1st and 10 Week 24

1st and 10 Week 24 by Utter-Fantasy Football Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles

“1st and 10″ is a weekly segment by Utter-Fantasy.com, getting fantasy football insights from a knowledgeable person in the fantastic fantasy football community. With 10 questions each week, we will canvass some of the hot button topics to keep us all informed on the ever-changing NFL landscape and which ones might carry major fantasy football implications.

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1st and 10 Week 24-  August 29th, 2016

“1st and 10″ Week 24 -Special Guest Writer: Jonathan Bray…Co-Owner of Fantasyipa.com.

Special thanks to Jonathan – Be sure to follow him on Twitter @FIPA_Bray


Utter-Fantasy #1) The Cincinnati Bengals have made the playoffs 5 years in a row, but like last year (lost to Pittsburgh 18-16 in 1st round), they never go far. If the Bengals were in a different division, (let’s say they swap places with Buffalo in the AFC East), would they have gone to the playoffs 5 years in a row?

FantasyIPA’s Jonathan Bray: I believe they would.  I have always viewed the AFC Central as one of, if not THE toughest division in the NFL (excluding the Browns of course).  The Bengals record against non-divisional foes each of the last 3 years?  7-3, 7-2-1, 8-2, 7-3, 7-3.  That is a team that consistently wins, regardless of the competition.  As far as why they perpetually lose in the playoffs so quickly…. perhaps the season simply wears them down, or Andy Dalton truly has head games going on.  I’m not sure, but the odds are bound to turn in their favor eventually.  Right??


Utter-Fantasy #2) After watching the Houston Texans the past two preseason games, QB Brock Osweiler is developing real chemistry, not just with DeAndre Hopkins, but with rookie Will Fuller (4-of-8 targets for 73 yards and a touchdown in Saturday’s preseason game) and with rookie WR Braxton Miller as well. Based on this, could DeAndre Hopkins WR ADP (4) be too high now?

FantasyIPA’s Jonathan Bray: I do feel that Hopkins is being drafted a touch too high in 2016.  I of course like the big three along with everyone else (Antonio Brown, Julio and ODBJ) but I also have AJ Green and Dez above Hopkins for the upcoming season.  Therefore, still think of Hopkins as a first rounder, but more towards the end of the round based on a few factors:  (1) the aforementioned better WR talent around him which should reduce DeAndre’s ridiculous 192 target total from 2015, (2) Lamar Miller being a much better running option than the Alfred Blue/Jonathan Grimes combo for most of 2015 which could further reduce target volume, and finally (3) I believe Osweiler still has some growing pains to work through and the bell will eventually toll for Hopkins consistently receiving subpar QB play in Houston.


Utter-Fantasy #3) Does it concern you, and effect how you draft, when certain players have not played in the preseason, such as IND F Gore, QB Aaron Rodgers, MINN RB Adrian Peterson or PITT QB Roethlisberger to name a few?

FantasyIPA’s Jonathan Bray: Truthfully, I think it depends on the experience level of the individual and the nature of their situation, such as, are they coming back from injury like Jamal Charles or Thomas Rawls or Julian Edelman.   In those cases, I prefer to see them take a couple hits and show some burst in game action to ease my fears about drafting them at ADP.  By and large for the list of guys you mention here, I think these veterans know how to prepare their bodies and minds for the rigors of an NFL season, and timing is really the main thing being sacrificed by not participating in the preseason.


Utter-Fantasy #4) Based on their team’s roster of talent, which NFL team “should” have been more successful in the regular season over the past couple years, and how will they fare in 2016?

FantasyIPA’s Jonathan Bray: That is a really great question, and the team that resounds in my mind is the Miami Dolphins.  Whether it is the underwhelming development of Ryan Tannehill, the porous and disappointing defensive line, or simply the bad coaching of Joe Philbin and staff, a lot has been left on the table it feels in terms of wins and losses the past two seasons.  How a team goes a collective 14-18 in 2014/2015 while featuring such top 10-15 positional talents as RB Lamar Miller, WR Jarvis Landry, OL Mike Pouncy, DT Ndamukong Su, S Reshad Jones, DE Olivier Vernon, and LB Jelani Jenkins…. I’ll never know.  Let’s see if the Adam Gase era can help this franchise achieve it’s potential!


Utter-Fantasy #5) Does QB Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons have enough weapons to really compete in the NFC South, especially when you compare how many weapons QB Drew Brees has in New Orleans?

FantasyIPA’s Jonathan Bray: I think so, but I should probably disclaim that I am a Falcons fan (second only to the Cowboys).  That being said, I would take the combination of Julio Jones and Devonta Freeman over Brandin Cooks and Mark Ingram in terms of each QB’s primary weapons, and really the same could be said when compared to the Buccaneer and Panther talent as well.  Of course the depth of Brees’ teammates is pretty extensive with Willie Snead, Michael Thomas, Colby Fleener and CJ Spiller (if healthy and knowledgeable of the playbook in 2016 that is).  I believe for Atlanta to compete in the NFC South this season, they need to (1) have guys like Mohamed Sanu and Austin Hooper come in and contribute early in the season to take attention away from Julio, (2) see some development from Tevin Coleman in terms of his vision and ability to read blocks and (3) see the defense take another step forward in 2016 like they did in 2015 moving to the middle of the pack in most metrics.  I think the biggest thing hurting Atlanta right now is Matt Ryan himself, as he seems to have regressed in the past two seasons and I would now rate him #4 easily among the NFC QB group.


Utter-Fantasy #6) Can you name a few players that you have “flip-flopped” on in the past month (players who you thought would have a big season, and now you have reservations about, and vice versa)?

FantasyIPA’s Jonathan Bray: Certainly, I will give you two of each real quickly. In terms of positive flips, I would point to Dez Bryant first.  Coming off a very subpar season that saw him struggle with both injury and lack of focus, it concerned me immensely at the opening of camp when he was fighting teammates and dropping passes again.  However, he has shown up in full during his preseason action and all of this without Romo so I do not feel that the injury to Romo will much affect his fantasy outlook… Rookie Dak Prescott certainly looks the part 3 games in and has a nice rapport going with Dez.  A second positive flip flop would have to be RB Devonta Freeman.  He slowed down at the end of the 2015 season after an amazing first 9 weeks, and the assumption was that Tevin Coleman would likely gain more of the market share of the Falcon RB snaps in 2016.  However, after watching the two RBs thus far in the preseason, it is clear who the “much more developed runner/receiver is” in this offense and I no longer think Freeman comes off the field more than say 20% of the snaps this season. After outpacing all other NFL backs in PPR format by more than 50 points in 2015, I now have Freeman ranked as RB #3 going into the season.

