Panic Week 4

NFL Week 4 Panic or Dont Panic


NFL Week 4 Panic or Dont Panic by Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles

We are only past Week 4 so I truly hope I’m re-tracking my “Panic’ players after Week 5……..but until then….



DET Matthew Stafford- Week 4 Stafford recorded 24/35 for 203 yards and 0 TDs. He has only 5 TD passes this season and 0 games over 300 yards- DET HC J Caldwell fits right in as a one of the many terrible HC hires for Detroit- Sadly, Stafford should be strictly a #2 QB ( and only with a decent match up) but kept in 10+ team leagues

MIA Ryan Tannehill- Only 198 yards Week with 2 TD passes. MIA HC Philbin was fired ( LONG OVER DUE) Interim HC Dan Campbell however doesn’t give me a lot of confidence with his “I’m not saying we want dirty players, but we are going to walk that line” talk. The real trouble in Miami is their O-Line and that won’t be fixed in a week

MINN Teddy Bridgewater- On my “Panic” list very week so far- Bridgewater is on a Bye Week…which is a good time to cut him and not look back

Move on from- SF Colin Kaerpernick-TB Jameis Winston-


PHIL DeMarco Murray- I’ve warned about him since the trade- DAL had an O-Line that made him look great (which he isn’t)- He now doesn’t have that O-Line in Philly, he has to share w/ 2 other RBs and he’s not 100%- Trade him

All DET RBs- It is bad enough that the team runs a RBBC, but now the team is playing bad, led by a bad head coach and DET is 0-4

CAR Jonathon Stewart- He is what most of us thought he’d be! An average RB that will put up average stats and often be injured. Keep him if you must, but 62 yards a game and 0 TDs is what you should always expect ( on a Bye Week)

WASH Matt Jones- 18 total yards ( 0 TDs ) last 2 games- Was Week 2 a fluke? Panicking owners are starting to think so


Note: None of my “Panic WRs” rebounded in Week 4- WEEK 3 PANIC LINK

PITT Markus Wheaton- Injured Week 4 and the “talented” #2 WR is back from suspension- ( WR Martavis Bryant)- I’m dropping Wheaton in all leagues because I like WRs on the waiver wire better

SF Torrey Smith- QB Kaepernick might be the worst QB in the NFL right now- The only way T Smith is going to help fantasy owners is with flukey deep passes and MIGHT come once every 3-4 games- You cannot win fantasy leagues starting WRs like that

MIA Jarvis Landry- The trouble with Landry is that Miami has TOO many weapons ( which I warned about preseason – SEE ARTICLE ) and Tannehill/ MIA O-Line are struggling- It’s difficult to cut/trade away a guy you drafted so high, but one game over 100 yards and 0 TDs….just saying

N.O. Brandon Cooks- All I can say is that he has great match ups until his Bye Week ( Week 11)- Hopefully QB Brees is covering from his shoulder injury and that you start Cooks when you need to and he finally produces. Two more weeks of this 50 yard average- 0 TD stuff however and he’ll be cut by every fantasy owner


MIA Jordan Cameron- In the “Don’t Panic” section last week…Well, 4 bad weeks and now on a BYE Week-Here’s how bad the chemistry is w/ Tannehill- 17 targets in the past 2 weeks- 5 receptions

BALT Maxx Williams- Even with TE C Gillmore OUT and WR Steve Smith sidelined…..Williams could only produce 2/4 targets for 17 yards- Panic mode is over- move on

SF Vernon Davis- He should not be on anyone’s roster



BALT Joe Flacco- Weeks 1 & 4 were very bad for fantasy owners. The BALT WRs were weak to begin with and injuries to WR Perriman and Steve Smith have made the situation even worst. Help is on the way however, with the signing of WR Chris Givens and emerging WR K Aiken. ( Also, ST Smith is said to be back sooner than later )

PHIL Sam Bradford- Week 4 was game fantasy owners have been waiting for- 270 yards and 3 TDs. Bradford spread the ball around hitting 7 different receivers- Good schedule for the next 2 weeks


BALT J Forsett- Last week Forsett was on this list because he hadn’t topped 68 yards in any game ( 0 TDs) Week 4 reminded us why we drafted him ( 27 carries for 150 yards) He still doesn’t have a rushing TD, but they will come – Don’t Panic

N.O. Mark Ingram- Currently ranked as the 22 overall RB in the NFL, but he wasn’t the 22nd RB drafted in September- more like the 11th overall RB drafted….so we want more. Only topped 53 rushing yards in Week 4 (77) and has only 2 rushing TDs on the season but receiving yards are there and the big games will come

MIA Lamar Miller- Unlike the MIA QB and MIA WR who I doomed for the “Panic” sections above, I have faith that the new coaching staff’s main priority…..will getting RB Miller going- Don’t Panic yet


ARI John Brown- The preseason darling – SEE PRESEASON WEEK 2 REVIEW…who was drafted high in nearly every league, has disappointed greatly in 4 games so far. There is hope because QB C Palmer targeted Brown 10 times Week 4, more than anyone on the team

DET Calvin Johnson- Not one game yet over 83 yards and 1 TD on the season- Here’s the good news….DET finally get some home games ( 3 in a row) and Week 8 is at KC, who teams have thrown all over.    Don’t Panic

In the….I told you “Don’t Panic” Dept…..DAL Terrance Williams- (Week 4….49 yards a 1 TD)


DEN Owen Daniels- From a slow start ( 5 receptions for 24 yards- 0 TDs in Weeks 1 & 2) to much better ( 7 receptions for 37 yards- 2 TDs in Weeks 3 & 4) QB Peyton Manning is playing much better now that he’s no longer under center, but starting in the shotgun. He will find Daniels more and more – GREAT match up Week 5 vs OAK