops’ going into Week 7, but still was averaging a whopping 9 targets a game. The Bye rest should do Matthews and his hand some good.


N.O. Ben Watson- Waiver Wire Recommendation Week 1– QB Drew Brees likes to throw to his tight ends, so why it took so long for hi to discover Ben Watson is confusing. Finally in Week 6, 127 yards and 1 Td on 12 targets. Watson will have a better 2nd half. Don’t Panic.

SD Ladarius Green- TE A Gates came out of the Gates with a with a 92 yard-2 TD game Week 5. He is now shelved (MCL) so TE Green will see all of the TE action vs great match ups Week 8 at BALT and Week 9 vs CHI, before their Bye.

NFL Week 3 Panic or Dont Panic

NFL Week 3 Panic or Dont Panic by Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles

It’s only Week 3 so I truly hope I’m re-tracking my “Panic’ players by Week 4 but until then….



SF Colin Kaepernick- Week 3- 9/19 for 67 yards – no TDs and 4 INTs. This isn’t “Panic ” mode…this is Re-Place” mode- HC Harbaugh is very glad that he is in Ann Arbor

PHIL Sam Bradford- His stats get worst week after week so far- His schedule does get easier however

MINN Teddy Bridgewater- On my “Panic” list last week and still on my “Panic” list ( and I still don’t like QBs who have to wear gloves ) I’d rather start NYJ R Fitz, A Smith and even Vick over Bridgewater

TB Jameis Winston- After three games, Winston has only 4 TDs on the season, with 3 INTs. You can find a better QB


TB Doug Martin- No defense in the NFL is going to be afraid of rookie J Winston beating them through the air ( the Saints probably should had been, because they stink)- Stack the box and keep Martin to around 50 yards. It will work all year

All DET RBs- It is bad enough that the team runs a RBBC, but now the team is playing bad, led by a bad head coach and facing a bad schedule. DET is 0-3

BUFF LeSean McCoy- Still hampered by a bad hamstring and RB Karlos Williams is taking full advantage of the situation- I predict RB Karlos Williams will out-rush McCoy this year for Buffalo

CAR Jonathon Stewart- Currently ranked 18th RB after 3 weeks with 0 TDs and a history of injuries. RB Cameron Artis-Payne will likely be the starter soon

CJ Anderson- On my list “Panic List” Week 2 and now Week 3- Hillman takes over soon


Note: 1 of my panic WRs rebounded Week 3- WR Rueban Randle ( NYG made a conscious effort to get Randle the ball and although he had nice Week 3 stat line, 41 yards & the TD came in trash time in the 4th qtr. The TD was on a fluke play )

CAR Devin Funchess- Panic time is over for K Benjamin-less Funchess- It’s time to drop him

PITT Markus Wheaton- He was terrible for fantasy owners when the best QB was starting. Now with Vick under center, Wheaton’s value drops even more- He’s off my teams

SF Torrey Smith- QB Kaepernick might be the worst QB in the NFL right now- The only way T Smith is going to help fantasy owners is with flukey deep passes and MIGHT come once every 3-4 games- You cannot win fantasy leagues starting WRs like that

GB Davante Adams- WR James Jones is doing what we all thought Adams would be. Adams also is struggling with a reoccurring ankle injury- You can’t drop him right now, but you can panic- hold him out of one ups until we see something- only 9 catches so far in 2015


PHIL Z Ertz- You never know who a QB is going to trust and be comfortable throwing to. If 3 games is out indicator, QB Sam Bradford isn’t looking at his TE. Ertz is averaging less than 3 receptions a game, and less than 25 yards a game

SF Vernon Davis- DROP HIM

SD Ladarius Green- He’s injured and TE Gates will be back Week 5




IND Andrew Luck- It may be comforting for you to know that the IND Colts started 2014…..0-2 won Week 3 -finished the season 11-5. In 2015-  the IND Colts started 0-2 and won Week 3.  Luck started out slow but will pour it on soon

DEN Peyton Manning- HC G Kubiak started Manning out under center 30% of the time Weeks 1 & 2- Well that didn’t work- Now Manning is primarily in the shotgun and he can still pick defenses apart- If anyone could turn it around, it was Peyton


BALT J Forsett- He’s a very good player and BALT has an easier schedule for the next 3 weeks- Hopefully they will get a lead for once and rely on the running game. Week 3 the Ravens threw 49 passes compared to 18 rushing attempts. WR B Perriman coming back will eventually  help Forsett also

WASH Matt Jones- Did you over zealous a bit on the Week 3 Waiver Wire getting Matt Jones? I don’t think so. As a matter of fact, if M Jones had bot fumbled his end zone TD run, it would had been 3 straight weeks of success

SEA M Lynch- It’s a long season and Beast Mode will get it going…IF….the news back this week on his hamstring MRI is bad news