On the negative side of the flip flop, I think I would point to Matt Forte and Kelvin Benjamin.  I loved the Forte move to the running back friendly Jet offense initially, but the closer we get to the season, the more I see a 50-50 split of the snaps with 5-year Jet vet Bilal Powell.  Similar to Forte, Powell is a well-rounded back with equal aplomb at running between the tackles as catching passes from the backfield.  Where Powell has advantages that I can no longer look past, are his familiarity with the offense combined with his health.   Forte has had trouble staying on the field this preseason and while a veteran that does not need a lot of reps, this is still a notably different offense than what he is familiar with from Chicago.  I now have Forte dropped to the #15 RB in my PPR ranks after being just inside the top 10 a few weeks ago. Kelvin Benjamin to me is the most grossly over-ranked WR out there this preseason.  Without digging in fully, I initially had Benjamin ranked where most others do, around WR25-WR30.  Upon further reflection however, I see the following in Benjamin: (1) still not quite 100% from ACL injury, (2) regressed as his rookie year wore on in 2014, (3) inefficient, volume dependent production as rookie, and (4) at risk to losing volume due to emergence of Teddy Ginn and Devin Funchess.  There are significant red flags when looked at collectively, for an early 4th round fantasy selection.  I’ll pass.


Utter-Fantasy #7) Please give me one or two bold predictions for the upcoming NFL season, that the fantasy football owners reading this will say “You have got to be kidding!”

FantasyIPA’s Jonathan Bray: This is a fun one, just don’t hold me to it if these don’t work out just right though!  Bold prediction #1 – Frank Gore ends up in the top 10 fantasy running backs in PPR format.  Bold prediction #2 – the Oakland Raiders will defeat both the New England Patriots and Denver Broncos on their way to a long awaited Super Bowl appearance… I deleted and retyped this one twice before leaving it here, haha.


Utter-Fantasy #8) A lot has happened since the 2016 NFL Draft, when the top 8 wide receivers selected went 1) Corey Coleman, 2) Will Fuller, 3) Josh Doctson, 4) Laquon Treadwell, 5) Sterling Shepard, 6) Michael Thomas, 7) Tyler Boyd and 8) Braxton Miller. Based on what you’ve seen so far, rank how you now see these 8 WRs ending the 2016 NFL season (barring any huge injuries).

FantasyIPA’s Jonathan Bray: Agree, a lot has in fact happened.  I would rank as follows now:  1) Corey Coleman, 2) Sterling Shepard, 3) Josh Doctson, 4) Michael Thomas, 5) Will Fuller, 6) Laquon Treadwell, 7) Tyler Boyd and 8) Braxton Miller.  The Treadwell lack of positive news is alarming in a run first offense at this stage, I believe he is 5th on the depth chart.  I love Boyd’s opportunity, but I think his talent is fairly marginal and will depend too much on volume to ever have big games.


Utter-Fantasy #9) In 2014, Blake Bortles was the #21 QB for the season. Unexpectedly, he ended 2015 as the #3 QB. In this pass-friendly NFL league, name a couple of quarterbacks you see that could jump into the top 5, they aren’t expected to, and who would they be pushing out?

FantasyIPA’s Jonathan Bray: For 2016, I could certainly see a Bortles type repeat for either Ryan Tannehill or Tyrod Taylor, who finished 16th and 17th in 2015 QB fantasy ranks.  I believe Tannehill can make that long awaited jump if the Adam Gase offense kicks in timely enough, as he may have one of the deeper sets of receiving talents in the NFL with Jarvis Landry, Devonte Parker, Kenny Stills and rookies Leonte Carroo and Jakeem Grant.  Tyrod Taylor is a wild card coming into his second season as a starter within a run first offense.  He will certainly get his own yards on the ground, and with the release of Karlos Williams, it would not surprise me if the Bills are forced to throw more in 2016 with very little on the depth chart behind starting running back LeSean McCoy.


Utter-Fantasy #10) What are your thoughts on PHIL RB Kenjon Barner, CLEV WR WR Terrelle Pryor, DAL QB Dak Prescott and SF TE Vance McDonald, who have all been stand outs in this preseason?

FantasyIPA’s Jonathan Bray: I think Barner is not as much of a fit in the new Philly offense under coordinator Frank Reich as he supposedly was in Chip Kelly’s offense.  So while he might be having a good preseason, I just don’t think he gets past Ryan Matthews or Darren Sproles on the depth chart this season without an injury taking place.

Pryor has shown great speed and ball tracking ability this preseason with a couple of the biggest plays across the league.  With a wide open WR depth chart behind Corey Coleman and Josh Gordon, I believe Pryor has an unmatched size-speed combo amongst the Cleveland receivers that coach Hugh Jackson would be wise to make use of regularly.

Sadly, as I type this, it is announced that Cowboy QB Tony Romo has a break in his back that will force him to miss the first half of the regular season.  Dak Prescott has suddenly played himself into a starting QB role just 4 months after being selected as the 8th QB off the board (4th round) in the NFL draft.  The fact he is getting a shot even before Jared Goff, Carson Wentz or Paxton Lynch is a complete shock to me but Prescott has shown a solid grasp of the offense from day 1, and remains calm under pressure while also showing that he can be a dual threat when the situation calls for it.  I do think he is likely to regress once he is hit hard a few times by 1st team rush ends, or he feels the need to press because the Cowboy defense shows little ability to keep opposing offenses out of the end zone regularly.  However, the future does look very bright for Dak!

Finally, Vance McDonald is certainly showing that he could win the valuable (fantasy wise) starting tight end job under Chip Kelly in San Francisco.  After coming on nicely in the second half of 2015, he demonstrated just how big, fast and elusive he is on his 40-yard touchdown play in the 49er’s first preseason game.  I am targeting McDonald as a backup tight end in many of my drafts this year as it would not completely surprise me to see him end up as a top 10 fantasy TE serving as one of few dependable receiving options for the subpar QBs in San Francisco.



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NFLExporter Extra Points Podcast

NFLExporter Extra Points Podcast by Utter-Fantasy Football Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles

I am of the belief, that if two heads are better than one, than a bunch of heads is way better! One of the best ways for fantasy football owners to ultimately decide on the players that they want to draft, is hear many opinions on NFL players, from several different sources. Podcasts are an excellent way to hear those different opinions, and many are available. Utter-Fantasy was asked to share one, that we participated in.

Please enjoy my conversation with Lance Goodman, the NFLExporter, as we discuss a few rookie wide receivers and some of the top running backs in the NFL. Utter-Fantasy appreciated the opportunity to talk fantasy football with the NFLExporter, and will hopefully do it again in the near future.

If fantasy football owners have any particular topics that you would be interested in hearing discussed, please send them to utterfantasyfootball@gmail.com or visit the NFLExporter’s website at http://www.nflexporter.com/

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NFL Preseason Week 2 Review 2016

NFL Preseason Week 2 Review 2016 by Utter-Fantasy Football Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles

Well my fellow fantasy football fanatics…If you missed any of the NFL Preseason Week 1 games, you are in luck. I did not. Here is a review of all the games, with the information you need to know about the action from Preseason Week 2, that Utter-Fantasy hopes you find useful and helpful.



