NFL Fallen and Cant Get Up

NFL Fallen and Cant Get Up by Utter-Fantasy Football Writer & Illustrator Samantha Holt


Murphy’s Law: If something can go wrong, then it will, and it has…especially in Cleveland!

The Medical Alert Badges were sounded off all over the NFL. This should be the subtitle to the NFL Week 2. After what already felt like a large amount of injuries last week, we saw a slew of them this week. I share this pain with all of you. This season I made the brilliant decision to join 8 fantasy leagues. I can say with certainty I have at least one of the following injuries on each of my teams. 3 in one league. If the early week 1 panic did not reach you, this new wave has likely hit you. I will not cover every “questionable” player, as the majority of those will play this week. AJ Green is marked questionable but he’s fine, he missed practice because his wife is having a baby so congrats to the Green family! Back to serious injuries, I sincerely hope week 3 is a healthier one. Starting from “down for the season” to “more minor injuries”, let’s dive on in.

Medical Alert

Ameer Abdullah RB DET:
Has been placed on IR with a foot injury that will require surgery. Dwayne Washington is potentially moving into the RB1 slot in Detroit. Theo Riddick is unlikely to be the every down back, but more likely to be a redzone vulture and 3rd down back. Between the two, pick up Washington, likely still available in your league.

Danny Woodhead RB :
So unfortunate to see Woodhead out for the year. Melvin Gordon moves up to RB1 and RB Kenneth Farrow worth a flyer in deep leagues only.

Adrian Peterson RB MINN:
AP has elected to have surgery on his torn meniscus.
The Vikings have signed Ronnie Hillman as of this week to fill in the backfield during AP’s absence. It will take a few weeks for him to gain momentum, but he will be the guy who eventually takes on the majority of the workload. We know this based on the Vikings lack of confidence that the combo of Asiata and McKinnon would be enough to get them through the season. First pick: Ronnie Hillman Second Pick: Matt Asiata (deep leagues only)

Doug Martin RB TB:
Out 3 weeks with a hamstring injury. Tampa Bay has a bye in week 6, this gives Martin 4 weeks to get back and he’ll need it as we all know hamstring injuries are particularly difficult to comeback from. They’re tough simply because players never get to fully test the muscle until they’re making an explosive move. This is why these injuries tend to linger, players comeback too soon and re-aggravate the injury simply because they felt fine walking. Hopefully Martin has a speedy recovery. Until he returns Charles Sims will be taking the majority of the work with Jacquizz Rodgers filling in behind him. I don’t expect much from Rodgers, he’s more of a deep league flag to watch. If you’re a Martin owner and your options are slim at replacements, pick up Sims.

Donte Mocrief WR IND:
Moncrief has a fractured scapula and will be out 4 to 6 weeks. He will not be having surgery, just rest and rehab. In the mean time Hilton owners who are normally frustrated by the imbalance of the two sharing targets, will see a bump in targets was Luck will be heavily relying on him. Also receiving a bump in targets will be WR Phillip Dorsett. He would be an interesting play in deep league PPR formats. Bump up the IND TEs.

Josh McCown QB CLEV:
CLEV QB Josh McCown apparently suffered a broken left collarbone in Week 2. ( an injury that is likely to have him out  two months. Tony Romo missed nine weeks with a similar injury last season)

Corey Coleman WR CLEV:
Breaking news today, Corey Coleman broke his hand in practice.. I’m positive he didn’t do this on purpose just to make this article longer.. but who knows. Out 4-6 weeks. Seriously though?! These injuries need to stop! I just replaced Brandon Marshall in my line up with you! Uhggg… Terrelle Pryor will see more targets with Coleman inevitably sitting out this weekend. Lets face it he can’t catch with one hand wrapped up.

Jay Cutler QB CHI:
Torn ligament in his thumb, as of right now he will not be having surgery. If they’re not rushing him into the operating room I think it’s safe to say they do not think the injury is bad enough that he’ll be out longer than a couple weeks. I think this knocks down Alshon Jeffery just slightly in rankings, but he’s the #1 receiver so his numbers should not take a major hit.