IND TY Hilton- Did you know that TY’s first TD pass in 2014 didn’t come until Week 6- Big games are coming, “Don’t Panic”

DEN E Sanders- You drafted this guy high, so you want BIG production. HC Kubiak started Manning out under center 30% Weeks 1 & 2- That didn’t work!- Manning is primarily in the shotgun now which will help WR Sanders

DAL Terrance Williams- 0 receptions Week 3, but as the Cowboys #1 Wr now, I doubt that ever happens again, even with QB Weeden under center


MIA Jordan Cameron- Too gifted an athlete not to be a bigger part of the Miami’s offense. Don’t start him yet, but don’t drop him either-

Fantasy Football Panic or Dont Panic 2


Fantasy Football Panic or Dont Panic 2 by Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles

It’s only Week 2 so I truly hope I’m re-tracking my “Panic’ players by Week 3- until then….



MINN Teddy Bridgewater- 384 yards and 1 TD in 2 games- Unfortunately…many 2nd year QBs regress ( and I for one have never liked QBs who have to wear gloves ) I’d rather start NYJ R Fitz over Bridgewater right now

IND Andrew Luck- You have to be panicking after his performance Monday night vs the Jets, and although he will rebound….this is a great reminder for you to WAIT on a QB in fantasy drafts. QBs Luck & Rodgers, after Week 2, are not even in the top 10 of overall QBs.

DEN QB Peyton Manning- Peyton redeemed himself in Week 2, throwing for 256 yards and 3 TDs, but keep in mind that they were playing KC who were torched by the combo of HOU QBs Hoyer & Mallett Week 1- Find a replacement because Peyton is going to wear down fast this season

TB Jameis Winston- He may have looked good to you Week 2….but my mother would look good as a QB vs that N.O. defense- You should be panicking having Winston facing a HOU DEF Week 3


PHIL DeMarco Murray-  I warned back in the summer- In DAL 2014 , the O-Line was so good that your grandmother would have racked up 1000+ yards- Not the case in Philly and he shares the ball with 2 other backs- Panic

WASH Alfred Morris- It’s not that RB Morris has lost anything, it’s that RB Matt Jones is just TOO good not to get touches. ( and when he does, he makes the world take notice) Morris owners should be panicking

DEN C J Anderson- GB QB Aaron Rodgers has out-rushed CJ Anderson- for whatever reason…rarely does the starting RB for the Broncos end up being the starting RB for the Broncos after Week 6

CAR Jonathon Stewart- You can’t start this guy. 17 carries for 62 yards Week 2….18 carries for 56 yards Week 1- Panic and start someone else

DAL Joseph Randle- I liked him a lot prior to Week 1. Since then….Dez is OUT, Rome is OUT and it appears TE Witten may be OUT Week 3. Panic!



Note: 3 of my panic WRs rebounded Week 2 ( Torrey Smith- Malcolm Floyd, Odell Beckham and to a lesser extent DeM Thomas)…and I’d prefer it that way…
Of those that rebounded, the one that still worries me is Torrey Smith who will live and die by the deep pass, and QB C Kaepernick isn’t playing like he can always deliver it

CAR Devin Funchess- Panic time is over for K Benjamin-less Funchess- It’s time to drop him

TB Mike Evans- Zero receptions Week 2. Until you can see some consistency and chemistry between Winston and Evans…I don’t see how you can risk your fantasy week starting him yet

NYG Rueban Randle- What isn’t out this guy that he can keep his “believers” believing in him? I don’t get it and I don’t want him…ever

DET Golden Tate- Fantasy owners beware- QB Stafford is beat up ( & there’s even talk of Stafford sitting a couple games) Combine that with DET’s brutal schedule continuing….home vs Seattle and home vs Arizona

….bonus panic PITT Wheaton- all N.O. WRs


SEA Jimmy Graham- I have warned since the spring that SEA is a running team, and Graham was brought in to block and as an “occasional” red zone target. You can’t trade or drop him, but you can panic

BALT Maxx Williams- The #1 TE drafted in April, I really thought QB Flacco would like him and make Williams a huge part of the BALT offense- Not the case at all



SEA Russell Wilson- On my Don’t Panic List last week and still on it. Seattle was forced to start the season with 2 away games, but Week 3 they are finally home vs the hapless ( and Cutler-less) Chicago Bears

STL Nick Foles- Week 2 Foles recorded a sad 17/32 for 150 yards and only 1 TD, playing away at WASH. He has 3 of his next 5 games in ST L and will get better with his offense


SEA  M Lynch- Seattle has lost their identity, but a cure for that is finally playing at home ( 2 games on the road) vs the Chicago Bears and new CHI QB J Clausen

MIA Lamar Miller- I wrote Week 1….( 13 carries for 53 yards) He had better games in the preseason in only a couple quarters played- Now in Week 2…10 carries for 14 yards- Keyshawn Johnson says …Give Lamar the damn ball