OAK @ GB  (12-20)

• OAK QB D Carr played a couple series for Oakland- 9/13 and 1 INT
• OAK QB Matt McGloin started 2nd half with RB D Washington
• OAK RB L Murray started (6 for 19 yards)- RB T Jones followed Murray and was used on kick offs
• OAK WR M Crabtree started opposite WR A Cooper  with A Roberts
• OAK starters played the entire 1st half
• OAK defense blocked punt recovery in end zone for TD

• GB QB A Rodgers did not play – back up QB B Hundley started followed by Pre Week 1 starter QB Joe Callahan
• GB RB E Lacy started and went 9/ 45 yds and 1 TD run. RB J Starks came in on 2nd series
• GB RB J Crockett started 2nd half- nice 10 yd TD run in 3rd qtr
• GB WRs J Nelson and R Cobb did not play
• GB WRs Ty Montgomery and D Adams were in 1 st series
• GB WR J Abbrederis used on punt returns


CINN @ DET (30-14)

• CINN QB Dalton and WR AJ Green both started and played into 2nd qtr.
• CINN QB AJ McCarron came into game soon in 2nd qtr- started 2nd half
• CINN RB J Hill had a nice 10 yd TD run ( no ill-effects from Pre Week 1 index finger injury to his left hand )
• CINN RB Gio Bernard did not appear in CINN’s 1st series, but came in 2nd series
• CINN RB Burkhead was 3rd RB for the Bengals- RB Peerman came in 3rd qtr
• CINN WR rookie T Boyd had a TD reception in Pre Week 2 ( 12 yards)
• CINN WR LaFell did not play. WR B Tate was in with 1st series and handled a punt return
• CINN Derron Smith returned an interception 60 yards for a touchdown in the second quarter

• DET QB Matt Stafford started with RB Theo Riddick…RB A Abdullah did not play
• DET QB Orlovsky came in for Stafford in the 2nd qtr. QB Rudock ended the game
• DET RB Z Zenner came in during the 2nd qtr ( 4/ 4yards ) No preseason magic this year
• DET WRs starting were Golden Tate, Marvin Jones, A Bolden with TE M Mulligan
• DET WR Marvin Jones was targeted deep in 1st series
• DET TE Eric Ebron did not play
• DET WR A Roberts was used as a kickoff returner
• DET R Washington was featured in the 4th qtr and had a 5 yd TD run


PHIL @ PITT (17-0)

• PHIL QB S Bradford started 1st and 2nd series- 14/19 for 115
• PHIL QB Chase Daniels opened the second half, leading the Eagles on a 15-play, 87-yard touchdown drive
• PHIL RB Ryan Mathews started with QB Bradford- 5 carries for 18 yards
• PHIL RB Kenjon Barner played in 1st and 2nd half and scored a TD. He was also used in the return game- Likely 2nd RB to Mathews
• PHIL RB D Sproles came into game during 4th series
• HIL WRs starting were C Givens, J Huff, N Agholor
• PHIL TEs Z Ertz and B Celek both played in Preseason Week 2
• PHIL WR undrafted rookie WR Paul Turner played alot and is a “strong contender” to make the final roster

• PITT QB B Roethlisberger did not play – QB Landry Jones started and threw four INTs- 1st pass in 2nd series was picked by Philly and taken to the house ( TD)
• PITT RB Troussaint started- RB De Williams did not play
• PITT RB D Richardson came in on 2nd series of game for Steelers
• PITT WRs starting were D Heyward-Bey, Sammie Coates and Eric Rogers
• PITT WR D Heyward-Bey was targeted deep by QB Jones ( incomplete but flag)
• PITT WR S Coates- NFL.com predicts WR Wheaton (DNP) starts over Coates
• PITT TE Jesse James and 2 receptions for 7 yards


MINN @ SEA (18-11)

• MINN QB T Bridgewater was expected to play, but did not. QB Shaun Hill started – 10/17 and 129 yards- 0 TDs
• MINN RB A Peterson DNP. RB McKinnon started and had a 1 yd TD run in 2nd qtr
• MINN RB Matt Asiata came in late in 2nd qtr- 3 carries for 2 yards
• MINN WRs who stared were S Diggs, A Thielen, and C Patterson.
• MINN TEs K Rudolph and M Pruitt both played
• MINN RB C Ham came into game in 2nd half – Not quite as nice a week as he had in Pre Season Week 1
• MINN DEF M Sherels had a 53 yd INT/ TD in 4th qtr

• SEA QB R Wilson started and went 5/11 for only 77 yards. O-Line looks bad. 11-0 at halftime.
• SEA QB  T Boykin started 2nd half with RB A Collins
• SEA RB Thomas Rawls did not play
• SEA RB C Michael started and went 10/55 yards- RB T Pope had 4 yd TD run in 4th qtr
• SEA WR Doug Baldwin started with T Lockett and J Kearse. Lockett is still being  used on punt returns
• SEA TE Luke Willson played with starters. TE Jimmy Graham DNP
• SEA WRs Kenny Lawler and A Goodley saw action in 3rd and 4th qtrs


ATL @ CLEV (24-13)

• ATL QB M Ryan started and went 6/11 for 78 yards ( 0 TDs)…and has gone 6/ 15 in the preseason with 0 TD pases
• ATL RBs D Freeman and T Coleman rotated with starters. RB Freeman had a nice 19 yd TD run in the 1st qtr
• ATL QB M Schaub came in game in 2 qtr w/ RB B Wilds ( RB Wilds again looks like a great dynasty stash- 8/ 49 yards and TD run)
• ATL WR Julio Jones started opposite WR M Sanu and TE J Tamme
• ATL WR Justin Hardy started with 1st string in 3 WR sets and used in punt returns
• ATL WR Aldred Robinson came in 2nd qtr, along with TE A Hooper- ATL WR N Williams struggled in this game
• ATL QB Matt Simms hooked up with WR Devin Fuller in 4th qtr with a 10 yd TD pass to seal the win

• CLEV QB RG11 started with RB I Crowell. RG3 had a very good game going 6/8 for 96 yards and 2 TDs
• CLEV RB Duke Johnson had 3 carries for 6 yards with the starters- 2 receptions
• CLEV starting wide outs were T Pryor and T Gabriel with TE G Barnidge-  ( WRs C Coleman, A Hawkins and J Gordon DNP )
• CLEV WR Terrelle Pryor continues his strong preseason- 50 yard TD reception from QB RG3 in Preseason Week 2- sleeper wide out for 2016
• CLEV WR T Gabriel started but was held without a catch but used on punt return
• CLEV TE G Barnidge had a beautiful 29 yd TD reception in 2nd qtr from QB RG3


CHI @ NE (22-23)

• CHI QB J Cutler played 3 series, completing 8 of 12 passes for 83 yards (1 TD)
• CHI QB B Hoyer came in 2qtr- 1st pass was intercepted.  Hoyer started 2nd half with RB J Rodgers
• CHI RB Jeremy Langford had a nice game, rushing eight times for 55 yards and a TD
• CHI WR A Jeffrey had 1 reception – QB J Cutler’s 1st target
• CHI WR K White started w/ WR A Jeffrey and TE T Moeaki ( TE Z Miller DNP)
• CHI QB C Shaw played 4th and hit WR BJ Daniels for 22 yd TD pass
• CHI Chris Long played against his brother NE Kyle Long

