Fantasy Stock Drops From 2016 Draft

Fantasy Stock Drops From 2016 Draft by Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator Samantha Holt

Push that afternoon meeting till tomorrow. Pass a beer, grab the chips. Plug in your headphones and log in. It’s Draft Day. Fantasy Fans all watch the draft in their own way. Some go all out, others wait for the highlights or 10 second delayed ESPN updates. How ever you watch, or don’t watch it, the Draft is an exciting night. For the players, dreams are made and crushed. For fantasy owners, it’s a whole list of shiny new players to mull and fight over. One of the most important parts of the draft, is figuring out who’s stock just dropped.

Top 10 Stock Drops:

(These are my Top 10, argue with me or make up your own mind….I don’t care. Training has barely begun and we’re nowhere near preseason yet. So calm down, these will all probably change.)

1.    Ezekiel Elliott vs Darren McFadden

This feels like the obvious one. Last season the RB position was in constant shift. I know this from picking up Dunbar off waivers, and getting one good week out of him before his season ending injury. By adding Elliott you could argue the possibility of a RB by committee situation here. If that were the case I’d say McFadden will fall to the RB2 slot and Elliott will rise to the #1 position. The key with Elliott here is his versatility. I see him running all over the place and plummeting McFadden’s numbers. My only complaint here is the midriff jersey… Stop it. Pretty sure Goodell will happily fine him if he tries to get away with that.

2.    Derrick Henry vs DeMarco Murray
Well he’s the Heisman Trophy winner and all around stud athlete. Did you see his combine tape? 6’2” 247 lbs, this guy is a beast. Though Murray will undoubtedly be named the “#1” for week 1, I can see Henry taking a chunk out of Murray’s goal line opportunities. As the season plays out it will not be shocking if he takes over as the number 1.

3.    Laquon Treadwell vs Stefon Diggs & Charles Johnson
Does this mean Teddy finally has himself a reliable WR? I think so. Diggs and Johnson will be competing with Treadwell for WR 1 and 2 positions. Treadwell came back strong in his junior year from a gruesome leg injury. At 6’2” 210 lbs, Treadwell is a physical and dynamic play maker with great ball security. I think we could be seeing some exciting stuff from this guy.

4.    Carson Wentz vs Sam Bradford
This is a situation where training camp will be really interesting. Though the Eagles have said Bradford is their guy, I could see him fighting for his job in the preseason. Time will tell on who officially has the starting job.

5.    Jordan Howard vs Jeremy Langford
Disciplined, fundamentally strong, a great pick up for the Bears. Though these two serve different roles, Langford was a drop-o-opotamus last season, and will need get a handle on that to keep from sliding this season (see what I did there? “hands” Haha adorable).

6.    Paxton Lynch vs Mark Sanchez
Sanchez has been a place holder on the bench for a long time, that’s not likely to change with the addition of Lynch. The question isn’t if Lynch will be starting QB, it’s when will they make the announcement. I’m guessing mid training camp.

7.    C.J. Prosise vs Thomas Rawls
With Lynch’s retirement and Rawls obvious great season, prior to his injury last year, I couldn’t see how his numbers could be significantly affected. Enter C.J. Prosise. He’s a great receiving back, incredibly versatile, and will be used in multiple ways in Seattle. He will definitely be a threat to Rawls, and will be looking to take over Rawls #1 slot.

8.    Corey Coleman vs ALL THE BROWNS WRs
He’s a major upgrade to the current WR talent for Cleveland. HOWEVER, he has RGIII as his QB. Personally I always like to be optimistic for a young(ish) player coming back from injury. Anyone see that Bruce Willis movie Unbreakable? That’s how I picture RGIII, Mr. Glass. If he can stay healthy, then there’s a good possibility to see some big numbers from Coleman. Hopefully the two of them gel during training camp, because damn this kid is fast and talented.

9.    Kenyan Drake vs Jay Ajayi
The depth for Miami at running back can best be described as lack luster. With this add they get a boost. Drake has the potential to see a good amount of work. This will make Ajayi’s numbers slide. Drastically? Maybe. But that could also be a factor if they sign a veteran running back. Arian Foster rumors and talks are still swirling. If this happens you will most certainly see a drop for Ajayi.

10.    Paul Perkins vs Rashad Jennings (and the rest of the NYG RBs)
With the Addition of Perkins we’ll see a big competition for the 1 and 2 slot. Jennings is getting on the older side and has a history of injuries. Should that be a factor this season you could see Perkins gaining a significant role. Camp will be interesting with Orleans Darkwa, Bobby Rainey, and Andre Williams all be competing with Perkins. Too many possibilities to consider this a big slide, but mentionable for stashing purposes.

Bonus: Jared Goff vs Case Keenum
Short and sweet: Keenum wasn’t fantasy relevant, but Goff will be. So this can kind of be considered a slide.
There you have it. I feel like May is too soon to “predict the future” regarding some of these rookies. Training Camp and Pre Season can be riddled with injuries, free agent signings and cuts. So I’ll look to revise this list in August. Until then, I’m going to keep watching rookie highlight reels because it’s fun and I miss football.