Jonathan Stewart RB CAR:
Hamstring. Damn it guys can you just stretch before you play? I think all football players should be required to do yoga atlas twice a week just to stretch out those hamstrings. Come on. Anyways, Stewart will be out anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks. Carolina’s bye is in week 7, so I would not be surprised to see Carolina wait to bring Stewart back until after the bye. In the mean time Fozzy Whitaker bumps up in rankings as next in line to receive the majority of carries. Cameron Artis-Payne is worth a stash as well, but the job is Whitaker’s for now.

Rashad Jennings RB NYG:
Jennings left Sunday’s game in a hard cast around his left wrist and thumb. Not a good look. He was however a limited participant in practice. Hopefully that’s a positive sign. Shane Vereen likely to see more carries if Jennings stays questionable up until Sunday.

Brandon Marshall WR NYJ:
When Marshall went down and grabbed at that knee it looked bad. My first thought was damn the ACL being so sensitive. But for now it appears Marshall did not tear anything but he didn’t practice Wednesday. He will be a game time decision Sunday. Decker also sat out in practice with a shoulder injury though he has said he will play this weekend. I think the rest is out of an abundance of caution due to Marshall’s injury. The guy to pick up here is WR Quincy Enunwa.

Devante Parker WR MIA:
Hamstring.. I’m serious about these guys taking yoga. Parker was a limited participant in practice today, so he shouldn’t miss time this weekend. However, I’m nervous because a small hammy injury can get worse quick without proper rehab. Kenny Stills would be the streaming option behind Parker should he miss anytime.

Alshon Jeffery WR CHI:
Was a limited participant in practice due to knee injury. Oh how I hope this does not get worse. Jeffery has been plagued with injuries throughout his career and fantasy owners are all to familiar with it. Let’s hope this really isn’t serious. For goodness sake we can’t lose any more!!

(Likely more injuries since posting this article…BUT don’t tell me. I can’t take any more bad news….as my fantasy football teams have fallen and can barely get up….as it is.)

Sam Holt

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Also by Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator Samantha Holt…”This is How We Dynasty Football”

and Fantasy Stock Drops From 2016 Draft by Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator Samantha Holt

Houston Makeover Vs Dallas Rookie Takes Over

Houston Makeover Vs Dallas Rookie Takes Over by Utter-Fantasy Football Writer & Illustrator Samantha Holt

The Preseason is winding down and we’re now a week away from the start of the season. You’re all deep into draft mode or have already completed your drafts. I have 2-3 drafts left, I can’t remember because I over committed this season. It’s like I’d rather spend all my free time on football than anything else. Not a bad thing, just means this is the time of year when my friends know I’m unavailable on Sundays (and Mondays.. and Thursdays..).

This week I want to focus on the Texas teams. I’ve been wanting to tackle the makeover in Houston and the hype in Dallas for a while now. Arguably, the Houston Texans have sustained the biggest overhaul this offseason. After the QB shuffle they had last season, they went for it with signing Brock Osweiler. They moved on from Arian Foster signing Lamar Miller, who’s been frustratingly under utilized in Miami. Finally, they picked up some talented rookies in WR Will Fuller & RB Tyler Ervin. Meanwhile in Dallas, we have the much hyped first round pick, crop top legend,  Ezekiell Elliott. We also have the sad reality that Tony Romo may need to consider retirement after sustaining another injury. Followed up the the new hype train of the rookie Dak Prescott.

Brocklobster Time

Osweiler is the shiny new QB the Texans have been looking for. Despite only having 8 career starts, he’s been in the league 4 years and been learning from under one of the greatest to ever play the game, Peyton Manning. If Manning’s attention to detail has rubbed off at all on Osweiller, you can bet that Brock will the be classic “student of the game”.  He’ll eager to learn and live up to the needs in Houston. It also helps having the incredible talent of DeAndre Hopkins as your #1 WR and the newly signed, seasoned vet in Lamar Miller behind you. Agree with all the hype or not, but you can not deny the fact this move does anything but help the offense in Houston. Let’s hope Brock is able to break the trend of QB uncertainty in Houston. I’m drafting Brock in 2 QB leagues as a late round pick, because why not? He’s throwing to Hopkins, can’t be that bad right?

