CAUTION Drafting These Fantasy Players

CAUTION Drafting These Fantasy Players

CAUTION Drafting These Fantasy Players by Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles

I’ve never had WR Michael Crabtree on any fantasy football roster. His first couple years in the NFL, I didn’t exactly avoid drafting him, I just didn’t happen get him in any draft. Now he is now one of those players who I will avoid, because he never lives up to his potential, his notoriety, or his whatever. Since 2009, Crabtree has only gone over 1000 yards once. In 4 out of 6 years playing, he has had only 4 TD receptions or less for the season ( 2,4,1,4). currently has him ranked #54 WR for 2015, ahead of such names as WRs NYG Victor Cruz (#57), DAL Terrance Williams (#58), and SEA Doug Baldwin (#60). I’ll be drafting the three guys that I just wrote about in every draft without exception, before WR Michael Crabtree.

This article is about the Crabtrees, the Marvin Jones’, the Jonathon Stewart’s of the NFL, who are not un-draftable guys, quite the contrary. They are however, guys that you want to be careful to not draft too early because they are not worth it. The “Un-draftable guys”, or guys you can draft but I never will, is another article. ( Teaser……CLEV Brian Hartline, BUFF Robert Woods, TENN Justin Hunter etc)


TENN- Marcus Mariota- It drives me crazy when others rank QBs such as Nick Foles, Andy Dalton, Derek Carr and even Alex Smith lower than rookie QBs who haven’t completed a single pass yet in the NFL. Rookie QBs will face professional, hard -hitting NFL defenses for the first time in their lives. Until they get experience and prove something, the two rookie QBs are ranked 31 & 32….period! (BTW- this time last year, some of these other rankings had Manziel #15 QB ranked, before he ever had an NFL pass completion….it was ridiculous )

TB- Jameis Winston – same as above


ARI- Andre Ellington- Smallish back ( 5’9-199 lbs) and over-used in ’14. Cardinals drafted 6’1″ 224 lbs RB David Johnson- Ellington not only loses carries, but goal line carries to the bigger back. Utter-Fantasy’s rank- #23 RB ( #18)

ATL- DeVonta Freeman
– Falcons didn’t use Freeman in ’14, running RB Steven Jackson instead??? Drafted RB Tevin Coleman will steal too many carries- Either can be found on top of the Atlanta Falcons depth chart, depending on which site you’re looking at- Utter-Fantasy’s rank- #39 RB ( #42)

CAR- Jonathan Stewart– He played in the final 10 games of 2015, and suddenly this guy is the Iron Man of the NFL?!? He only had 809 yards and 3 TDs in 2014. RB DeAngelo William’s departure doesn’t automatically make this RB great or durable. He hasn’t played in 16 games since 2011. Currently be drafted too high- Utter-Fantasy’s rank- #25 RB ( #19)

JACK- T J Yeldon– Every season it seems, the Jags have a new RB that fantasy owners get enamored with- Last year it was RB Toby Gerhart. This is still Jacksonville, with the 30th worst O-Line in the NFL. We believe Alabama-alum Yeldon is more RB Trent Richardson than Eddie Lacy- Utter-Fantasy’s rank- #30 RB ( #19 RB)

N.O. C J Spiller– If you are considering this guy where CBS Sportsline has him ranked, it’s because he’s never been on your fantasy team before. I don’t care if it is the Saints- it’s still Spiller, and those who have had him and suffered thru his under-achieving mediocrity, rank him where we do- Utter-Fantasy’s- #44 RB ( CBS Sportsline- #22 RB)

PHIL- DeMarco Murray-
The Dallas ’14 O-Line was the BEST in the NFL, and your grandmother could have ran for 1200 yards and scored 12 TDs with the holes they made for Murray. DeMarco had good burst thru holes that were big enough to drive a truck thru- Now in a RBBC in Philly, with RBs Ryan Mathews and Darren Sproles- Utter-Fantasy’s- #17 RB ( #11 RB)

SF- Reggie Bush-
This write up could be a carbon copy of the one done above on C J Spiller with just a couple changes. If you are considering this guy where has him ranked, it’s because he’s hasn’t been on your fantasy team for a while. If Reggie has a sneeze, he sits the sidelines. His motivation for the NFL has been gone since his move on Kim Kardashian. Utter-Fantasy’s- #54 RB ( #39 RB)


ARI- Larry Fitzgerald-
Fantastic career- Fantastic person, but he ended 2014 ranked 55th WR- Only 2 TDs., and now one year older- I like WRs Michael Floyd & John Brown over Fitz – Utter-Fantasy’s- #55 WR ( #39)

CINN- Marvin Jones-
This guy always gets love in the late middle rounds, all because of one game in 2013 when he hauled in 4 TD passes. 69 total career receptions. Utter-Fantasy’s #64 WR ( CBS Sportsline- #55)

KC- Jeremy Maclin-
A KC wide receiver will catch a TD pass in 2015, but the Chiefs ultra-conservative offense will stay ultra-conservative….bet on it. Maclin’s stats will be very limited. Nothing deep from QB Alex Smith again in 2015. – Utter-Fantasy’s- #34 WR ( #22)

MIA- DeVante Parker- Expectations are high for rookie WRs, after the monster year that rookie wide receivers had in 2014 ( Odell Beckham, Mike Evans, Kelvin Bajamin etc) and I don’t think the class of 2015 will disappoint either- Parker however, is not in a good place. The Miami WR corps are VERY crowded, and he doesn’t have near the upside that say OAK WR Amari Cooper or CHI Kevin White has. Read more in Utter-Fantasy’s “Fantasy Football Offensive Rookie Landing Spots ( Are They In A Good Place Or Bad?)”– Utter-Fantasy’s- #66 WR ( #44)

OAK- Michael Crabtree- See opening paragraph- Utter-Fantasy’s #58 WR ( CBS Sportsline- #54 WR)

TENN- Kendall Wright –
Rookie QB Marcus Mariota isn’t going to “tear up” the NFL in his 1st year. Only thing going for Wright is that he’s Titan’s #1 WR on the roster. Utter-Fantasy’s #52 WR ( #47)

TB- Mike Evans-
Don’t get me wrong, this kid is great. Spectacular rookie year. But it will be a while for QB Jameis Winston to be an upgrade over QBs McCown/ Glennon. Those who think Winston ALREADY is an upgrade are fooling themselves. Winston’s growing pains will be the reason Evans doesn’t go for 1051 yards/ 12 TDs in 2015. – Utter-Fantasy’s- #15 WR ( #10 WR)


JACK- Julius Thomas- His success in Denver with QB Peyton Manning will have fantasy owners drafting him far too early in drafts this September. He is the Demarco Murray of TEs……he was in a great place, with a great quarterback and a great O-Line ( and Jacksonville has none of that.) Utter-Fantasy’s #16 TE ( #5 TE)

MIA- Jordan Cameron- There is no questioning this man’s athletic abilities. In 2014, he had the longest reception for a TE ( 81 yds). He is in Miami now however, with alot of other offensive weapons (which CLEV didn’t have) and Miami likes to run the ball inside the 10 (45 times) only 1 other team did it more.(NE- 52 times)- – Utter-Fantasy’s- #11 TE ( CBS Sportsline- #7 TE )

This will be an article that I will continue to add to, so check for updates! We are getting close to kick off fantasy leaguers!

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