• NE QB started J Garoppolo played entire 1st half in win. QB T Brady was not at the game again ( cut finger)
• NE RB L Blount started, and 2nd week in a row with a TD. 11/69 yards and 1 yard TD run. RB B Bolden fumbled ( Belichick doghouse?)
• NE RB James White was used in passing game, but had no carries
• NE O-Line looks good, which is great for QB Garoppolo and the running game
• NE WRs starting were C Hogan, A Dobson and TE M Bennett
• NE RB Tyler Gaffney was stuffed repeatedly on goaline by CHI DEF.
• NE CB Cyrus Jones was used on punt returns




MIA @ DAL (14-41)

• DAL QB Tony Romo led a touchdown drive in his preseason debut-4 of 5 for 49 yards- the Dallas offense had 300 yards at halftime.
• DAL rookie QB Dak Prescott had another strong outing and looking like a great draft selection by Dallas- Prescott has two touchdowns passes in each of the two preseason games
• DAL RB Alfred Morris started and looks better than he did in any game from 2015- nice 15 yd TD run in 1st qtr
• DAL WRs all starting were Dez Bryant, T Williams, and C Beasley w/ TE Witten
• DAL 2nd half starters were QB Prescott, RB A Morris with WR Brice Butler- Butler had 3 catches for 74 yards and 1 TD

• MIA QB R Tannehill ( Tannehill had two scoring tosses to Kenny Stills. )
• MIA QB Z Dysert started the 2nd half ( not QB M Moore)
• MIA starters with Tannehill were RB J Ajayi, WRs J Landry, Kenny Stills and TE J Cameron
• MIA RB J Ajayi has struggled thus preseason. He is not a running back I am targeting for my fantasy football teams
• MIA RB A Foster was used as a goal line back
• MIA 2nd/ 3rd teamers did not score


NYJ @ WASH (18-22)

• NYJ QB R Fitz started. 4/9 72 yards.
• NYJ QB G Smith was not impressive and may have slid down the depth chart to QB B Petty, who was impressive ( 16/26 for 242 yards and 2 TDs)
• NYJ RB  M Forte dressed but did not touch the ball- RB B Powell started a rushed 3 for 23 yards against the Redskins Friday night. He failed to haul in his only target
• NYJ WR Q Enunwa, star of Preseason Week 1, exited the 2nd preseason game with a concussion
• NYJ WRs B Marshall, E Decker with TEs K Davis and Amaro all started

• WASH QB K Cousin did not play.  QB C McCoy started and played entire 1st half
• WASH RB Matt Jones had 7 carries in the 1st qtr, and suffered a sprained shoulder
• WASH RB C Thompson also had carries in the 1st qtr
• WASH QB N Sudfeld started 2nd half with RB K Marshall
• WASH WRs D Jackson, P Garcon, R Grant and J Crowder were starters with QB McCoy and Washington now looks like a team with 4 wide outs all getting targets
• WASH TE V Davis was with the 1st team, but did not record a reception
• WASH WR R Ross saw plenty of action in the 1st half and hauled in a 39 yd TD from QB McCoy


ARI @ SD (3-19)

• ARI QB C Palmer in his one series- 4/8 for 37 yards and 1 INT
• ARI offense has struggled this preseason. SD had a 16-0 halftime lead, the Chargers (1-1) took advantage of two turnovers for 10 first-quarter points
• ARI QB Stanton entered the game for Arizona with 9 minutes left in 1st qtr- QB M Barkley started 2nd half
• ARI RB David Johnson had 3 carries for 5 yards- RB A Ellington came in mid-2nd qtr
• ARI RB Chris Johnson saw action in the 1st qtr on 3rd down
• ARI WRS L Fitz and John Brown did not play- starters were M Floyd, and Jaron Brown
• The ARI Cardinal 1st string offense has scored a total of 1 FG in 2 preseason games. ( Week 1- 1 FG…Week 2- 0 pts )

• SD QB P Rivers did not play. QB K Clemens started…11/20 for 134 yards – 0 TDs
• SD RB Melvin Gordon started and 6 carries for 18 yards
• SD RBs D Woodhead and B Oliver both saw action in the 1st & 2nd qtrs
• SD WRs starting were K Allen, T Benjamin and D Inman. WR T Benjamin was used on punt returns
• SD TE A Gates did not play. TE H Henry had 1 reception for 7 yards
• SD Chargers TE Jeff Cumberland suffered a torn Achilles’ in the second preseason game Friday night
• SD DEF Brandon Flowers intercepted an AREI QB  Palmer pass and returned it 25 yards for a touchdown.





TB @ JACK  (27-21)

• TB QB Jameis Winston started badly by going 0-6 on his first six passes, but rebounded against Jacksonville’s second-team defense
• TB RB Doug Martin did not play- RB Sims had 5 carries for 20 yards- RB Mike James saw action in 1st seris and had a 5 yd TD catch fro QB Glennon in 2nd qtr
• TB WRs starting were Mike Evans, V Jackson and TE A. Seferian-Jenkins
• TB QB Glennon came in at the end of 1st half along with RB P Barber
• TB WR Russell Shepard – top preseason Week 1 WR – 3/62 – 1TD- was held without a reception Preseason Week 2

• JACK QB Blake Bortles threw two touchdowns passes in three drives- Bortles completed 8 of 11 passes for 85 yards
• JACK RB Yeldon started again, followed by Chris Ivory in 1st series- Yeldon had 2 carries….Ivory 6 carries
•  JACK RB Yeldon had a 14 yd TD reception in the 1st qtr
• JACK WRs starting were A Robinson and Allen Hurns. WR Hurns had a 24 yd TD reception in the  2nd qtr
• JACK WRS J Strong and C Shorts played in 2nd half
• JACK DEF J Johnson had 79 yd. interception return for TD off of TB QB R Griffin


BALT @ IND (19-18)

• BALT QB Joe Flacco did not play. QB yan Mallett and Josh Johnson each threw TD passes and No. 4 quarterback Jerrod Johnson led Baltimore on a late drive for a field goal
• BALT RB J Forsett started and had 5 carries for 11 yards. RB Buck Allen also saew action in 1st qtr
• BALT RB T West came into game in 2nd qtr- 9 carries for 33 yards
• BALT WRs starting were K Aiken and M Wallace. WR Aiken had one TD catch for 14 yards. Wallace did not have a reception
• BALT TEs were Gillmore and B Watson

• IND QB Andrew Luck saw his 1st preseason action and was impressive in preseason loss
• IND QB Tolzien came to game with 12 minutes left in 1st half
• IND RB F Gore did not play- ( he action was in for 1 play)- RB R Turbin started
•  IND RB Yeldon had a 14 yd TD reception in the 1st qtr
• IND WRs starting were P Dorsett and D Moncrief- TY Hilton DNP
• IND WRS Q Bray was used on kick offs, WR C Rogers on punt returns