QB Situation in Dallas

In the first few minutes of Tony Romo taking the field for his first preseason game, he goes down and stays down from a hard hit. We now know he suffered a stress fracture to his L1 vertebra and estimated return is 6-10 weeks. According to medical specialists this approximation could easily be shorter or longer. This recovery is highly symptomatic and monitored by pain the player is feeling. It is important to note this is his third back related injury. Running down his list of injuries really quick from 2008 to now: Broken pinkie, broken left collarbone, ruptured disk, two transverse process fractures, left collarbone (again), and now this. It would be sad to see Romo’s career end based on injury, but you can’t deny the thought of retirement has to be in his mind. How much more can his spine and body really take? Moving onto the Cowboys rookie Dak Prescott, who’s had a great showing this preseason. Defenses are significantly less intense in the preseason, so he has yet to be fully tested. He will get that test game 1 against  their #1 division opponent the NY Giants, upside being they’ll be at home. Am I drafting Prescott? Probably not, but I’ll be keeping an eye on his numbers to see if he’s a viable QB 2 option for 2 QB formats.

Which RB to Own  

Do you take the unproven, much hyped rookie? Or the under utilized seasoned vet? The Ezekiel Elliott vs Lamar Miller debate is an interesting one. There’s no doubt that Elliott is incredibly talented. However rookie RBs are risky. He could have an outstanding season or sustain a week 1 injury and you’ve now blown your first round pick. Elliott has already had a minor hamstring issue this off season and that’s enough to create a pause in your drafting him. Based on the beating RBs take I’m hesitant to take an untested rookie. I can agree he’s worth a late 1st round pick but I wouldn’t pick him over Todd Gurley or David Johnson.

Meanwhile you have Lamar Miller, who in many drafts is going right after or right before Elliott. Houston ran the most running plays last season of any NFL team. So you have no doubt Miller will be getting used early and often. The question: is he ready to be used this much? Is he conditioned and ready for that responsibility? Answer: I think so. He had struggled last season going unused and many chanted “Free Lamar Miller.” We know he’s talented because despite his low targets, he maximized each opportunity he had leading him to a top 10 finish last season. Miller is an obvious second round choice though I’d easily understand him going late in the first round.

Effects on Top WRs  

Now, how can we realistically expect the new QB situations in each camp effect their top wide receivers. I think both situations have a lot in common. Both QBs are brand new to their respective systems, while both have seasoned wide receivers that are very comfortable in their leading role. It’s really just a matter of the QBs not screwing it up. Prescott will likely be throwing frequently and quickly so it’s a good thing Bryant is getting back up to speed post injury and still has the hands to make brilliant catches. I do not see Bryant’s numbers going down. I see team meetings going like this:  “Dak your first job is: hand it off to Elliott. 2nd: throw the ball to Dez. That’s it. You have two jobs, don’t get fancy.”

As for DeAndre Hopkins, we know he can make beautiful music with any QB throwing to him. He had 192 targets and 111 receptions, for 11 TDs, behind only Antonio Brown and Julio Jones. Hopkins is an open and shut draft case. He’s young, talented, and will see a large volume in targets. Draft him, just do it.

The Back Ups  

The rookies and vets to keep an eye on are also draft worthy on both teams. In Houston you have the highly touted rookie Will Fuller, his deep speed has potential for numbers worthy of a late draft pick up. (Depth behind Fuller: WRs Braxton Miller and Jaelen Strong.)
Terrance Williams on the other hand has seen marginal improvement season to season, and after Bryant’s foot injury last season, Williams did little to rise to the occasion.

(Depth behind Williams: Cole Beasley, Bryce Butler, Lucky Whitehead -Punt return opportunities)

Tyler Ervin is in a great position as the backup to Lamar Miller. Despite his smaller size he’s aggressive and highly athletic. His abilities in pass catching are a big help too. He leads his RB rookie class with 45 receptions from San Jose State. All making a great handcuff to Miller.

Alfred Morris has reportedly taken the lead over McFadden, and would be a worthy starting RB2 if Elliott gets hurt. He’s a must own handcuff for Elliott owners.

Check Your Draft Boards

When prepping for your draft be sure to take note of these players (if you haven’t already). Despite the hype and new situations surrounding a lot of them, there is no denying they’re worth owning. If you’re lucky enough to pick up Hopkins in a PPR format of Elliott second round in standard, know you’ve made a great draft pick. More importantly if you already own Miller and/or Elliott, be sure you’ve picked up their handcuff, because if I’ve learned anything from fantasy, it’s that anything, and I mean ANYTHING can happen. Happy Drafting!

