My Peek at a Fantasy Mock Draft

My Peek at a Fantasy Mock Draft


My Peek at a Fantasy Mock Draft by Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator & Mock Draft Zealot Doug Bowles

Roughly 4 weeks + until our first preseason game for 2015 (NFL/Hall of Fame Game- Aug. 9, Pittsburgh vs. Minnesota ) and when I am not writing or illustrating about fantasy football, I am participating in, or watching mock fantasy drafts closely. One of my favorite websites to see completed mock drafts and to participate in a mock draft is at …8-10-12- even 14 team mock drafts are available.

Here’s the top 9 rounds of a draft I recent devoured, but did not participate in.
First thing that hits me from the 1st round is that fantasy owners with the #1 pick are trusting AP. I know he’s a super-athlete but he has been away from the game for a year, AND make no mistake about it, he is still plenty pissed off that the Vikings for not back him 100% in his child-abuse case ( and personally, I am glad they didn’t). If RB LeVeon Bell wasn’t facing the 3 game suspension, AP wouldn’t be considered at #1. I’ll be drafting Jamaal, Eddie and Marshawn ahead of AP.

The second thing that stands out is WR Odell Beckham going as the 3rd overall WR. I can see plenty of arguments that favor taking #1 WR and certainly sooner than the 13th overall selection, as he went in this draft. He played in only 12 games, and yet was the 6th ranked WR for 2014. He broke 24 New York Giants franchise records… and 34 NFL Records ? ( see NY Giants Team Profile for entire list). Antonio Brown is sensational, as is Dez, but Beckham is game changer, and I want him badly.

RB DeMarco Murray- Sensational 2014 season, no doubt about it. However, the truth is the Dallas O-Line is the BEST in the NFL, and your grandmother could have ran for 1200 yards and scored 12 TDs with the holes they made for Murray. Why do you think Jerry Jones made no effort to re-sign Murray? Because he’s ordinary. He had good burst thru holes that were as wide as Broadway Tunnel. Remember Seattle’s RB Shaun Alexander in ’05? HUGE year, then he lost his incredible fullback Mack Strong and members of Seattle’s O-Line, and Alexander sudden wasn’t a #1 RB anymore. Add that to Murray’s new home in Philly, where he’ll share time with RBs Ryan Mathews and Darren Sproles ( and don’t think he won’t ) and the fact that he was way over-used last year, and you have an RB crashing down to Earth fantasy-wise. Call me crazy if you want, but I’m drafting 16 RBs before Murray. You can laugh at me in January if you want…..or vise versa :)

QBs. Everyone who knows me, knows that I ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, wait for a QB. I’m not saying everyone else has to, but in 2014 no one passed for more yards than Ben Roethlisberger and I got him a few times in 2014 near the 10th round. He didn’t go in this draft until round 9, even after his huge season. That’s a quality fantasy pick. A-A-Ron and Luck are great to have, but I do love me some RBs and WRs early, and it has never hurt me to get a Brady, a Rivers, a Romo or a Matt Ryan or even Eli as late as round 8. Peyton dropping to Round 5 and Brees to Round 6 is surprising. My top #2 tier for QBs always has about 13 QBs in it! I can draft other players round after round, until this tier gets too thin, then I jump in, and get two of them. Just look who “Rookie” could have gotten if he passed on Wilson in the 5th Round and instead grabbed Roethlisberger in the 8th!

TE Jimmy Graham going is the 2nd TE off the boards but I don’t trust huge fantasy points from him now that he’s in Seattle. That team runs the ball, or they find different ways to score week to week, so Graham won’t be as dependable as he was in New Orleans. Even more shocking is TE Travis Kelce going 3rd. Graham and Brees had great chemistry. Will QB Wilson and Graham have the same? I don’t know. As for Kelce, I am tired of hearing about his “up-coming break out year”. He had 5 TDs last year, on a team that had zero TD passes going to it’s wide receivers. You take Kelce, I’ll take Olsen, or Bennett of Fleener. ( I do not like Julius Thomas in Jacksonville either.)

Other things that stick out to me…..because I can’t help It…

***WR Calvin Johnson is a future HOFer but he is going as the 6th overall WR and often sooner. Sorry, but that’s too early for a guy that will be a year older, and who ranked #15 WR last season. ( and I am Detroit Lions guy.) I hope he’s healthier and proves me wrong, but I like Jordy and AJ over Megatron.

*** RB J Forsett, despite his impressive 2014 season, is too early for me as the 12th RB off the board.

***WR Sammy Watkins’ fantasy stock pummets for me this September. I do not like QB Matt Cassel or QB EJ Manuel, AND defense coordinators have had all winter to scheme for the only WR weapon on the team. ( WR Percy Harvin is making his yearly preseason noise again…..”This is my year!” Maybe he will, but I don’t pick “maybes”.

*** RB Ande Ellington worries me. Please take him early, so I don’t have to consider him later.

***WR Mike Evans had a monster rookie season, and although many think rookie QB Jameis Winston is an upgrade over QBs McCown and Glennon, I do not share in that opinion. Winston has never faced NFL defenses before, and they are going to come at him a warp speed. I’m a “I’ll believe it when I see it” guy, so i.e…..WR Mike Evans stock drops for me. I currently have 14 WRs I like now before him in Utter-Fantasy WR Rankings.

*** RB F Gore was a nice selection in the 4th Round. I LOVE him this year in Indianapolis. DO NOT let him get passed you, if for some reason he drops to the 5th.

*** WR Jeremy Maclin is a guy I’m avoiding. KC will be as conservative as they always are….bet on it.

*** RB Latavius Murray is a guy I want, but I would have grabbed RB Le Garrette Blount before Murray.

*** RB Bishop Sankey, CJ Spiller nor Reggie B will get on my fantasy teams, unless it’s way DEEP into the draft.

*** WR Jarvis Landry was an interesting fill in guy for me last year ( he ended the 2014 season as the 42nd ranked WR ) and I fully expected him to build on his rookie year…however, that was before Miami added Kenny Stills, DeVante parker, Greg Jennings and TE Jordan Cameron. These are TOO many mouths to feed people. 32nd WR off the board is too early. I like plenty of other options, that aren’t even here.

*** RB Jeremy Hill would not have been selected before LeSean McCoy two weeks ago, but I am buying into the Jeremy Hill love. Maybe not before C J Anderson ( Denver wants Peyton fresh) or before Forte…the #1 RB in the passing game.

And lastly…..( although I could dissect this draft until my eyes are shot)…

*** RB Darren McFadden should not be drafted anywhere’s near the 8th round or 12th round!

Hope your fantasy juices are getting pumped…mine are.