Panic Week 7

Panic or Dont Panic Week 7

Panic or Dont Panic Week 7 by Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles

We are heading into Week 8 and plenty of fantasy owners have players on their rosters that they have held onto this entire season, who are potential breakout players or just dead weight.  MINN WR Mike Wallace is a great example, and a player I suggested cutting bait from just this morning to Shannon H. Hopefully this article will help you decide on a few of your players, if you agree with my assessments.



MINN Teddy Bridgewater- “Teddy” has had one good week all season, which was his last game Week 7. He threw for 316 yards with 2 TDs, and 0 INTs. Has he turned it around? Only if he can play Detroit every week, which he can’t, so no, I don’t think he does.

SF Colin Kaepernick- 6 TD passes in 7 games. Not only should he be off fantasy rosters, but off NFL rosters. Hard to believe that he once led a team to the Superbowl. There are 31 other QBs I’d rather have.

N.O. Drew Brees- Only 8 TD passes this season and he can’t throw it deep down field. Brees is a roster QB to be started these days based on the match up.


NYG Rashad Jennings- Week 7 saw the RBBC situation in New York go from bad to worst, with the emergence of yet another RB getting touches- RB Orleans Darkwa. A team with 4 RBs is a team with none for fantasy owners. I don’t want any of them.

All DET RBs- It is bad enough that the team runs a RBBC, but now the team is playing bad, led by a bad head coach.

CJ Anderson-  ( 0 TDs ) this season, and it looks like RB Hillman will take over soon. Package Anderson to the fantasy owner with Hillman if you can.

SD Melvin Gordon- Only one game with over 51 yards rushing and 0 TDs. Add fumbling problems (i.e. a benching ) to those horrible stats and you have panicking fantasy owners.


Note: None of my Week 4 “Panic WRs” have rebounded. LINK

PITT Markus Wheaton-  The “more talented” #2 WR is back from suspension ( WR Martavis Bryant)- I’m dropping Wheaton in all leagues because I like WRs on the waiver wire better

ATL Leonard Hankerson- I was one of the first to push owners towards Hankerson, and now I want to push them away. Roddy complained about touches and Hank has a hammy.

N.O. Brandon Cooks- His great match ups came and went, and you got one good game out of him. The trouble is, Brees can’t throw it down field anymore. If someone thought Cooks was going to break out in the 2nd half and offered me a deal, I’d probably take it, to help another position on my fantasy team.

SF WRs- A Boldin and Torrey Smith can’t be started unless you are in the deepest of leagues


MIA Jordan Cameron- Few targets from QB Tannehill and brutal match ups on the horizon.

IND TEs Allen/ Fleener- Why did IND QB A Luck decide to stop throwing to his TEs? After 7 games in 2014…Fleener/Allen 520 yds-8 TDs. This season after 7 games…286 yds-2 TDs combined.

SF Vernon Davis- He should not be on anyone’s roster




CAR Cam Newton- He threw for only 269 yards Week 6, and for only 197 yards Week 7. ( Plus 5 INTs in those 2 games.) These games were against SEA & PHIL…great defenses. Except for the Packers Week 9, Newton has tasty match ups ROS

IND Andrew Luck- You could PANIC! some for the next 3 weeks because of the 2 difficult match ups and the Bye, but his final 7 weeks will make you very happy.


Note: ALL of my Week 4 “Don’t Panic RBs” have rebounded. LINK

GB Eddie Lacy- In 2014 Lacy had only 4 TDs in his first 8 games. Then he poured it on in the 2nd half, 9 TDs in the second 8 games. His coming back from the bye healthier

BUFF LeSean McCoy- ( Bye Week 8) – Patient fantasy owners were rewarded with almost 200 total yards and 1 TD Weeks 6 & 7. The bye will heal up McCoy to almost 100% and good match ups coming up in the schedule.


ARI Michael Floyd- Floyd had a hand injury for the first few weeks, but he’s been a real red zone target for QB Palmer the past 2 weeks. As L Fitz cools down, Floyd should heat up.

TB Mike Evans- Evans came through for fantasy owners in Week 7 with 164 yards and 1 TD. In his prior 4 games, he had 174 yards and 0 TDs total. Rookie QB Winston is going to take time to hone his skills. Evans ( and V Jax) stats will improve as Winston improves.

PHIL Jordan Matthews- ( Bye Week) Reports out of Philly are that Matthews suffered a ligament injury in his hand three weeks ago, but that the hand injury “supposedly” is no longer an issue. Matthews was plagued with “drops’ going into Week 7, but still was averaging a whopping 9 targets a game. The Bye rest should do Matthews and his hand some good.


N.O. Ben Watson- Waiver Wire Recommendation Week 1– QB Drew Brees likes to throw to his tight ends, so why it took so long for hi to discover Ben Watson is confusing. Finally in Week 6, 127 yards and 1 Td on 12 targets. Watson will have a better 2nd half. Don’t Panic.

SD Ladarius Green- TE A Gates came out of the Gates with a with a 92 yard-2 TD game Week 5. He is now shelved (MCL) so TE Green will see all of the TE action vs great match ups Week 8 at BALT and Week 9 vs CHI, before their Bye.