IND Frank Gore-IND should have looked at tape from Week 1 and said  “Never again!”….Instead…Gore looked strong and explosive monday night and only got the ball 8 times in the 1st half and 7 times in 2nd. INBD played TENN and JACK in the next 2 weeks and if they don’t establish the run, fantasy owners should panic


BUFF Sammy Watkins- QB Tyrod Taylor has only been the start for 2 games, so getting comfortable is taking time, but Week 2 was a good sign for Watkins and Tayor- 6 catches for 60 yards and a TD ( and the schedule 4 of the next 5 weeks is favorable

SD Keenan Allen- Zero TDs so far, and a pathetic 2 for 16 yards in Week 2. Although there are a lot of weapons in SD, Allen is still the #1 WR there and the TDs will come

GB Davante Adams- He was huge for the Packers in last year’s playoff run and with WR J Nelson gone for the season, Adams will have big games Rodgers- Don’t Panic yet


IND D Allen- Allen had zero receptions in Week 2 and Indy lost- not because of it, but it contributed- Indy has to get a lot things back on track

CAR Greg Olsen- Caught 6-of-14 targets for 70 yards Week 2- the TDs will come


NFL Waiver Wire Week 2


NFL Waiver Wire Week 2 by Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles

In two weeks begins the NFL team Bye Weeks. With many players off in the coming weeks, it will be important to your fantasy football teams to find players on the NFL Waiver Wire Week 2 and in other weeks, particularly quarterbacks, to stay competitive in your fantasy football leagues.

Quarterbacks Waiver Wire Week 2


ST L Nick Foles- If he stays healthy, he will out-perform at least 33% of the current starting NFL QBs- only owned in 13% of Yahoo leagues

KC Alex Smith was the #19 overall QB in 2014 despite not throwing a single TD pass to a WR ( and something he still hasn’t done) but he has more weapons this year- only owned in 20% of Yahoo leagues

other deep league candidates- BUFF Tyrod Taylor- NYJ Ryan Fitzpatrick

Running Backs Waiver Wire Week 2


DEN R Hillman- RB C.J. Anderson may have suffered a sprained toe in the Broncos’ Week 1 win over the Ravens and is being evaluated. Hillman should be owned regardless

SD Danny Woodhead- Still showcased in a big way in SD’s offense

ARI Chris Johnson- HC Arians said Chris Johnson would be Arizona’s “lead dog” if Andre Ellington (PCL) is forced to miss any time

BUFF Karlos Williams- It’s looking less and less likely that RB L McCoy can handle a large load Week 2, if he plays at all (hamstring) -K Williams was the leading rusher in BUFF’s Week 1 win over the Colts, carrying 6 times for 55 yards and a TD

PITT DeAngelo Williams- Week 2 starter due to LeV Bell’s suspension

ST L Benny Cunningham- Not a long term solution to any roster- but while L Bell is out, or if you had Ellington- 122 total yards Week 1-  RB Tre Mason’s status for week 2 still in doubt

NE Dion Lewis- RB L Blount is back from suspension, but Lewis should see plenty of action on 3rd downs

other deep league candidates- BUFF Karlos Williams

Wide Receiver Waiver Wire Week 2


GB James Jones- We could have guessed that QB A Rodgers would feel comfortable with WR Jones immediately. Jones is our NFL Waiver Wire Week 2 top wide receiver to pick up

DAL- WRs C Beasley and D Street get thrusted into the starting line-up with the unfortunate injury to Dez B. I like Beasley over Street

CAR J Cotchery- Not the most glamorous name on waivers, but he is going to get targets-receptions and TDs in Carolina

IND D Moncrief- WR TY Hilton has a knee bruise and WR Andre Johnson struggled Week 1- WR  Donte Moncrief caught 6-of-11 targets for 46 yards and a touchdown in Indy’s Week 1 loss to the Bills

SD- Stevie Johnson- I always say…”I’ll believe it when I see it”- Well I saw QB Rivers favor Stevie Johnson over Malcolm Floyd, at least in Week 1

N.O. Brandon Coleman- 6’6″ Coleman secured 4-of-7 targets for 41 yards and a touchdown in Sunday’s Week 1 loss to Arizona-Coleman played in all three-receiver sets alongside Brandin Cooks and Marques Colston

WASH Andre Roberts- WR DeSean Jackson (hamstring ) is out 3-4 weeks

other deep league candidates- DEN WR Norwood- BUFF P Harvin

Tight Ends Waiver Wire Week 2

SD Ladarius Green- Owners have been waiting for QB Rivers to involve Green in the offense- Ladarius Green caught 5-of-6 targets for 74 yards and a touchdown Week 1 against the Lions

CINN Tyler Eifert- Granted, he won’t be facing OAK every week, but 9 grabs for 104 yards and 2 TDs is a lot-  owned in 86% of Yahoo leagues