Sam Holt

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Dallas Cowboys Team Profile 2016

Dallas Cowboys Team Profile 2016 by Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles

Somebody is going to make a lot of money in 2016, and they may not even have to play a single down of football. Most assuredly, Dallas owner Jerry Jones is never going into another NFL season with a sub par quarterback backing up QB Tony Romo. He’ll empty a bank (one of his) to make sure of it. Despite starting the season 2-0 and leading the NFC East, the Cowboys lost their next seven games and finished the season by going 2-12 in their final 14 games. Romo played in those first two games, then two in Weeks 11 & 12, before injuring his left clavicle………….again.

2016 Team Outlook –
Dallas, Philadelphia, Washington and the New York Giants all live in the NFC East Division. Since 1998, every team in the division has won the division at least 4 times. Dallas could win it in 2016. Or perhaps Washington, or Philadelphia….or the New York Giants.

2016 Fantasy Football Outlook-

QB– In Week 12, Tony Romo left the Thursday game against the Carolina Panthers after he was sacked by Thomas Davis. It was Romo’s second game back from a broken collarbone he suffered in Week 2 that kept him out of seven games. The Cowboys went 0-7 with Romo out and fell to the bottom of the NFC East. In 2015, the Dallas QB carousel went Romo, Weeden, Cassel, Romo, Cassel and Kellen Moore. Jerry Jones says Romo is good for 3-5 more years. Maybe. Now for a reliable back up….could be RG3, it won’t be Manziel. ( 10 Reasons Manning Becomes A Cowboy )

RBs– In 2015, RB DeMarco Murray went to Philadelphia so RBs Joseph Randle and RB Darren McFadden started the season as the two running backs for Dallas. Utter-Fantasy warned fantasy football owners not to get excited about RB Darren McFadden. Written in the pre-season….”Don’t even consider RB McFadden as the starter. This guy is insurance only.”  Truth is 1) Utter-Fantasy got this WRONG! RB McFadden rushed for over 1000 yards…..2) The O-Line in Dallas is as good as it gets. McFadden took advantage of it, and had one of his best seasons. Joseph Randle was cut in November 2015, and has been arrested 4 times in the last 17 months. UPDATE: Cowboys signed RB Alfred Morris, formerly of the Redskins, to a two-year, $3.5 million contract. Alf looked worn down in 2015, and will likely be a change of pace back and insurance for Dallas.

WR Dez Bryant is Dallas’ big-time play maker and was the #3 wide receiving for the 2014 season. His stats took a huge hit in 2015, and he dropped to #78 with only 401 receiving yards and 3 TDs. Their was absolutely no chemistry with back up QB Matt Cassel, and Bryant’s injuries limited him to only 9 games in 2015. WR Terrance Williams was the top receiver in Dallas last season, but even then he was only the #44 wide receiver on the year. Even WR Cole Bessley topped Bryant’s numbers. He was the #54 wide receiver on the year, with 536 receiving yards and 5 TDs. 6’3″ 5th rounder Devin Street was drafted in 2014 ( 2014 NFL Draft) and has been slow to make an impact- 114 yards and 1 TD in 2015

Unlike the wide receivers in Dallas for 2015, TE Jason Witten’s numbers weren’t hurt as badly with all the turmoil at the  quarterback position. In 2014, Witten was the #10 tight end at the end of the season with 703 yards and 5 TDs.
In 2015, Witten was the #12 tight end at the end of the season with 712 yards and 3 TDs. ( 2 of his 3 TDs came in Week 1 with Romo playing quarterback.)

In 2015, no place kicker had a better FG% than Dallas’ Dan Bailey ( 93.8%) He went 30 for 32 on field goals, and nailed all 25 of 25 extra points ( even with the extra yardage added in 2015)  As of October 2014, when his 100th made field goal made him eligible for ranking, Bailey became the most accurate field goal kicker in NFL history, and is the only kicker to convert over 90 percent of his kicks.

Dallas can’t stop the run! At least not in 2015. Dallas ranked #29th vs the run last season, with Buffalo, Chicago and San Diego the only teams worst. With an offense still in tact ( other than a quality QB back-up for Romo, and depth at running back)…. the Cowboys will concentrate on solidify it’s defense.

2015 Dallas Fantasy Surprises–
It has to be RB Darren McFadden as Utter-Fantasy’s surprise for 2015. Even with the best O-Line in the NFL, it was hard to imagine this guy rushing for over 1000 yards. Here are his stats previous to 2015….2014- 534 rushing yards…2013- 379 rushing yards…2012- 216 rushing yards. An under-achiever most of his career, but an over-achiever in 2015.

2016 Free Agents that Dallas Needs to Address – QB Matt Cassel, RB Lance Dunbar, RB Robert Turbin, TE James Hanna, FB Tyler Clutts, DE Greg Hardy, DE Jeremy Mincey, MLB Rolando McClain, CB Morris Claiborne, OLB Kyle Wilber, OG Ronald Leary,  DT Jack Crawford, NT Nick Hayden, OG Mackenzy Bernadea

2016 NFL Draft –
The immediate needs of Dallas is fixing this #29 ranked defense. They need new corners to help safety Byron Jones, and a reinforced defensive line. Better linebackers will also help to stop the run, which Dallas couldn’t do last season. Dallas’ entire 2015 NFL Draft can be seen at this link- DALLAS’ DRAFT

Did You Know–
  Longtime Cowboys head coach Tom Landry was drafted by the New York Giants in 1947 as a defensive back. He was also the first coach to ever win 100 games with one team in one decade.

All team reports
can be seen at this link- TEAM REPORTS

Team home page: