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Fantasy Football After Week 4

Fantasy Football After Week 4 by Utter-Fantasy writer & illustrator Doug Bowles

If you knew this is how it would be after 4 Weeks…then you’re smarter than me!

Even though the unpredictability of the NFL can drive fantasy owners crazy, it’s also the one thing that probably makes it the most fun. If we all knew what was going to happen, the season would be over after the September draft. But we don’t, so along the way, a profusion of surprises happen that ultimately effects the outcome of every single fantasy league being played…all 2 million+ of them.

So after 4 weeks of football, I have compiled a list of several NFL realities that I most certainly didn’t see coming, and “If you knew this is how it would be…you’re smarter than me…Einstein”

4 Weeks ago, I would not have predicted that….

ARI- The Cardinals would acquire free agent CJ2K Aug 17th and he would be the #4 RB in the NFL

ATL- RB D Freeman, who was passed up for RB St Jackson all of 2014, would have 7 TDs and #2 ranked RB for fantasy points

BALT- RB J Forsett, who was 8th ranked RB for 2014, would only have 274 yards after Week 4 – 0 TDs

BUFF- Starting QB Tyrod Taylor would have better fantasy stats than both Mannings, Foles and Cam Newton

CAR– would be 4-0 after losing WR K Benjamin

CHI- would be shopping RB Matt Forte

CINN- Andy Dalton would be the 3rd ranked QB in the NFL

CLEV- HC Pettine and WR D Bowe still would have jobs

DAL- would be in 1st place in the NFC East Division ( 2-2) after losing WR Dez and QB Romo

DEN- WR Dem Thomas would only have 1 TD reception

DET- RB Joique Bell would go from 98% owned ( Week 1) in Yahoo leagues to 67% owned in Week 4

GB- WR James Jones would have more receiving yards than WR R Cobb and the same number of TD receptions ( 4)

HOU- Despite the ridiculous QB carousel by HC B O’Brien, WR D Hopkins would be the #5 WR in th NFL

IND- QB A Luck would look like a bust for fantasy owners who drafted him in Rounds 1 & 2

JACK- QB B Bortles would have more passing yards than GB QB A Rodgers ( 996 yards to 995 yards)

MIA- RB Lamar Miller would only have 131 rushing yards and 0 TDs ( 45 RBs in the NFL have better stats)

MINN- QB T Bridgewater would be as bad as he is- only 2 TD passes after 4 games

NE- QB Tom Brady would be the 5th ranked QB in the NFL playing only 3 games- ( Week 4 was a bye)

N.O.- WR B Cooks would be a huge bust so far for fantasy owners with only 215 yards and 0 TDs

NYG- WR Odell Beckham would have only 2 TD receptions and would be held to under 45 yards in 2 of 4 games

NYJ- Jets would be 3-1 and have a better passing ranked offense than running ranked offense

OAK- QB D Carr would have 7 TDs to only 2 INTs-

PHIL– WR Jordan Matthews would only have 1 TD reception and only 1 game over 80 yard receiving

PITT- WR M Wheaton could be this much of a bust ( 156 total yards- 0 TDs) w/ WR M Bryant OUT on suspension

SD- RB Melvin Gordon would have 0 TDs after 4 games

SF- QB Colin Kaepernick could fail this miserably- 22 of 44 in past 2 games- 0 TD passes to 5 INTS

SEA- RB M Lynch would have a pathetic 128 rushing yards, 0 TDs and OUT Week 4 with injures

STL- QB N Foles wouldn’t top 300 passing yards in any game, and top 200 only once

TB- WR Mike Evans could be targeted 28 times in 3 games ( he was OUT Week 1) and yet only have 10 receptions (0 TDs)

TENN- QB M Mariota would be as prolific as he is already- 8 TDs with only 2 INTs ( Week 4 Bye)
WASH– RB Matt Jones would emerge as a fantasy star in Week 2 ( 19/123 and 2 TDs)  then drop to 18/49 yards Weeks 3 & 4