Sam Holt

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Also by Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator Samantha Holt…”This is How We Dynasty Football”

and Fantasy Stock Drops From 2016 Draft by Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator Samantha Holt


10 Players That Scare Me

10 Players That Scare Me by Utter-Fantasy Football Writer & Illustrator Samantha Holt

There are very few things that terrify me. Anyone that knows me has seen my artwork (clown paintings, zombies, etc), listened to me discuss the differences between Jeffery Dahmer and John Wayne Gayce (both serial killers, different modus operandi #obviously), or experienced me jumping out at them wearing a mask (I’m such a good friend). So what does scares me? Drafting a player who has a high likelihood for a bust. What’s more alarming than a wasted draft pick? Nothing!

Below I’ll discuss 10 players I think have a good chance of being a bust this next season. I’m nervous too guys, but don’t worry… I’ll hold your hand through this.

1) TE SEA Jimmy Graham- According to a recent study ( as referenced by ESPN’s own Stephania Bell), patellar tendon injuries are the toughest to come back from. Players lose their explosiveness and that’s not only terrifying, but sadly disappointing. Combine that with the fact that he has had little to no chemistry with QB Russell Wilson. Needless to say there are plenty of other offensive options in Seattle, and plenty of other tight end options for me to draft.

2) WR Vincent Jackson- Unless my previous rant about Jackson wasn’t clear before. ( i.e 2016 Fantasy Players Difficult to Predict ) I’d rather not draft him, than wake up late Sunday morning to realize my nightmare of accidentally starting him came true. His performance from last year gives me little to no hope, for a “comeback” or “breakout” season this year. So far, Jackson has yet to train in minicamp, per an undisclosed “minor injury”. I know Evans will again receive the majority of targets this season. I am afraid that too many people may still see Jackson as a solid WR2 in Tampa. For me, he’s more likely a WR3. Stay away… far away!

3) RB MIA Jay Ajayi- Only played 9 games in 2015. Only had 187 rushing yards on only 49 carries. I am nervous about all the “onlys”. Based on the Dolphins off season moves, I’m starting to feel that the Dolphin’s coaching staff  also has a lack of confidence in Ajayi. They selected RB Kenyan Drake in the 3rd round of the 2016 Draft, and they were on a mission to sign a top RB. Now they’ve officially signed RB Arian Foster, who’s injury prone history doesn’t bring me much confidence in him either. Miami’s desperate attempts to sign top a running back, after drafting one, tells me that they might prefer to roll the dice with someone other than Ajayi… Scary.

4) RB WASH Matt Jones– Jones can be summed up as: a missed opportunity. He strolled out Week 2 with an impressive showing: 19 carries for 123 yards and 2 touchdowns. After that however his numbers dropped off significantly. Jones proved better in the passing game, than as a hard-nose rusher. With Alfred Morris moving on and the addition of 7th round rookie Keith Marshall, could Jones be the only hope in the backfield? I don’t know, but I am petrified to take  that risk.

5) WR PITT Markus Wheaton- I’m a Steelers fan and I find myself going back and forth on whether or not I think Wheaton will have potential for a breakout with Bryant suspended, or get lost with Sammie Coates & Ladarius Green coming in hot for targets. Big Ben Roethlisberger talked him up prior to 2015, but is that enough to roster a draft spot? I’m not sure. My own indecisiveness about him is what scares me most here.

6) RB TB Doug Martin- Martin finished 2015 as the #3 overall RB. So what’s there to be shivering about? Well, in 2015 Martin was in a contract year. Can you trust that he’ll be as motivated and devoted this year? I trust no one! Haha, no seriously, I don’t see how he can stay on top with numbers like that. Charles Sims was quietly the #21 running back in 2015, so he stands to be a “menacing threat” towards Martin’s value. If I’m drafting DM, it’s with caution and picking up Sims as a handcuff.