NO @ HOU (9-16)

• NO QB D Brees played 3 series – threw 1 INT – followed by QB L McCown
• NO RB Mark Ingram started. 7 carries for only 11 yards. So far, Ingram hasn’t found much running room. He was 7 carries for only 18 yards Pre Week 1
• NO WRs starting were B Coleman, M Thomas and T Lewis
• N.O. rookie WR Michael Thomas 1 catch for five yds in Preseason Week 2 ( Thomas’ 2nd target was intercepted, leading to a scolding by HC S Payton on the sideline ) Thomas’ #48 WR ADP is too high
• NO O-Line needs to improve fast or it’s going to be a long season for Brees

• HOU QB Brock Osweiler started and looked a lot better than he did in Pre Week 1. 12/ 19 for 124 yards and 1 TD.
• HOU QB T Savage was 2nd string QB ( with RB Hilliard and Grimes)
•  HOU RB Lamar Miller started again and was followed by RB K Hilliard
• HOU WRs starting were D Hopkins, W Fuller and Braxton Miller. All were targeted by QB Osweiler and Fuller got the TD pass.
• HOU WRS J Strong and C Shorts played in 2nd half
• HOU TE R Griffin was targeted in the endzone
• HOU DEF players Cushing and Watt did not play, but Clowney did


SF @ DEN (31-24)

• SF QB Blaine Gabbert started and went 6/9 for 69 yards.
• SF QB J Driskel followed Gabbert into game, and former MINN QB C Ponder finished the game- SF QB C Kaepernick again did not play
• SF RB Carlos Hyde started and had a 4 yd TD run in the 2nd qtr
• SF RB Mike Davis was 2nd RB in game for 49ers, and fumbled to start 2nd half
• SF WRs starting were J Simpson, Q Patton and Torrey Smith. WR T Smith has played 2 preseason games and has yet to catch a pass
• SF TE Vance McDonald looked great again and is the 49er fantasy player to own besides RB Carlos Hyde

• DEN QB T Siemian started – 10/14 and 1 INT, followed by M Sanchez, then P Lynch. All 3 had some good moments, but none shined.
• DEN QB M Sanchez had 2 costly fumbles, which likely dropped him to 3rd QB on depth chart
• DEN RB C J Anderson (6/30 yds and 1 TD) started, but this week, rookie RB D Booker was 2nd running back- RB R Hillman 3rd
• DEN RB C J Anderson 19 yd TD run came in the 1st qtr
• DEN WR Dem Thomas started, along with E Sanders, but WRs J Norwood, Cody Latimer and TE Virgil Green all saw action with starters. A lot of mouths to feed in Denver
• DEN RB Bibbs saw action in 3rd qtr and used on kick off returns
• DEN WR Kalif Raymond was used on punt returns


KC @ LAR (20-21)

• KC QB Alex Smith was 9 of 12 for 137 yards and one touchdown, leading the Chiefs to 17 points on 4 possessions
• KC QB Nick Foles was 2nd quarterback into game- improved over Pre Week 1.
• KC RB J Charles did not play – RB Spencer Ware started (10/ 37 yds and 1 TD)- Ware also had a TD run in Pre Week 1
• KC WRS J Maclin, Chris Conley, and Albert Wilson started in 1st series 3 WR sets
• KC WR Maclin had a TD reception for 2nd straight Preseason game, but was ejected from game at the end of 2nd qtr for fighting
• KC TE T Kelce play this game, as did TE Harris
• KC RB K Davis and WR T Hill were used as a kick returners
• KC DEF.. Eric Berry, Tamba Hali and Justin Houston did not play

• LAR QB Case Keenum started with RB Todd Gurley- QB Goff followed Keenum and Goff started 2nd half
• LAR RB Gurley had 4 carries for 20 yards and a 3 yd TD run
• LAR RB Benny Cunningham was 2nd RB in the game for the Rams, and is now 2nd behind Gurley- RB Malcolm Brown is the #3 RB
• LAR RB Malcolm Brown started the 2nd half and had a TD pass from QB Goff
• LAR starting wide outs were K Britt,  Pharoh Cooper and T Austin with TE Kendricks
• LAR WR Pharoh Cooper was used as the 1st kick off returner and caught an 11 yd TD pass from QB Keenum
• LAR CB Joiner was ejected for fighting w/ KC WR Maclin


CAR @ TENN (26-16)

• CAR QB Cam Newton started and his 1st three targets were to WR K Benjamin- Cam was 8/12 before leaving midway in 2nd period. He led a 93-yard drive that included Ted Ginn Jr.’s 61-yard touchdown reception
• CAR RB Jon Stewart saw his first action of the preseason-3 carries for 10 yds
• CAR QB D Anderson came in mid-2nd qtr with RB C Artis-Payne- QB J Webb finished the game
• CAR WRs K Benjamin, D Funchess and T Ginn all started
• CAR TE G Olsen did not play
• CAR WR D Bryd was used on punt returns. RB F Whitaker used on kick off
• CAR WR Philly Brown saw some action in the 1st qtr

• TENN QB M Mariota started and is 14 of 15 through two preseason games but was intercepted in his 1st series
• TENN QB Matt Cassel followed Mariota into game
• TENN RB De Murray and D Henry started together again and rotated in 1st series, although Murray started
• TENN WR rookie Tajae Sharpe stole the show again for the Titans wide receivers in preseason Week 2- QB Mariota loves throwing to him ( 6/68 yards)
• TENN offense was held to 49 yards total in 1st qtr
• TENN WR Harry Douglas caught a nice 23 yd TD pass from QM mariota, but this was set up by targets to WR T Sharpe
TENN WR T McBride and RB McCluster were used on kick offs. RB McCluster saw no other action
• TENN WR Andre Johnson was in with starters but had no receptions


NYG @ BUFF (0-21)

• NYG QB Eli Manning did not play
• NYG QB R Nassib played entire 1st half and started 2nd half (7/15 – 0 TDs – 2 INTS)
• NYG RB R Jennings had a nice 3 yd TD run in 1st qtr
• NYG had 8 running backs with carries preseason Week 1 ( is Tom Coughlin still the head coach???)
• NYG WR rookie S Shepard started opposite WR OBJ and was targeted often deep and in the endzone
• NYG TEs W Tye and L Donnell both stared and were featured in 2 TE sets
• Preseason Week 2- NYG @ BUFF ( 0- 21) Giants scored zero points. Most notable- NYG O-Line is atrocious

• BUFF QB Tyrod Taylor started with RB L McCoy
• BUFF QB EJ Manuel played rest of 1st half- with RB Boom Herron
• BUFF RB McCoy had a 13 yd TD reception from QB Taylor in 2nd qtr- McCoy had little success in running game- better in passing game
• BUFF RB Reggie Bush used on punt returns
• BUFF WRS Greg Little targeted often by QB Manuel- 19 yd TD in 2nd qtr
• BUFF WR Sammy Watkins did not play
• BUFF QB Cardale Jones started 2nd half
• BUFF TE C Clay had one deep pass for 59 yards


If you missed any game from Preseason Week 1, here’s what you need to know…NFL Preseason Week 1 Review


1st and 10 Week 23

1st and 10 Week 23 by Utter-Fantasy Football Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles

“1st and 10″ is a weekly segment by Utter-Fantasy.com, getting fantasy football insights from a knowledgeable person in the fantastic fantasy football community. With 10 questions each week, we will canvass some of the hot button topics to keep us all informed on the ever-changing NFL landscape and which ones might carry major fantasy football implications.