DAL G Escobar- A TD catch in Week 1 and Dez is out 4-6 Weeks

ARI D Fells- I am not so confident about Fells, because WR Michael Floyd (hand) played just nine snaps Week 1

TB Austin Seferain-Jenkins- Before you start thinking that ASJ is the next Jimmy Graham- know that 84 of his 110 yards (and 1 TD) came in the 4th qtr when TENN had the game won

10 NFL Players Difficult to Predict

10 NFL Players Difficult to Predict

by Utter-Fantasy writer & illustrator Doug Bowles

10 NFL Players Difficult to Predict

Players are tough enough to calculate, guesstimate and prognosticate for, when they are star veteran players returning to their team from the year before. When you get into the players, who have had injuries or who have moved to another team, figuring them out pre-draft can be challenging.

Here’s my 10 players that could be studs, or not studs… 2015

1) TE Jimmy Graham (SEA) – We know that the Seahawks are a run first team, which is the opposite of what Graham was used to in New Orleans. Additionally, Jimmy Graham has stated that he expects to be blocking 75 percent of the time in Seattle. He will definitely be a red zone target, but how much he’ll be used between the 20s is very hard to predict. Because of his amazing athletic talent, Utter- Fantasy ranks Graham as the #3 TE overall, but this will likely end up being way too high at the end of the season.

2) WR Sammy Watkins (BUFF) – QB E J Manuel has dropped down on the Buffalo depth chart to the #3 QB, leaving journeyman Matt Cassel as the starter. This shouldn’t give anyone a good feeling about Buffalo’s passing game in 2015. Watkins is a gifted freak, so he’ll be drafted early, just not by me.

3) RB Latavius Murray (OAK) – Everyone remembers his break out game vs KC last season  ( only 4 carries, 112 yards and 2 TDs) and everyone is excited for him too succeed. His next 4 games in 2014 however ( Weeks 14-17) were much quieter, not topping 86 yards in any of them, nor scoring any TDs. I want him on my fantasy teams for his potential, but I cannot use an early pick on Murray. It’s Oakland after all, but what helps is that he has very little competition ( his back ups are RBs Roy Helu and Trent “the Bust” Richardson)

4) RB Todd Gurley ST L) – HC Jeff Fisher is a smart guy. HC Jeff Fisher is a really smart guy, so if he says RB Gurley is a worth the Ram’s 1st Round pick, 10th pick overall, I have to trust that Gurley is the big time play maker like Fisher says he is. ( I thought the Rams had more pressing needs, rather than at running back) Gurley (ACL) will miss the “first couple games” of the season so he drops down on my draft board. ( For the record, WR O Beckham dropped off my draft board last year for the very same reason, and I missed out on him.)

5) Josh Hill (NO) – Word out of New Orleans is that Hill won’t be playing the same role in their offense as TE Jimmy Graham did. In the preseason opener, Hill played with the second-teamers, and is even listed behind TE Ben Watson on Saint’s depth chart. Hill has had a quiet camp and his role in the Saints’ offense has been downplayed by pretty much everyone covering the team. Once as high as #4 on Utter-Fantasy’s TE rankings, we got more conservative and rank him #8. We still like him as a 2015 TE Sleeper.

6) WR Brandon Marshall (NYJ) – QB Geno Smith took a right cross from a teammate and now he’s out for 6-10 weeks with a broken jaw. I am not glad his jaw is broken but I am glad that now QB Ryan Fitzpatrick is the undisputed starter because in my opinion, Fitz is a huge upgrade over Geno. Marshall’s fantasy stock rises considerably for me, but also is tougher now to predict, because before with Geno Smith as QB, I didn’t want Marshall at all.

7) RB Joique Bell (DET) – I participated in a fantasy draft back in June, and was pretty happy about my RB Joique Bell selection in Round 6. I can admit that am not as happy as I was. Bell is still recovering from an ankle injury (Achilles’) and says that he doesn’t know when he’ll resume practicing. Meanwhile rookie Ameer Abdullah continues to impress in camp and in his first preseason game (rushing for 67 yards on seven carries, including a nice 45 yard run between the tackles.) DET also likes RB Theo Riddick, so this backfield is a fantasy challenge for certain.

8) QB Nick Foles (ST L) – Foles is the Roddy Dangerfield of the NFL. He’s getting no or very little respect. On October 6, 2014 Foles became the starter for the Eagles after Vick suffered a hamstring injury and Foles led the Eagles to a 36-21 win over the Giants. The next week, Foles would get the start Week 6 vs the Bucs and had one of the best starts of his career, completed 22 for 296 yards and 4 total touchdowns (3 passing, 1 rushing) and the win, which earned him NFC Offensive Player of the Week. On March 10, 2015, Foles was traded to ST L, where he is the immediate starter. Many sites are ranking QBs Winston, Mariota, Hoyer, A Smith and Bortles ahead of Foles. Utter-Fantasy is not one of them. We rank him conservatively at #18. QB Rankings.