7) WR DET Golden Tate-  Honestly, he has never been a true #1 on any team. Tate also regressed last season, but with Calvin Johnson’s retirement, you’d expect Tate to make a strong case as WR1 in 2016. Tate has historically had sporadic strong showings but never been a consistent threat. Certainly nothing close enough to warrant a WR1 position. I would not take him high…and scared that I would be passing up on someone with higher potential for consistent numbers (ex: Eric Decker). I’d be slightly less scared to end up with him in a mid draft pick.

8) WR CHI Alshon Jeffrey-  Alshon only played 9 games last season while dealing with multiple injuries and setbacks. The off season is a time to see improvement in guys coming back from injury. However…he skipped OTAs (scared face). WR Kevin White, who has a frightening ton of talent will finally be playing. Unfortunately, QB Jay Cutler is horribly inconsistent. Currently at ADP #9, I do not think I will be drafting Jeffrey over Mike Evans, but I would over Amari Cooper, Brandon Marshall, and Brandon Cooks.

9) WR CHI Kevin White- White is basically still a rookie, having missed last season due to a shin injury, leaving him unproven. In practice it’s been noted by multiple sources that despite his athleticism, he’s had cronic trouble with drops. I’d be fearful to draft him too early, especially knowing that Cutler is throwing him the ball. Eek!

10) RB ATL- Devonta Freeman- Falcons running backs coach Bobby Turner told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he hopes to reduce Freeman’s carries while adding more to the offensive game plan for second-year running back Tevin Coleman. Blood-curdling news, because that can only mean the horrifying RBBC. Also spooky, Freeman was 9th last year with the most dropped passes.

Whew, that was intense. But we got through it. The unknown is what’s the most terrifying. Players coming back from injury, players on new teams, and incoming rookies all pose the possibility of throwing us off. Keep a watchful eye on the risky players in training camp and preseason. When drafting a risk, be sure to secure their back up as insurance. Draft with caution ladies and gentlemen… Beware….

Sam Holt

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Also by Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator Samantha Holt…”This is How We Dynasty Football”

and Fantasy Stock Drops From 2016 Draft by Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator Samantha Holt

2016 Fantasy Players Difficult to Predict

2016 Fantasy Players Difficult to Predict by Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator Samantha Holt

It’s time to take that leap of faith. You decide, he’s the guy for you. Is there the likelihood that he will completely let you down and break your heart? Yes! But the hopeless romantic in you takes the risk. What if he’s completely wonderful and surprises you week after week? You look at him and think, hey he’s got potential. He could be the one. So you take the plunge, and draft him.

OK maybe for you fantasy football is nothing like dating, but to me I see some similarities. Similar in the way that some of these players may end up being total disappointments. Don’t worry this article won’t be depressing. Then again, if some of you had a terrible season last year as a direct result from one of them, this might be a sore spot. So either get over it or if he seems sincere and apologizes for his previous mistakes, you may consider taking him back this year. It’s up to you.

The following are a list of 10 players who were difficult to predict last season and in some cases even harder to predict for the upcoming season. Let’s also pretend this list is random, because it’s just too difficult to rank 1-10.

Frank Gore – He’s a guy who on paper looks pretty darn good. He’s got opportunity and health on his side. However if you look at a chart of his points last season, it looks like the heart rate monitor of someone who’s been drinking red bull vodkas all night… Mess. Am I placing him in my RB1 spot? No… but if I’m picking him up, it’ll be as an RB 2 to someone with a far greater consistency rate. STEADY BOYFRIEND

Jamaal Charles – Ok guys, if he broke your heart last season don’t hold that against him, he wasn’t trying to get hurt. And if you didn’t handcuff this injury prone player that’s on you. Now if you handcuffed him with Knile Davis, I can empathize a little. As for this upcoming season, he is still a risk. Charles is clearly great when HEALTHY, but I’m nervous to take him as my first pick. If I do, I’m definitely picking up Charc-nado to handcuff. Or Ware.. Uhgg, madness. MY EX

Carlos Hyde – After a semi decent start it looked like Hyde was ready to go, but alas another injured RB. If I had to rank RBs right now, I would put him out of the top 15. He is the only 49er worth drafting and if he stays healthy, he could be great. Keep in mind he’s got a heavy workload with a tough schedule. SUMMER ROMANCE

Thomas Rawls – With Lynch’s retirement my first thought was Rawls is a must own. But with so many offensive options he could be on a short leash with Pete Carroll if he makes any mistakes. “Get back on the bench and keep Graham company!” STEADY BOYFRIEND