Every Monday, at approximately 12:00 Noon Central, I will post the latest segment of “1st & 10.”  If you enjoy it, let us know. If you have any fantasy football questions, really let us know.


1st and 10 Week 23-  August 22th, 2016

“1st and 10″ Week 23 – Special Guest Writer- Mike Randle/ Fantasy Football Writer for LWOS

Be sure to follow Mike on Twitter @FtsyWarriorMike

and for a great read, check out Mike’s “50 Shades of Fantasy Football” column on FanSided.com


Utter-Fantasy #1)  Should it be a concern for any NFL team to go 0-4 in the preseason?

LWOS Mike Randle:   Not at all.  However, there is also a big misnomer that the preseason simply doesn’t matter.  It does matter, just not in wins and losses.  Look at the Colts.  They refused to play Luck because of how serious Rex Ryan takes the preseason.  The decisions are not based solely on football success.  Of course all teams want to get at least one win in the preseason, but there are many cases of teams that had double digit wins in the regular season, after going winless in the preseason.  Just to use the Colts as an example, they did it twice (2005 and 2010).  The preseason is a great time to identify fantasy sleepers, like Arian Foster in 2010, but I don’t downgrade a team because of a winless preseason.


Utter-Fantasy #2) Who were some of the players that stood out to you in Preseason Week 1? Any unexpected sleepers? ( for example, Tampa Bay’s WR Russell Shepard looked very interesting…3/62 yards and 1 TD. The Bucs may have finally found a #3 WR.)

LWOS Mike Randle: Rookie wide receiver Michael Thomas of the Saints looked tremendous.  He looks ready to step right into that Marques Colston slot role.  I was particularly encouraged by Chargers running back Melvin Gordon.  He’s currently going in Round 6 of drafts, and has top 10 running back upside.  The Jaelen Strong-Will Fuller battle is fun to watch, and I’m leaning towards Strong after his 4 catches for 42 yard performance against San Francisco.  My big unexpected sleeper is Giants running back Andre Williams.  I was a huge fan of Williams coming out of Boston College, he has the size and quickness to be a successful NFL player.  All the noise coming out of New York is about rookie Paul Perkins and last year’s starter Rashad Jennings.  If Williams continues to hit the holes like he did against Miami, he could very well be the goal line running back in a high powered offense.   Fantasy owners assume that Perkins will be the handcuff to Jennings, I wouldn’t be so sure.


Utter-Fantasy #3)  TB Doug Martin was in a contract year in 2015, and ended as the #3 RB last year. He got his new contract, so would a down year for Martin be totally unexpected?

LWOS Mike Randle: Doug Martin is a tough one to figure out.  Second in the NFL in rushing last year, but I just can’t buy into a repeat performance.  My first concern is his 57.1% Snap Share.  That means he was only on the field for 57.1% of the plays that he could have been.  Part of my concern with Martin is my belief in Charles Sims, whose Snap Share of 38.8% is going to rise.  Sims’ 51 receptions ranked 7th among running backs last year, and if Martin slips even a little bit, Sims will be there to jump right in.  I still think Martin will have over 1000 rushing yards, but a down year wouldn’t be totally unexpected.


Utter-Fantasy #4)  Along those same lines…..HOU QB Brock Osweiler had questionable and inaccurate play in Preseason Week one, and with WRs J Strong, W Fuller and Braxton Miller all vulturing targets, could WR DeAndre Hopkins be a bust in 2016, at least in regards to where he is currently being selected in Round One of most drafts?

LWOS Mike Randle: I saw enough positive things out of Brock Osweiler last year to not be concerned.  It was a bad game for sure, but he can’t be worse than what Hopkins had last year at the quarterback position.  The vulturing targets argument has a flip side:  they take away coverage from Hopkins as well.  He has such athletic ability and is a massive red zone target (second in NFL in wide receiver red zone targets with 15).  His floor is a top ten wide receiver.  May underproduce to the tune of an early first round pick, but if you can get him late first/early second round, he will match value.


Utter-Fantasy #5) Would it say more about former Philadelphia head coach Chip Kelly or more about new Philadelphia head coach Doug Peterson…if the Eagles went far in the playoffs in 2016?

LWOS Mike Randle: It would say a ton more about HC Doug Peterson.  This Eagles team does not look good at all.  The defense was terrible last year (30th in the NFL in yards allowed) and Sam Bradford was a huge disappointment after a good preseason.  The book is still very much out on Chip Kelly.  Is he really just Steve Spurrier in disguise?  High powered offense that isn’t sustainable in the NFL?  With mediocre quarterback play, an injury-plagued Ryan Mathews and a lack of explosive receiving targets, Peterson has a tough task.  If the Eagles even made the playoffs, I’d be shocked.  But if they go far in the playoffs…Peterson should get an immediate long-term deal.


Utter-Fantasy #6) Three new rule changes in the NFL for 2016. 1) 2 personal fouls and player is immediately ejected from game 2) Ball placed on 25 with kickoff touchback 3) Horse collar rule include player’s name plate when pulled to the ground. Any objections/concerns/opinions for you personally, with any of these three new rule changes?

LWOS Mike Randle: The personal foul one should just be called the OBJ/Normal rule.  It was necessary and I’m glad it’s in place.  Tom Coughlin got way too much criticism for not pulling Odell Beckham out of the game.  It was an intense matchup, but nothing we didn’t see in the 1980’s all the time.  That should be on the officials, not the coach.  The kickoff one is tricky.  I know the kickoff return is a dangerous play, but I’m not sure if the 25 yard line is enough to deter teams from trying.  Either ban the kickoff entirely or let it go at the 20 yard line.  Five yards isn’t going to make a big difference.  I’m fine with the horse collar rule.  Players need to have more protection above the shoulders and if a player can grab the back of the collar, he can grab the feet just as easily.  That is a good rule change.


Utter-Fantasy #7) In 2015, CAR WR Ted Ginn Jr stepped up in a big way for the Panthers and ended the season as the #18 wide out with 958 total yards and 11 TDs. WRs D Funchess and K Benjamin are healthy along with star TE Greg Olsen, but is Ginn necessarily undraftable now? ( He was targeted by QB C Newton in Preseason Week 1, but in a 12 team- 15 round mock draft I recently viewed, he went undrafted while unlikely fantasy candidates Victor Cruz and SF Bruce Ellington were drafted.)

