Teams Missing Former Players

Players Whose Team Will Miss Them

Players Whose Team Will Miss Them by Utter-Fantasy writer & illustrator Doug Bowles



Dear ___________ (player’s name here)

I remember how it used to be 
when nothing else mattered but you and me

music, country roads, and Super Bowl dreams.

I miss you, I wish you could see
 that without you here, I miss you and me.

Utter-Fantasy’s Top 10 Missed Players:

#1) Jimmy Graham – Oh, the players the Saints had to part with, to make sure Drew Greed got all of the $100 million he demanded.
 ( Remember, he held out of camp and the team has gone down since) Graham is a FREAK, and he made teams afraid. I do not like that he went to Seattle however. He won’t be the same fantasy star there unfortunately.

#2) Revis/ Browner – I know Belichick is a wizard at getting the most from players, but New England’s defense took a big hit, no matter what. Their weak division however, will likely make this manageable.

#3) Andre Johnson – Andre clearly was sick of being a Texan with lousy quarterbacks, so the move was excellent for him, and I love that he is in Indianapolis ( WR Sleeper), but the Texans now have a receiving corps full of young kids, albeit talented ones, and I think his veteran leadership will be missed most.

#4) Frank Gore – I remember watching a game Nov. 30th, 2010, where he came out injured in early second half, and since I had him on my fantasy team I desperately wanted him back in. Gore was clammering to get back in on the sidelines, so I was screaming at the TV/ HC Singletary to let him. Turns out he had a broken hip. That guy had a broken hip and wanted back in!  You want guys like that on a team. Love him now in Indy as well. ( RB Sleeper)

#5) Brandon Marshall – Despite all the trouble he created in his early years, Marshall has since become quite the mentor, and not unlike Houston, Chicago has now a receiving corps full of young kids, albeit talented ones, and I think his veteran leadership will be missed most. He won’t do much as a Jet.

#7) Jeremy Maclin– Chip Kelly has gotten too big for his too big britches. You can’t cast off every talented person because you think you’re a creative genius, because maybe you’re not. You haven’t won anything, not even a playoff game. I would have sucked up some humility and I would have kept Maclin, and I would have kept McCoy. We’ll see how 2015 plays out.

#8) Dwayne Bowe – I do not include him because I think he’s great- he’s not. But he is a talented wide receiver in the NFL, and for the life of me, I will never understand KC’s ridiculous stubbornness to avoid having TWO good wide receivers on a KC roster. Finally…..Bowe gets some to line up opposite him, when good bye Bowe, you’re off to Cleveland. Welcome to KC Maclin, but I bet you’ll hate it there.

#9) Julius Thomas – I do not think Denver will miss Julius, just the opposite, and had to put this in. Of all the players to find new teams, I think Julius Thomas will miss his old team the most. Remember that game when he caught his 2nd TD, and was heard yelling “This is too easy!” Bet you 20 bucks he never yells that in Jacksonville.

#10) Brian Hoyer – Think what you want, but the Browns were winning until that spineless head coach caved, and put in Mr. Rehab Manziel. They could have gone to that playoffs that season. I think Hoyer is a gamer ( not heading to Canton mind you, but decent) and I don’t think McCown is the answer ( and certainly Manziel clown isn’t )

BONUS) Trent Richardson– Just kidding- The Browns don’t miss him, the Colts don’t miss him, for now the Raider’s don’t miss him and I wouldn’t miss him if he left the NFL altogether. Rough I know, but he stinks! ( McFadden does too! I wouldn’t miss him either)