Rashad Jennings – The underwhelming starter had a measly 3 TDs this past season. He did have more rushing yards in 2015, than in seasons past, but that doesn’t win you games. And what’s the golden rule in fantasy? “You play to win the game!” thanks Herm Edwards. So don’t add Jennings, instead talk him up to the drunk guy at the draft to take him. BAD BLIND DATE

Vincent Jackson – I think Vincent Jackson hates me. Whenever I have played him, he’s been awful/ ineffective. Whenever I’ve benched him he’s had a big day. You sir, are frustrating. With the many options in Tampa, and one year older, it’s safe to say Jackson will be getting less targets this season. STOOD UP

Demaryius Thomas – Was and will remain unpredictable. This offense is dependent on who will be throwing the ball. I doubt Butt-Fumble will get the starting job, so preseason will be interesting who gets the job. Once that’s decided there’s still a bunch of available targets besides Thomas. So who knows….BOOTY CALL

Markus Wheaton – Mentioning him for two reasons; 1. With Bryant suspended he could be a legit WR2 in Pittsburgh, 2. I’m a Steelers fan, so yeah. Ben’s versatile and when he’s not passing to Brown, he’s creating volume in plays. Wheaton will be seeing targets, his floor is raised, and his ceiling?.. TBD…STEADY BOYFRIEND

Back field of San Diego – Yeah, just all of them. Melvin Gordon, a depressing bust last season, is coming back from a knee injury and will be eased back very slowly. Woodhead suffered an ankle injury in minicamp this week, was seen walking off the field, so hopefully nothing serious. Branden Oliver is coming back from a toe injury… Yeah not much confidence in this group. They also added Derek Watt, and though I’m biased because I’ve JJ in my IDP league, I’m sure anything Derek does has the potential to be awesome. CHEATER

Tyler Eifert – Some big games last season, amongst some sparse showings due to SO many targets in Cincinnati. What makes him most unpredictable is the time table for recovery from his ankle surgery. Estimated 3 months till he’s back to playing. However if I’ve learned anything from fantasy sports is never trust ankle injuries. Though the surgery is listed as “minimal”, anything that can weaken stability in the ankle is a bad sign. Plus they never rush a player back from that (and shouldn’t), because they can easily aggravate it. All that said, if he’s healthy in September, he’s a big-time playmaker. POSSIBLE HUSBAND MATERIAL

There you have it. I know there are many more unpredictables out there but I like to keep things simple. So draft at your own risk this season, and I’ll date at my own risk. Though with 4 leagues to manage and the Sunday Ticket, I’ll have no time for that nonsense.
Happy offseason to all!

Sam Holt

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Also by Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator Samantha Holt…”This is How We Dynasty Football”

and Fantasy Stock Drops From 2016 Draft by Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator Samantha Holt

Fantasy Stock Drops From 2016 Draft

Fantasy Stock Drops From 2016 Draft by Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator Samantha Holt

Push that afternoon meeting till tomorrow. Pass a beer, grab the chips. Plug in your headphones and log in. It’s Draft Day. Fantasy Fans all watch the draft in their own way. Some go all out, others wait for the highlights or 10 second delayed ESPN updates. How ever you watch, or don’t watch it, the Draft is an exciting night. For the players, dreams are made and crushed. For fantasy owners, it’s a whole list of shiny new players to mull and fight over. One of the most important parts of the draft, is figuring out who’s stock just dropped.

Top 10 Stock Drops:

(These are my Top 10, argue with me or make up your own mind….I don’t care. Training has barely begun and we’re nowhere near preseason yet. So calm down, these will all probably change.)

1.    Ezekiel Elliott vs Darren McFadden

This feels like the obvious one. Last season the RB position was in constant shift. I know this from picking up Dunbar off waivers, and getting one good week out of him before his season ending injury. By adding Elliott you could argue the possibility of a RB by committee situation here. If that were the case I’d say McFadden will fall to the RB2 slot and Elliott will rise to the #1 position. The key with Elliott here is his versatility. I see him running all over the place and plummeting McFadden’s numbers. My only complaint here is the midriff jersey… Stop it. Pretty sure Goodell will happily fine him if he tries to get away with that.

