10 Players That Scare Me

10 Players That Scare Me by Utter-Fantasy Football Writer & Illustrator Samantha Holt

There are very few things that terrify me. Anyone that knows me has seen my artwork (clown paintings, zombies, etc), listened to me discuss the differences between Jeffery Dahmer and John Wayne Gayce (both serial killers, different modus operandi #obviously), or experienced me jumping out at them wearing a mask (I’m such a good friend). So what does scares me? Drafting a player who has a high likelihood for a bust. What’s more alarming than a wasted draft pick? Nothing!

Below I’ll discuss 10 players I think have a good chance of being a bust this next season. I’m nervous too guys, but don’t worry… I’ll hold your hand through this.

1) TE SEA Jimmy Graham- According to a recent study ( as referenced by ESPN’s own Stephania Bell), patellar tendon injuries are the toughest to come back from. Players lose their explosiveness and that’s not only terrifying, but sadly disappointing. Combine that with the fact that he has had little to no chemistry with QB Russell Wilson. Needless to say there are plenty of other offensive options in Seattle, and plenty of other tight end options for me to draft.

2) WR Vincent Jackson- Unless my previous rant about Jackson wasn’t clear before. ( i.e 2016 Fantasy Players Difficult to Predict ) I’d rather not draft him, than wake up late Sunday morning to realize my nightmare of accidentally starting him came true. His performance from last year gives me little to no hope, for a “comeback” or “breakout” season this year. So far, Jackson has yet to train in minicamp, per an undisclosed “minor injury”. I know Evans will again receive the majority of targets this season. I am afraid that too many people may still see Jackson as a solid WR2 in Tampa. For me, he’s more likely a WR3. Stay away… far away!

3) RB MIA Jay Ajayi- Only played 9 games in 2015. Only had 187 rushing yards on only 49 carries. I am nervous about all the “onlys”. Based on the Dolphins off season moves, I’m starting to feel that the Dolphin’s coaching staff  also has a lack of confidence in Ajayi. They selected RB Kenyan Drake in the 3rd round of the 2016 Draft, and they were on a mission to sign a top RB. Now they’ve officially signed RB Arian Foster, who’s injury prone history doesn’t bring me much confidence in him either. Miami’s desperate attempts to sign top a running back, after drafting one, tells me that they might prefer to roll the dice with someone other than Ajayi… Scary.

4) RB WASH Matt Jones– Jones can be summed up as: a missed opportunity. He strolled out Week 2 with an impressive showing: 19 carries for 123 yards and 2 touchdowns. After that however his numbers dropped off significantly. Jones proved better in the passing game, than as a hard-nose rusher. With Alfred Morris moving on and the addition of 7th round rookie Keith Marshall, could Jones be the only hope in the backfield? I don’t know, but I am petrified to take  that risk.

5) WR PITT Markus Wheaton- I’m a Steelers fan and I find myself going back and forth on whether or not I think Wheaton will have potential for a breakout with Bryant suspended, or get lost with Sammie Coates & Ladarius Green coming in hot for targets. Big Ben Roethlisberger talked him up prior to 2015, but is that enough to roster a draft spot? I’m not sure. My own indecisiveness about him is what scares me most here.

6) RB TB Doug Martin- Martin finished 2015 as the #3 overall RB. So what’s there to be shivering about? Well, in 2015 Martin was in a contract year. Can you trust that he’ll be as motivated and devoted this year? I trust no one! Haha, no seriously, I don’t see how he can stay on top with numbers like that. Charles Sims was quietly the #21 running back in 2015, so he stands to be a “menacing threat” towards Martin’s value. If I’m drafting DM, it’s with caution and picking up Sims as a handcuff.

7) WR DET Golden Tate-  Honestly, he has never been a true #1 on any team. Tate also regressed last season, but with Calvin Johnson’s retirement, you’d expect Tate to make a strong case as WR1 in 2016. Tate has historically had sporadic strong showings but never been a consistent threat. Certainly nothing close enough to warrant a WR1 position. I would not take him high…and scared that I would be passing up on someone with higher potential for consistent numbers (ex: Eric Decker). I’d be slightly less scared to end up with him in a mid draft pick.

8) WR CHI Alshon Jeffrey-  Alshon only played 9 games last season while dealing with multiple injuries and setbacks. The off season is a time to see improvement in guys coming back from injury. However…he skipped OTAs (scared face). WR Kevin White, who has a frightening ton of talent will finally be playing. Unfortunately, QB Jay Cutler is horribly inconsistent. Currently at ADP #9, I do not think I will be drafting Jeffrey over Mike Evans, but I would over Amari Cooper, Brandon Marshall, and Brandon Cooks.

9) WR CHI Kevin White- White is basically still a rookie, having missed last season due to a shin injury, leaving him unproven. In practice it’s been noted by multiple sources that despite his athleticism, he’s had cronic trouble with drops. I’d be fearful to draft him too early, especially knowing that Cutler is throwing him the ball. Eek!

10) RB ATL- Devonta Freeman- Falcons running backs coach Bobby Turner told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he hopes to reduce Freeman’s carries while adding more to the offensive game plan for second-year running back Tevin Coleman. Blood-curdling news, because that can only mean the horrifying RBBC. Also spooky, Freeman was 9th last year with the most dropped passes.

Whew, that was intense. But we got through it. The unknown is what’s the most terrifying. Players coming back from injury, players on new teams, and incoming rookies all pose the possibility of throwing us off. Keep a watchful eye on the risky players in training camp and preseason. When drafting a risk, be sure to secure their back up as insurance. Draft with caution ladies and gentlemen… Beware….

Sam Holt

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