9) Travis Kelce (KC) – Yes, he had some pretty good games last season, but none of them were spectacular, and I am still trying to figure out the excitement over him. 15 other TEs had more targets than Kelce in 2014 and 14 other TEs had as many or more TDs than Kelce had. Despite all this, and a conservative KC offense, Kelce is ranked on average at #4 TE for 2015. ( maybe because Kelce only played 67% of snaps in ’14 and that number projects to be higher this season) He is Utter-Fantasy’s #9 TE. TE Rankings.

10) WR Jordan Matthews (PHIL) – Only in his second year, Matthews was drafted by the Eagles in the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft. Playing opposite WR Jeremy Maclin, Matthews had a great rookie season, but now the question is…”can he have the same success as the #1 WR, where defenses will game plan for the “Maclin-less Matthews” more than they did in 2014? We believe he can, and think that his fantasy success is easier to predict than the previous 9 on this list.

What’s your prediction on these guys Amazing Karnac?

7 Tips for Drafting Your Fantasy Team


7 Tips for Drafting Your Fantasy Team by Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles

Hut One- Study, study, and study some more!- If you want to come in last place, just study for one hour before the draft! When someone at your draft hasn’t studied, everyone usually knows it by round 3 or 4. Truth is, any Joe or Jane off the street can do a Fantasy Draft for the 1st 4-5 rounds. It’s after those rounds that championship teams are built. A good tip is to study a little at a time, up until your draft, rather than a one long crash course. Make yourself familiar with the fantasy stars from the previous season, where free agents landed, who the rookies are from this year’s NFL draft and where players are being drafted in mock drafts ( thousands of fantasy owner’s heads are better than one) Fantasy Football magazines are a great place to start, and the internet has an endless amount of information for you to research from, via search engines, sports websites, and blogs. Before drafting your fantasy team, you need to research all the available players so you can pre-rank them according to your personal preference.

Hut Two- Be prepared to have another player(s) selection ready, in the event that the player you wanted has just 
been taken- It’s important that drafts move a nice pace. It helps keep team owners stay focused, and it helps you to make a good selection because you are prepared. When one team owner of the league takes an eternity to make each of his/her player selections during the draft, his/her team suffers and the rest of the league can as well. Make sure you have player options ready when it’s your turn, or you will be 1) lost as to who you do want next and 2) rushed into selecting someone that you really don’t want. When my turn is 3 teams away from picking during the draft, I have spent the time since my last selection, focusing on 3+ players that I desperately want on my fantasy team. If two of them were chosen before it’s my turn to pick, I’m ready, because I have that 3rd player ready to draft.

Hut Three- Draft Quality Players at Every Position- 
During the draft, keep a record of how many players you have selected in each position. Team owners that have drafted 4-5 top RBs in a row, agreeably will have the best stable of RBs in your league, but by ignoring the other positions, that team will ultimately be beat week after week, by teams that have strength at every position. Remember, you can only score two RBs each week, so those other 3-4 superstar RBs that you are smitten with, aren’t helping your team sitting the bench. You need quality WRs to score each week, as well as a strong TE ,QB, DE and K. Pay attention to your team, and draft intelligently at every position.

Hut Four- Drafting in Tiers- 
 I previously wrote…. “Before choosing your fantasy team, you need to research all the available players so you can pre-rank them according to your personal preference.” I want you to do one more thing. After you pre-rank players according to your personal preference. then divide your QBs, RBs, TEs, WRs, Ks and DEFs into “Tiers”. “Tiers” are same-position players categorized by groups of talent. For example, your RBs list might have your top 60 RBs ranked 1-60, but “Tier One” may only included J Charles, M Lynch, M Forte, A.P. ,Eddie Lacy and LeVeon Bell in it. “Tier Two” might start with L McCoy, C J Anderson etc, and include as many RBs that you think rival their fantasy value. When drafting, if I know I am after either a WR or a RB, I will refer to my Teir rankings and select a “Tier 2” WR” over a “Tier 3” RB. An example of Tier rankings can be seen at this CBS Sportsline link- TIER RANKINGS

Hut Five-
Do Not Draft a Kicker or Defense Until the Last Few Rounds- 
This one is self- explanatory, but even as simple as this strategy is, many fantasy owners don’t end up follow this advice.This usually happens because 1) a team is unprepared when it’s their turn in the draft to pick a player, and therefore end up swinging for a kicker or defense out of desperation or 2) Someone is enamored with the successful performance of a kicker/defense from the previous season. Particularly concerning kickers, very seldomly do they follow up a great stat year, with another great one. Pick your kickers last. Pick your defense(s) next to last if you can, (even the Seattle Defense only ranked as the 23rd DEF in 2014. Note that last season, the Philadelphia DEF wasn’t selected in most drafts, and they ended up being the #1 DEF for 2014. In 2013, the Kansas City DEF wasn’t selected in most drafts, and they ended that season as the #1 DEF. DEF Rankings for years 2014 thru 2000 can be seen at this FFToday link- DEF RANKINGS

Hut Six- I’ve never been hurt drafting QBs later in the draft.
 I usually get a couple of good fantasy QBs later in the draft , and play the match ups. If you do get one early, know that you paid a big price for a big QB, so concentrate on filling other positions for the bulk of your next 9-10 rounds. A fantasy owner who drafts QB Andrew Luck with their 1st or 2nd selection shouldn’t be looking to draft another QB until very late in the draft. Tip #3 above reminds you to draft quality players in every position. You only score one QB each week, but in most leagues, you have to score 2 RBs, 3 WRs and TE, and you want them to be good ones.

Hike-Do not ignore the Bye Weeks. During the draft, when you are keeping a record of how many players you have selected in each position, note their bye weeks as well. You never want a lot players that you drafted to be off during the same bye week.

Fantasy Sleeper WRs


Fantasy Sleeper WRs by Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator & Doug ” insomniac” Bowles

Fantasy Sleepers are a late-round picks or waiver-wire selections who exceed their statistical expectations. Looking over my WR sleeper list, it’s almost split down the middle. 5 Vets- 4 Rookies. Because of the success of the rookie WRs in 2014, this year’s rookie wide receiver class won’t fly under anyone’s radar, but not all of them are in great situations to excel. In the 2015 NFL Draft, 6 WRs were selected in Round One. 3 in Round 2 and 5 in Round 3. Of these 14 rookie wide receivers, I like where 4 of them ended up very much, and consider them nice sleepers for the 2015. Many new faces to the NFL will be obvious 2015 fantasy draft picks in September, such as Oakland’s WR Amari Cooper and Chicago WR Kevin White, and Utter-Fantasy considers their situation early picks and not necessarily sleepers. I have often said that almost anyone can intelligently draft the first 4-5 rounds of a fantasy. The real work is keenly navigating through the later rounds and picking up fantasy sleepers that other owners haven’t paid attention to, or don’t even know about.

In 2014, the general consensus was that the league had “de-valued’ the running back position, so fantasy owners were forced to as well. Owners of DeMarco Murray or LeVeon Bell however, were glad that they didn’t, and a push is back to get quality backs early. The wide receiver corps are deeper than ever, so if you do go RBs early, these sleepers below will help you round out and give depth to your fantasy team.

Here are some wide receiver names that you should consider after the top 20 are gone.

Carolina WR Devin Funchess- Last year Kelvin Benjamin was the WR corps for the Panthers- Along with TE Greg Olsen, they caught 75% of the passes thrown by QB Cam Newton. Carolina desperately needed a #2 WR to run opposite 6’5″ Benjamin, and they drafted a good with 6’4″ Devin Funchess. He is my #1 WR sleeper for 2015. UPDATE: WR K Benjamin, the #1 WR in Carolina, is out for the season with a torn ACL, and some think this hurts WR Funchess’ fantasy value, some think it helps. I think Funchess is still my top sleeper and that it definitely helps TE Greg Olsen’s fantasy value for sure

Philadelphia WR Nelson Agholor-
With the departure of WR Jeremy Maclin to KC, comes a huge need in Philadelphia for a solid #2 wide receiver to pair with 2014’s rookie draft pick Jordan Matthews. WR Nelson Agholor is expected to have an immediate impact in Chip Kelly’s offense, and Utter-Fantasy agrees.

Indianapolis Andre Johnson- Andre has to be thrilled wher he landed, and fantasy owners should as well. He has suffered for years playing with sub-par quarterbacks, and yet every year becasue of his amazing talent, manages to put up decent stats. In 2014 he ranked #38 WR for the season despite the fact that few can remeber who was throwing him the ball last year. He hasa  ton to prove in 20-15, and has the QB to help him do just that.

Dallas Terrance Williams- Did you know that Terrance Williams started out the 2014 season with 6 Romo TD receptions in the 1st 7 games? Williams ended the 2104 NFL season as the 41 ranked WR with 621 yard receiving and 8 total TD receptions. Despite these star, he is getting very love and current;y ranked the #58 WR by Utter-Fantasy likes him better than that- he’s our #38 WR.

