Beginners Fantasy Football E Book

Joining a Fantasy Football League

Joining a Fantasy Football League by Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles


Or Starting Your Own

We have new players ask us about how to start their own leagues, so we
thought we would cover the subject as a bonus chapter, for those who are

There are countless internet sites that you can play
on, and keep track of your fantasy leagues. Many
popular sites don’t charge a fee. It is
free to park your leagues there. The most
recommended ones are NFL, ESPN and Yahoo.

When you decide to play fantasy football, joining
one of these sites is easier than you might think.
Let’s say you want to have Yahoo host your league.
(You’ll be asked to sign into your Yahoo! Account if you haven’t already.)

· Go to

· Select the Sports tab from the list of Yahoo services.

…Next click on the “Fantasy” tab in the Sports Section.

· Scroll down to “Fantasy Football” or click this link…YAHOO FOOTBALL FANTASY SPORTS

· There you will find two choices…”Join a League” or “Create a League”.

To Join a League – Simply click this link – you will see open leagues that
need teams.

To Create a league – Click this link and a window will appear. It will ask
you for your League name – Type of league you want (Points vs HD2HD) –
How & When you want to draft – Click “Finish” and voila!– You can even
customize your league settings right there.

ESPN also hosts Free Fantasy Leagues and offers
• Existing Leagues
• New Leagues
• Previous Leagues
Click this link to Go to ESPN Fantasy here- ESPN FANTASY FOOTBALL

As a league, decide on rules for trades, player moves each week and for
submitting weekly line ups. You’ll also need to decide how long your season
will last and if your league will have playoffs. These are decisions every team
member should vote when starting a new league.
If you’re invited to join a friend’s league, you’ve probably received an e-mail
with a link to the sign-up page. Just click on the link, accept your spot, pick
a team name and logo. This type of league works exactly like a public league
when the season begins, but the league’s commissioner can customize the setup. Yahoo has a certain set of standard defaults for roster requirements,
scoring, free agency, and so on.

So, there you have it…setting up your league with a Free Fantasy Football
Hosting Site is as easy as taking a ride on the Reading Railroad!
To learn more about your new obsession and get more advanced
fantasy tips and advice, be sure to visit us at often.