LWOS Mike Randle: Great question.  I was thinking about Ginn just yesterday.  Is he undervalued?  When’s the last time a guy with 11 touchdowns was going undrafted the following year? Ginn had 10 catches of 20 yards or greater, and five catches of 40 yards or greater.  I don’t see Benjamin or Funchess cutting into those deep balls plays. My bigger concern is I see a regression coming on QB Cam Newton.  He outperformed his previous touchdown high by ten (35 total TDs in rookie season), and the previous year’s total by 22!  After a huge overachieving season, Newton comes back to earth a bit in 2016.

No way Ginn has the same amount of touchdowns as last year, and he’ll always be “feast or famine.”  But I do think that there’s value in having him on your bench for the right matchup, or if Benjamin or Funchess gets hurt.

( Preseason Week 2- 1 catch for 61 yards- TD )


Utter-Fantasy #8)   I predict that the Kansas City Chiefs will win the AFC West in 2016. Who do you think will win that division, and will they go far in the playoffs?

LWOS Mike Randle: It is such a fun division, and this year the battle will be closer than ever.  A record of 10-6 wins this division.  In short here are my team thoughts:

Denver Broncos:  Will not win the division again.  Quarterback play is shaky, and Wade Phillips has a shaky track record in defensive success during year two of his tenure.  In Philadelphia, Atlanta and Denver on his previous stint, there has been a serious regression during this second year.  I like C.J. Anderson, provided he plays the entire season. These factors add up to the Broncos not winning this division.

Kansas City Chiefs:  Highest floor of any AFC West team.  Running game is best in the league.  Jamaal Charles has the highest yards per carry of any running back in NFL history at 5.5 ypc.  Charcandrick West had a nice year in 2015, and Spencer Ware is having a great preseason.  Andy Reid is a great coach.  When Justin Houston comes back, I agree, this is the team to beat.

San Diego Chargers:  Should be much better than 4-12 finish last season.  Offensive Coordinator Ken Whisenhunt is back in San Diego.  The last time he guided the Chargers offense, quarterback Philip Rivers had his best season. I can’t see the defense improving to the point where they would challenge for the division title, but their offense will be explosive.

Oakland Raiders:  The hardest team to figure out in the division.  The offensive line and defense is absolutely good enough, and the Raiders have offensive playmakers at all skill positions.  They key is quarterback Derek Carr and running back Latavius Murray.  If they have big season, I think the Raiders actually win the AFC West.

Regardless I think the winner of this division can definitely make the AFC title game. The Broncos showed the way last season.


Utter-Fantasy #9) The Detroit Lions had the worst yards average per run attempt in 2015. With Jim Caldwell still the head coach, I as a Lions fan, I do not see this changing…so why do other fantasy football owners? ( RB Ameer Abdullah is being drafted before CLEV Isaiah Crowell, Rashard Jennings and MIA Jay Ajayi. )

LWOS Mike Randle: The Lions running game this year will be improved, but it’s the worst fantasy football backfield in the NFL.  I love Ameer Abdullah, his Burst Score and Agility Score are both 98th percentile on PlayerProfiler.com.  That puts him in the upper 2% of running backs.  But why is their best running back still returning kicks?  Abdullah is not the goal line running back, that appears to be Zach Zenner.  Then there’s Steven Ridley; who’s impossible to figure out.  The most versatile running back on this team is Theo Riddick.  His role is the most defined and was second among running backs in receptions (80) and receiving yards (697 yards).  The only player you mentioned above that I would draft ahead of Abdullah is Jay Ajayi.


Utter-Fantasy #10)  I have a few drafts already in the books, and unless I can get some rescheduled…..I may be in 4 back-to-back drafts coming up on Saturday Sept 3rd. Do you have a lot of drafts coming up as well and have you had any crazy packed draft days in the past?

LWOS Mike Randle: Mine are pretty spaced out.  I try to plan that so I have time to write articles.  I like to have three spaced out over a weeks time.  I find that each time my plan is easier to execute.  Its so important to get a feel of where players are going so that you know who you can wait on.


Next Week’s Guest….FantasyIPA’s Jonathan Bray


1st AND 10 Week 15 with Eric dewalt
1st AND 10 Week 14 With Jamie Black

Ranking NFL RB Handcuffs

Ranking NFL RB Handcuffs by Utter-Fantasy Football Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles

I think it is important for fantasy football owners to differentiate between NFL team’s with a #2, #3 and a #4 running back on the depth chart, and an NFL team with a running back “handcuff”.  A true “handcuff” is a guy I would want if the #1 running back unfortunately was injured, and the back up who would be called upon to take over #1 RB duties.

An example of an NFL team with simply a #2, #3 and a #4 running back on the depth chart, and not necessarily an RB  “handcuff” is San Diego. We know that RB Melvin Gordon is the #1 running back for the Chargers, but what if he suffered an injury and was out for the season? RB Danny Woodhead is 2nd on the depth chart, but Woodhead is not a 3 down back. If Gordon went down, I believe we would see a RBBC approach using RBs Danny Woodhead, Branden Oliver, and Kenneth Farrow ( and perhaps more)…so there is no true “handcuff” in San Diego, just a depth chart of running backs.

An example of an NFL team with a true “handcuff” is New Orleans. RB Mark Ingram is the work horse for the Saints, but when he was injured in Week 12 of 2015, RB Tim Hightower was brought in and put up #1 RB numbers for the rest if the season. The Saints resigned Hightower as the player to step in again, if anything happens to Ingram.

I have listed the teams which have a true “handcuff” in the running back position and I have ranked them in order of the handcuff I would prefer to own, ( for reasons other than insurance for a running back that I have already drafted.) The factors involved in deciding this ranking are as follows….

A) The durability of the current #1 running back on the team. ( My 2nd least favorite “handcuff” is MINN RB Jerick McKinnon, because of RB Adrian Peterson’s likelihood of playing 16 games in 2016.

B) The team’s ability to score points on offense. ( Arizona scored the most points in 2015, and San Francisco was 2nd to last, so it behooves fantasy football owners to draft players on team’s with strong offenses.)

C) The NFL team’s dedication to running the ball in their offense, and who are good at it. ( DEN HC Gary Kubiak has always designed his offense to feature the run and is successful at it.)

D) Confidence in the “handcuff” running back to handle the duties of the #1 RB. ( Green Bay is confident that RB James Starks can handle the duties of the #1 RB, and so am I.)

Onto Ranking NFL RB Handcuffs-

#1- GB RB James Starks

#2- KC RB Charcandrick West

#3- NO RB Tim Hightower

#4- ARI RB Chris Johnson

#5- NYJ RB Bilal Powell

#6- ATL RB Tevin Coleman

#7- CLEV RB Duke Johnson

#8- TENN RB Derrick Henry

#9- JACK RB T.J. Yeldon

#10- DEN RB Devontae Booker

#11- PHIL Kenjon Barner ( has passed rookie Wendell Smallwood )
#12- HOU RB Alfred Blue

#13- OAK DeAndre Washington

#14- MINN Jerick McKinnon

#15- CHI RB Jordan Howard

If a player or team isn’t ranked here, then there isn’t a true handcuff running back who would be called upon to take over #1 RB duties, and the team likely will have a RBBC approach.