2.    Derrick Henry vs DeMarco Murray
Well he’s the Heisman Trophy winner and all around stud athlete. Did you see his combine tape? 6’2” 247 lbs, this guy is a beast. Though Murray will undoubtedly be named the “#1” for week 1, I can see Henry taking a chunk out of Murray’s goal line opportunities. As the season plays out it will not be shocking if he takes over as the number 1.

3.    Laquon Treadwell vs Stefon Diggs & Charles Johnson
Does this mean Teddy finally has himself a reliable WR? I think so. Diggs and Johnson will be competing with Treadwell for WR 1 and 2 positions. Treadwell came back strong in his junior year from a gruesome leg injury. At 6’2” 210 lbs, Treadwell is a physical and dynamic play maker with great ball security. I think we could be seeing some exciting stuff from this guy.

4.    Carson Wentz vs Sam Bradford
This is a situation where training camp will be really interesting. Though the Eagles have said Bradford is their guy, I could see him fighting for his job in the preseason. Time will tell on who officially has the starting job.

5.    Jordan Howard vs Jeremy Langford
Disciplined, fundamentally strong, a great pick up for the Bears. Though these two serve different roles, Langford was a drop-o-opotamus last season, and will need get a handle on that to keep from sliding this season (see what I did there? “hands” Haha adorable).

6.    Paxton Lynch vs Mark Sanchez
Sanchez has been a place holder on the bench for a long time, that’s not likely to change with the addition of Lynch. The question isn’t if Lynch will be starting QB, it’s when will they make the announcement. I’m guessing mid training camp.

7.    C.J. Prosise vs Thomas Rawls
With Lynch’s retirement and Rawls obvious great season, prior to his injury last year, I couldn’t see how his numbers could be significantly affected. Enter C.J. Prosise. He’s a great receiving back, incredibly versatile, and will be used in multiple ways in Seattle. He will definitely be a threat to Rawls, and will be looking to take over Rawls #1 slot.

8.    Corey Coleman vs ALL THE BROWNS WRs
He’s a major upgrade to the current WR talent for Cleveland. HOWEVER, he has RGIII as his QB. Personally I always like to be optimistic for a young(ish) player coming back from injury. Anyone see that Bruce Willis movie Unbreakable? That’s how I picture RGIII, Mr. Glass. If he can stay healthy, then there’s a good possibility to see some big numbers from Coleman. Hopefully the two of them gel during training camp, because damn this kid is fast and talented.

9.    Kenyan Drake vs Jay Ajayi
The depth for Miami at running back can best be described as lack luster. With this add they get a boost. Drake has the potential to see a good amount of work. This will make Ajayi’s numbers slide. Drastically? Maybe. But that could also be a factor if they sign a veteran running back. Arian Foster rumors and talks are still swirling. If this happens you will most certainly see a drop for Ajayi.

10.    Paul Perkins vs Rashad Jennings (and the rest of the NYG RBs)
With the Addition of Perkins we’ll see a big competition for the 1 and 2 slot. Jennings is getting on the older side and has a history of injuries. Should that be a factor this season you could see Perkins gaining a significant role. Camp will be interesting with Orleans Darkwa, Bobby Rainey, and Andre Williams all be competing with Perkins. Too many possibilities to consider this a big slide, but mentionable for stashing purposes.

Bonus: Jared Goff vs Case Keenum
Short and sweet: Keenum wasn’t fantasy relevant, but Goff will be. So this can kind of be considered a slide.
There you have it. I feel like May is too soon to “predict the future” regarding some of these rookies. Training Camp and Pre Season can be riddled with injuries, free agent signings and cuts. So I’ll look to revise this list in August. Until then, I’m going to keep watching rookie highlight reels because it’s fun and I miss football.

Sam Holt

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Also by Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator Samantha Holt…”This is How We Dynasty Football”

This is How We Dynasty Football

This is How We Dynasty Football by Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator Samantha Holt


Active in Fantasy Football for 6 years, received 1st Championship in 2015 Season. Token woman of the Sunday Funday League.


