Fantasy Football Sports Writer Invitation

Fantasy Football Sports Writer Invitation

Fantasy Football Sports Writer Invitation by Utter-Fantasy Football Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles


Fantasy Sports Writers Invitation

Do you have a passion for fantasy football?
I know you do, and perhaps you also have the skills and passion to write about it.
If you think you might, Utter-Fantasy would love to hear
from you. Simply fill out the form at this LINK- Fantasy Sports Writer Invitation, and we will contact you.

Previous writing experience is a plus but not required. A background in sports or fantasy football would be preferred, although we are happy to find excellent writers and columnists of all kinds. This is an excellent opportunity for you to share your fantasy football knowledge, and have a fun, exciting outlet for your creativity.

We ask each writer to commit to 1 article a week. Preseason is just around around the corner, and when it starts, we won’t have another weekend without NFL untilĀ  Valentine’s Day! That’s a lot of football to talk about. Becoming a fantasy football writer is a very rewarding endeavor. Your insights into fantasy football often helps you and your readers become better fantasy football players, which helps everyone win their league!

Looking forward to another exciting NFL season with you!

Doug Bowles- Utter-Fantasy

LINK- Fantasy Sports Writer Invitation