Back to the future fantasy drafts

Mock Fantasy Drafts from 2015 and 2016

Mock Fantasy Drafts from 2015 and 2016 by Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles

Oh, if we only knew then….what we now now!

Of course, that wouldn’t be fair, and that would take the fun out of fantasy football……( but if we all are being honest, we’d all probably win a bunch a championships first, then go back to not knowing!)

One of my favorite websites to see completed mock drafts and to participate in a mock draft is at …8-10-12- even 14 team mock drafts are available.

Below are 9 Rounds of Mock Football Drafts from 2015 to 2016, one from September 2015, and one from mid-January, 2016.
Let’s look at the September 2015 first and see what brilliant picks were made, and some horrific mistakes as well. This fantasy football draft is an excellent example of who was being drafted where, back in the fall.

September fantasy Football Draft

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly-

The Good- The Top 5 Wide Receivers ( Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, Odell Beckham, Demaryius Thomas, and A.J. Green…along with TE GRONK/MINN RB Adrian Peterson) were the safest bets. You have to figure that more running backs will have season ending injuries, than wide receivers, so maybe we learn from this.

The Bad- First, I warned about DeMarco Murray in August that he was a product of a great Dallas O-Line ( and he was splitting time in Philly w/ 3 other backs) – in my article “Caution Drafting These Fantasy Players” -LINK-    Second- Many running backs simply didn’t produce in 2015, like RBs WASH Alfred Morris, SD Melvin Gordon, JACK TJ Yeldon and DET Joique Bell, but doesn’t mean that they were terrible draft picks necessarily. That’s just how fantasy football runs. Third- Aging receivers however, like Calvin Johnson, Andre Johnson and Roddy White proved to be liabilities, and fantasy owners need to be better about drafting smart….rather than drafting big names.

The Ugly- 4 QBs were selected by Round 5 from this draft, and none of them even ending up ranking in the top 10 of 2015 fantasy football quarterbacks . Someday fantasy football owners will listen to me, and wait to draft a QB. If you weren’t able to draft TEs GRONK or Greg Olsen ( I warned about drafting TE Jimmy Graham too early in July of 2105- “My Peek At A Fantasy Mock Draft” -LINK- ) panicking and grabbing one too early was costly. Look at the players passed up for TEs Graham, Kelce and Bennett…..names like WRs E Sanders, B Cooks, B Marshall and Sammy Watkins!

Now the Fantasy Football Draft from mid-January, 2016…

Fantasy Football Draft January 2016

Clearly the biggest Fantasy Football Mover is STL RB Todd Gurley, and I agree. In the 2015 draft, 11 running backs were selected in the 1st 2 rounds. In the 2016 draft, only 8 were. These fantasy football owners put a premium on a few trustworthy RBs, then went straight for star wide receivers. ( I personally will be waiting a round or two longer before drafting RBs Doug Martin and  LeSean McCoy)

Guilty of being redundant, but in Sept. 2015….4 QBs were drafted by Round 5. In the later draft, 6 were. JACK Blake Bortles won’t go this high, and will be a steal in Rounds 6 and 7, as will QBs Drew Brees and Carson Palmer.

KC TE T Kelce’s stock dropped as he should, in the conservative KC offense (that won’t change either). The panic run on tight ends in Round 8 is a perfect opportunity to get quality players that went later and TEs Ertz, Barnidge or Witten are still available.

Finally, Round 7 is too early for a defense in my opinion and CHI WR rookie Kevin White ( the last selection in Round 9 ) would have to have had one spectacular pre-season before I ever drafted him before proven fantasy wide receivers that I already trust.

The 2015 NFL season isn’t even over yet, and can’t wait to starting draft again, (sadly a long 8-9 months away)….but it’s never too early to start studying!