Six tables are set facing a large white board. Laptops are in place alongside binders filled with copious notes. The room is a buzz with chatter. Shifty glances are exchanged. Monitors with skype callers begin to light, it’s almost time. Owners move to their seats, last minute beers and drinks are made. It’s time, for the Rookie Draft, the first Owner is on the clock. He fields offers for his pick, bidding wars are waged, the decision is made, Amari Cooper is taken first overall in the 2015 Sunday Funday League Rookie Draft.

Sounds a bit intense? Well that’s because it is my friends, if you’re reading this you understand that Fantasy Football is not merely a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. I believe there is no better example of this than in my Dynasty League. That’s a pretty biased statement, but fuck it, it’s my opinion.

The Beginning

Our inaugural season began in 2013, and our Commissioner is the glue that brought us all together. All members had multiple years of experience prior to joining, no newbies, you needed to know your shit to be invited. It was important when this began that if you were to be an owner in this League, you needed to be an active owner. No Tacos in this league (but there are at least 2 Ruxin’s and a definitive Andre). We wanted our league to resemble what real owners deal with in managing a team. We are an Auction, 8 keeper, IDP league; with the ability to trade Free Agency Cash and Rookie Draft Picks. We have a cap for keeper salary going into our auction draft, and a Salary Cap to begin the season. We now also have an in season salary cap. Oh and each player drafted has a set contract you can keep them at their salary for before you have to extend their contract by increasing their salary. Does that sound like a lot? You still following me?

The Details

Each Season begins with our Annual League Rules Meeting that rolls into our Rookie Draft. The Rules Meeting starts out simply enough. This is where we vote on changing any current rules or adding new ones. Straight forward no bullshit, and you can’t say you weren’t aware of a change because we have a binder with a meeting agenda and Google drive documents of the Rules and Changes made during the meetings. To the Rookie Draft! It obviously takes place sometime after the NFL Draft, depending on coordinating the schedules of 12 Owners. There are 3 rounds in the Draft and each owner has a draft pick. Top 6 picks are picked at random amongst teams with worst records from the previous season. What makes the Draft more fun however is that we’re allowed to trade our picks. So goes the bidding war for those who ended up with multiple picks. Rookies are valuable because they’re drafted at set low salaries with 3 year contracts (ex: 1st Round: $5, 2nd Round: $3, 3rd Round $1).

Draft Day

Auction draft is held at a location decided on by the winner of the previous year. Last year it was held at the Palazzo in Las Vegas, in Lagasse’s Stadium. If you want to do a draft party in Vegas that’s the place to go. They have package deals where you can have a private suite with multiple TVs pool table and waiters that constantly and quickly bring drinks and great food. It was a sweet draft, needless to say we were all destroyed afterwards, worth it. We have a max of 8 keepers and their salaries combined must be $200 or less. Max Salary to start the season is $300. This may seem high, but keep in mind this fantasy football league is based on the idea that this is a marathon not a sprint. WE can make moves that will benefit over several years or make moves for the immediate. We each strategize our own ways but it’s a system designed to fit the Owner’s needs.


The number one thing we get the most positive feedback from is that fact that we hold an Awards Ceremony at the end of every season. Our Commissioner painstakingly puts together the Awards packet with nominees for each category and each owner submits their votes to the Commissioner for counting. He then has awards made with the category and winners names engraved. The ceremony itself has written monologues for the host, speeches for the presenters, songs written & recorded for the winning teams to walk up to, friends are invited to the exclusive guest list, and there are video interviews for the nominees of the “big award” of the night, Team of the Year. The answer to your next question is: Yes, we do have too much time on our hands and spend a lot of money on something that is purely for fun. Why? Because it’s fun and we’re awesome, what better reason do you need?! The ceremony is a red carpet affair. We literally bought our own red carpet and had a back drop made (with logos I designed) for photos with the photographer we hired for the event. *insert gif of Lil’ Jon throwing money here*

Dynasty Leagues are complicated. Ours is no exception. However, if we didn’t have this league set up the way we do, we wouldn’t be able to reap all the benefits that fantasy football has to offer. This has turned the game into a year round sport for us. So while some of you are patiently waiting for next season to get close enough to mock draft efficiently. I’m watching the Combine and reading player stats to prep for the rookie draft. #Boom.

Samantha Holt

Follow Sam’s 2016 quest for another Dynasty Fantasy Football championships on twitter @SamanthaRHolt