Seattle WR Tyler Lockett- caught 2-of-2 targets for 77 yards and a touchdown in Thursday’s Preseason Week 4 finale, starting with Russell Wilson on Seattle’s first series. Lockett burned past Oakland’s secondary an hauled in a 63-yard touchdown. The rookie receiver ended the preseason with stats 6/129/1, while also having a 103-yard kick return touchdown and 67-yard punt score- a must add especially if your league scores punt/kickoff return yards

Atlanta WR Leonard Hankerson-
For the past couple years, WR Harry Douglas has been a had a significant role in the Atlanta offense, even when WRs Julio Jones and Roddy White were healthy. He is now in Tennessee, and it appears as though WR Hankerson is that 3rd WR weapon for QB Matt Ryan.

Baltimore WR Kamar Aiken –
The old saying….”Someone has to catch the ball” With WR rookie B Perriman sidelined, Aiken once again got the start. He appears to clearly be the No. 2 behind Steve Smith, making him worth a late-round flier

Chicago Eddie Royal– With injuries to rookie WR Kevin W#hite ( out for the season) and #1 WR Alshon Jeffery  ( calf- expected back buy the season opener) WR Eddie Royal moves up to the starting line up and has history with QB Jay Cutler from their days together in Denver. QB Cutler has already targeted Royal often so far, making Royal a big sleeper candidate for 2015

Cincinnati WR Mohamed Sanu- Sanu is another guy who gets very little respect even though he ended the 2014 season as the #34 ranked WR with 790 yards and 5 TDs. ( oh, and 1 TD pass which went to QB Andy dalton in Week 3) It’s all because WR Marvin Jones is always getting the love in the middle rounds. Jones is a mention in my article “CAUTION- Drafting These Players in 2015.”….because of one game in 2013 when he hauled in 4 TD passes. Jones only has 69 total career receptions.

NY Giants WR  James Jones- No WR had more receptions or yards over 1st 3 preseason games for NY than WR  James Jones- 11/148 yds- WR V Cruz is still doubtful to start Week 1 of the regular season. Also WR Rueban Randle has been sidelined since the Giants’ first preseason game on August 14

( Baltimore WR Breshad Perriman– was one of my earlier WR sleepers, but injuries has caused him to drop fantasy-wise- out since the first practice of training camp with a “strained tendon” in his knee. With QB Joe Flacco’s cannon-arm, speedster Perriman could have some huge games, if he can get healthy )

Other potential candidates: PITT Markus Wheaton- SEA Doug Baldwin- JACK Allen Robinson- CAR J Cotchery- GB Ty Montgomery

Click here for Utter-Fantasy RB Sleepers

CAUTION Drafting These Fantasy Players

CAUTION Drafting These Fantasy Players by Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles

I’ve never had WR Michael Crabtree on any fantasy football roster. His first couple years in the NFL, I didn’t exactly avoid drafting him, I just didn’t happen get him in any draft. Now he is now one of those players who I will avoid, because he never lives up to his potential, his notoriety, or his whatever. Since 2009, Crabtree has only gone over 1000 yards once. In 4 out of 6 years playing, he has had only 4 TD receptions or less for the season ( 2,4,1,4). currently has him ranked #54 WR for 2015, ahead of such names as WRs NYG Victor Cruz (#57), DAL Terrance Williams (#58), and SEA Doug Baldwin (#60). I’ll be drafting the three guys that I just wrote about in every draft without exception, before WR Michael Crabtree.

This article is about the Crabtrees, the Marvin Jones’, the Jonathon Stewart’s of the NFL, who are not un-draftable guys, quite the contrary. They are however, guys that you want to be careful to not draft too early because they are not worth it. The “Un-draftable guys”, or guys you can draft but I never will, is another article. ( Teaser……CLEV Brian Hartline, BUFF Robert Woods, TENN Justin Hunter etc)


TENN- Marcus Mariota- It drives me crazy when others rank QBs such as Nick Foles, Andy Dalton, Derek Carr and even Alex Smith lower than rookie QBs who haven’t completed a single pass yet in the NFL. Rookie QBs will face professional, hard -hitting NFL defenses for the first time in their lives. Until they get experience and prove something, the two rookie QBs are ranked 31 & 32….period! (BTW- this time last year, some of these other rankings had Manziel #15 QB ranked, before he ever had an NFL pass completion….it was ridiculous )

TB- Jameis Winston – same as above


ARI- Andre Ellington- Smallish back ( 5’9-199 lbs) and over-used in ’14. Cardinals drafted 6’1″ 224 lbs RB David Johnson- Ellington not only loses carries, but goal line carries to the bigger back. Utter-Fantasy’s rank- #23 RB ( #18)

ATL- DeVonta Freeman
– Falcons didn’t use Freeman in ’14, running RB Steven Jackson instead??? Drafted RB Tevin Coleman will steal too many carries- Either can be found on top of the Atlanta Falcons depth chart, depending on which site you’re looking at- Utter-Fantasy’s rank- #39 RB ( #42)

CAR- Jonathan Stewart– He played in the final 10 games of 2015, and suddenly this guy is the Iron Man of the NFL?!? He only had 809 yards and 3 TDs in 2014. RB DeAngelo William’s departure doesn’t automatically make this RB great or durable. He hasn’t played in 16 games since 2011. Currently be drafted too high- Utter-Fantasy’s rank- #25 RB ( #19)

JACK- T J Yeldon– Every season it seems, the Jags have a new RB that fantasy owners get enamored with- Last year it was RB Toby Gerhart. This is still Jacksonville, with the 30th worst O-Line in the NFL. We believe Alabama-alum Yeldon is more RB Trent Richardson than Eddie Lacy- Utter-Fantasy’s rank- #30 RB ( #19 RB)

N.O. C J Spiller– If you are considering this guy where CBS Sportsline has him ranked, it’s because he’s never been on your fantasy team before. I don’t care if it is the Saints- it’s still Spiller, and those who have had him and suffered thru his under-achieving mediocrity, rank him where we do- Utter-Fantasy’s- #44 RB ( CBS Sportsline- #22 RB)

PHIL- DeMarco Murray-
The Dallas ’14 O-Line was the BEST in the NFL, and your grandmother could have ran for 1200 yards and scored 12 TDs with the holes they made for Murray. DeMarco had good burst thru holes that were big enough to drive a truck thru- Now in a RBBC in Philly, with RBs Ryan Mathews and Darren Sproles- Utter-Fantasy’s- #17 RB ( #11 RB)

SF- Reggie Bush-
This write up could be a carbon copy of the one done above on C J Spiller with just a couple changes. If you are considering this guy where has him ranked, it’s because he’s hasn’t been on your fantasy team for a while. If Reggie has a sneeze, he sits the sidelines. His motivation for the NFL has been gone since his move on Kim Kardashian. Utter-Fantasy’s- #54 RB ( #39 RB)


ARI- Larry Fitzgerald-
Fantastic career- Fantastic person, but he ended 2014 ranked 55th WR- Only 2 TDs., and now one year older- I like WRs Michael Floyd & John Brown over Fitz – Utter-Fantasy’s- #55 WR ( #39)

CINN- Marvin Jones-
This guy always gets love in the late middle rounds, all because of one game in 2013 when he hauled in 4 TD passes. 69 total career receptions. Utter-Fantasy’s #64 WR ( CBS Sportsline- #55)

KC- Jeremy Maclin-
A KC wide receiver will catch a TD pass in 2015, but the Chiefs ultra-conservative offense will stay ultra-conservative….bet on it. Maclin’s stats will be very limited. Nothing deep from QB Alex Smith again in 2015. – Utter-Fantasy’s- #34 WR ( #22)

MIA- DeVante Parker- Expectations are high for rookie WRs, after the monster year that rookie wide receivers had in 2014 ( Odell Beckham, Mike Evans, Kelvin Bajamin etc) and I don’t think the class of 2015 will disappoint either- Parker however, is not in a good place. The Miami WR corps are VERY crowded, and he doesn’t have near the upside that say OAK WR Amari Cooper or CHI Kevin White has. Read more in Utter-Fantasy’s “Fantasy Football Offensive Rookie Landing Spots ( Are They In A Good Place Or Bad?)”– Utter-Fantasy’s- #66 WR ( #44)

OAK- Michael Crabtree- See opening paragraph- Utter-Fantasy’s #58 WR ( CBS Sportsline- #54 WR)

TENN- Kendall Wright –
Rookie QB Marcus Mariota isn’t going to “tear up” the NFL in his 1st year. Only thing going for Wright is that he’s Titan’s #1 WR on the roster. Utter-Fantasy’s #52 WR ( #47)

TB- Mike Evans-
Don’t get me wrong, this kid is great. Spectacular rookie year. But it will be a while for QB Jameis Winston to be an upgrade over QBs McCown/ Glennon. Those who think Winston ALREADY is an upgrade are fooling themselves. Winston’s growing pains will be the reason Evans doesn’t go for 1051 yards/ 12 TDs in 2015. – Utter-Fantasy’s- #15 WR ( #10 WR)


JACK- Julius Thomas- His success in Denver with QB Peyton Manning will have fantasy owners drafting him far too early in drafts this September. He is the Demarco Murray of TEs……he was in a great place, with a great quarterback and a great O-Line ( and Jacksonville has none of that.) Utter-Fantasy’s #16 TE ( #5 TE)

MIA- Jordan Cameron- There is no questioning this man’s athletic abilities. In 2014, he had the longest reception for a TE ( 81 yds). He is in Miami now however, with alot of other offensive weapons (which CLEV didn’t have) and Miami likes to run the ball inside the 10 (45 times) only 1 other team did it more.(NE- 52 times)- – Utter-Fantasy’s- #11 TE ( CBS Sportsline- #7 TE )

This will be an article that I will continue to add to, so check for updates! We are getting close to kick off fantasy leaguers!

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