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Start A Fantasy Football Playoff League

Start A Fantasy Football Playoff League by Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles

Fantasy Football doesn’t have to be over!

I have been the commishioner of fantasy football leagues since 1980, and one thing I know for certain…..is that after Week 17 of the regular season, there a plenty of us that are not ready for fantasy football to be over! If you are not ready either, and want to continue the fantasy fun, I suggest that you Start A Fantasy Football Playoff League-

For Playoff Fantasy Leagues, I prefer it a smaller crowd, with only 6 teams because there are only 12 teams in the playoffs. I put a restriction on the number of quarterbacks, kickers and defenses a team can draft- 2 each. Each team may only draft 2 QBs, 2 kickers, and 2 defenses, that way, no one can make a run on them during the draft. Every team has the same number. (Each team can have as many co-owners as they want obviously). If you want to go big with your league, I would suggest going 12 teams, with a similar restriction of 1 quarterback, 1 kicker and 1 defense per team. After the QB ,Kicker and defense restriction, teams can draft as they please as far as

I also like to play “Best Ball Fantasy Football” in the Playoff leagues. If are not familiar with “Best Ball Fantasy Football”….allow me to explain. “Best Ball Fantasy Football” is where ALL of your players start ( no Start Em/ Sit Em), and at the end of the weekend scoring…only your “Best…as in highest scoring” QB is counted, only your “Best” 2 RBs is counted, only your “Best” 2 WRs is counted, only your “Best” TE is counted, only your “Best” kicker is counted,  and finally only your “Best” defense is counted. There are a scant few fantasy football websites that are set up to score “Best Ball Fantasy Football”…..my favorite is myfantasyleague.com-LINK

Draft Rounds: With 6 teams, we draft 14 players, so there a 14 fantasy draft rounds. For 12 teams, we draft 12 players, so there a 12 fantasy draft rounds.

No waiver wire moves after draft. A fantasy football league of attrition.

Draft Order: As in the regular fantasy football season, how your league decides the “draft order” is the up to the league or the league’s commishioner. My leagues always draft serpentine as well.

Fees: I like to have some green involved in my fantasy leagues, so I ask for playoff fantasy fees, and I usually have the top scoring team taking home 2/3 of the pot, and 2nd place taking home the other 1/3. ( I have never had HD2HD as part of my playoff fantasy leagues…just highest scoring- With 12 teams however, I can see I where HD2HD could be fun.)

Summarizing: For Fantasy Football Playoff Leagues;

6 or 12 teams

a restriction of 2 QBs, 2 kickers, and 2 defenses for 6 team leagues

a restriction of 1 QB, 1 kickers, and 1 defense for 12 team leagues

With 6 teams, we draft 14 players, so there a 14 fantasy draft rounds

For 12 teams, we draft 12 players, so there a 12 fantasy draft rounds

Serpentine Draft Order determined by league

With 6 teams, top 2 scoring teams split the money from fees, 2/3s and 1/3 respectively

Score best QB, best 2 RBs, best 2 WRs, best TE, best K and best defense

No waiver wire moves after draft. A league of attrition

Recommend – myfantasyleague.com-LINK

If you have any questions, contact me- LINK– now I have to go study for my first Fantasy Football Playoff League on Friday night- Good Luck!