RBBC is a Four Letter Word

RBBC is a Four Letter Word by Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles

I’m obviously taking writer’s license by calling “RBBC” a word, but for the sake of having a funny headline, I am going with it.

Running Back By Committee is almost as vile to hear for a fantasy footballer, as hearing one of your players has “a torn ACL”….or…“it’s a 80 yard TD run, but there’s a flag on the play”….or….. “sorry, we are out of beer.” Although we understand the reasoning behind it, fantasy owners F___ hate RBBC. The days of a lone running back getting the rock 30 times in a game, are sadly over.

There is no question, that the RB position has been de-valued. Moreover, the position of the running back has changed over the past few years, a lot more than just splitting carries! To utilize a player’s specialties, teams are bringing in different running backs during the game, on specific offensive plays being called. The more F____ plays are being called that bring in “specialty backs”, the more it subtracts from the scoring opportunities that your drafted RB is going to have. ( This is usually when the “swear jar” gets contributed to)

Here is a list of “specialty back” titles, and the list seems to grow every F_____ year.)

• Change of pace running back
• Blocking back
• Goal line back
• Receiving running back
• 3rd down back
• Short yardage back
• Running back for the Wild Cat formation

Fantasy owners in 2014 found out however, that championship fantasy teams still need strong RBs to win. In my article “Who Were The Most Owned Players On Fantasy Rosters in 2014?”, 8 of the top 20 players to truly help fantasy owners win championships in 2014 were RBs. Last year you could pretty much count on Dallas, Green Bay, Chicago, K.C., Seattle, Pittsburgh, Denver, Houston (and to some extent Baltimore) to primarily run with one running back. It’s likely that whoever won your fantasy league last year, they had one or two of the running backs from these teams. If you didn’t have one of them, you likely had F____ trouble scoring 2 RBs week after week. (Which also meant more contributions to the “swear jar”.) Perhaps this article makes a strong case for taking 2 RBs in the first 2 rounds of your fantasy draft this September, especially if they both can come from the teams just mentioned?


This year I am excited about 4 other teams and their running back situation. I love me some RB Frank Gore in Indianapolis, love me some rookie RB Melvin Gordon in San Diego, love me some RB LeGarrette Blount in NE, and WASH OL Bill Callahan says RB Alfred Morris is a good fit for his run game and I believe him ( In ’14 Callahan was the Dallas OC and line coach..i.e..RB Murray! )

( I am not excited about ARI RB Andre Ellington. I also throw caution to fantasy owners about rookie RB TJ Yeldon, CAR RB Jonathan Stewart and RB Latavius Murray…. although Murray is pretty F___ intriguing).

When drafting in September, I understand wanting to get elite WRs early, but the NFL WR corps is deeper than ever.
Especially in large leagues, do not ignore getting strong #1 RBs………the de-valued RB position is valued again.

OK….let’s see…paying the swear jar. One, two, three, four, five…..I owe five bucks.