1st and 10 Week 22

1st and 10 Week 22 by Utter-Fantasy Football Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles

“1st and 10″ is a weekly segment by Utter-Fantasy.com, getting fantasy football insights from a knowledgeable person in the fantastic fantasy football community. With 10 questions each week, we will canvass some of the hot button topics to keep us all informed on the ever-changing NFL landscape and which ones might carry major fantasy football implications.

Every Monday, at approximately 12:00 Noon Central, I will post the latest segment of “1st & 10.”  If you enjoy it, let us know. If you have any fantasy football questions, really let us know.


1st and 10 Week 22-  August 15th, 2016

“1st and 10″ Week 22 – Special Guest Writer- the 1 & only…..FFcouchcoach

Be sure to follow The FFcouchcoach on Twitter @FFcouchcoach

and visit FFcouchcoach.com often!


Utter-Fantasy #1)  WASH TE Jordan Reed is currently ranked higher in ADPs than is CAR TE Greg Olsen. NE WR Julian Edleman is currently ranked higher in ADPs than are WRs Golden Tate, Doug Baldwin and Larry Fizgerald. The reason I write about TE Reed and WR Edleman is because both are often injured and are unable to play a full 16 game season. Are fantasy football owners putting too little importance on a player’s durability? ( Reed is being ranked above TE G Olsen, who hasn’t missed a game since 2011)

FFcouchcoach:   I love Jordan Reed.  I own him myself in one league… but I traded for him.  In a startup draft, I will more-than-likely never own Reed because of how high his ADP is.  I don’t believe in drafting a TE early because the TE pool is so rich.  Obviously, there’s a drop off in tiers… but it’s more dedicated to hoarding WRs early in drafts.

Out of the 4 WRs mentioned above, the guy I’m drafting – in redraft or dynasty drafts – is Golden Tate.  He’s the man in Detroit, and I think he is going to have one hell of a season.  After that, it really depends on the type of league.  Redraft, I’m taking Larry Fitzgerald next, followed by Baldwin, then Edelman.  In dynasty, I’d go with Baldwin next, then Edelman… then Fitz.

“Injury-prone” is a term thrown around too loosely in fantasy football.  It’s something guys say as filler while they’re speaking. While a player’s injury history should be a factor to consider, I don’t allow it to become my decision-maker.  I’m more concerned with things like ADP value… and situation.  As I stated, I wouldn’t draft Jordan Reed – but it has nothing to do with his injury proneness… it’s because he’s being taken too high in drafts for my liking.  At the same time, I also would not draft Julian Edelman… but it’s only partially because of his age & injuries.  My reason for preferring someone else over him is because he will be without Tom Brady for 4 weeks to open up the 2016 season. Compound that with his injury issues, and I’m staying away.


Utter-Fantasy #2) Are you in agreement with so many in the fantasy football community, that SF running back Carlos Hyde is “an amazing fit” for the Chip Kelly system?

FFcouchcoach: I’ll begin by disclosing that I am an Eagles fan.  I was one of the bozos chanting “In Chip We Trust” when he came riding in on his Super-Fast-Paced-Offense Stead.  Needless to say… I have a bit of a sour taste left in my mouth.  That being said; the Chip Kelly offense does produce very nice fantasy football running backs.  It’s all about that volume, and the 49ers will be running lots of plays under Chip.  As a result, Carlos Hyde will be fed.  Another 49ers RB to consider later in drafts is Shaun Draughn.  He’s a very nice PPR back, and you can stash him on the back end of your bench for cheap. I wrote more about Shaun Draughn here.


Utter-Fantasy #3)  NE TE Rob Gronkowski is the clear #1 tight end in the NFL, and the drop off from #1 to #2 is the biggest gap at any position. Which position has the 2nd biggest drop off and who are the 2 players involved in your decision?

FFcouchcoach:  The WR position in fantasy is extremely deep… and I’d say the transition from tier to tier is the most gradual, making the drop-off not so drastic.  When looking at it, I’d say the next dramatic drop is at the RB position.  When you take a look at the Team FFCC Consensus Dynasty RB Rankings, you’ll see what I mean.  The top 6 RBs are: Gurley, Elliot, Johnson, Bell, Miller, Ingram.  After that, you have Yeldon, Freeman, Hyde, Gio.  The drop off in talent – and in offensive role – is pretty clear.


Utter-Fantasy #4)  The running back situation for the New England Patriots may be the most unpredictable for fantasy football owners on draft day. Take a stab at this backfield and tell me how you think 2016 will shake out between the current roster of Dion Lewis, LeGarrette Blount, James White, Brandon Bolden and Donald Brown.

FFcouchcoach: I really like Dion Lewis, and I think the Patriots do too.  I can remember watching a game last season where Dion Lewis fumbled twice… and we still saw him play!  That, in my opinion, was huge because similar past instances have shown us that a fumbling RB on a Bill Belichick offense does not step foot onto the field.  Lewis is a nice PPR back, and showed he’s got what it takes to run with the big dogs before suffering a season-ending injury in 2015.  Blount is an OK buy later in drafts.  He is nothing to get excited about, but he’s affordable in drafts, and can be a decent plug-and-play in a pinch.  The problem is; his use is so sporadic, it’s more frustrating to own him than it’s worth.  A guy in New England I really like that no one is really talking about is Tyler Gaffney.  Keep an eye on this kid – and check out his profile on PlayerProfile.  Wowza!


Utter-Fantasy #5) Pittsburgh has a bye in Week 8. Even though RB LeVeon Bell now has a maximum of playing in 12 games. who are some of the upper echelon running backs that you still rank below Bell?

FFcouchcoach: The most notable guys I have ranked below him are Gio Bernard and T.J. Yeldon.  It’s not because I wouldn’t want to own these 2 – it’s just that Le’Veon Bell is just that damn good (when playing).  That being said… I am avoiding Bell.  This is one of those instances where calling someone injury prone is acceptable, and that’s not even the reason I’m avoiding him.  I’m avoiding him because he is a knucklehead who can’t keep his head on straight.  He’s a rule-breaker, and that could result in a wasted early 1st round selection.  I prefer to stay away from the trouble maker players.  It’s like buying a house in a bad neighborhood, then sinking a ton of money into it in hopes that you can turn around and sell it for a profit.  You will never recover that value… because of outside factors, not because of the house.  It’s an amazing house with all the bells & whistles… but it doesn’t change the fact that you can get robbed at any time.  Bell could be suspended at any time.  Amazing talent… not worth the investment he’ll cost you.


Utter-Fantasy #6) Would the Hall of Fame game fiasco been avoided if Goodell had not been the NFL commissioner? (cancelled on August 7th)

FFcouchcoach: If I were the commish, I would be out there with my shirt off… sloshing a grading rake back & forth yelling “This game is happening, people!!”

Perhaps ole Roger needs to try harder?  Haha, kidding!  I was pretty surprised when the cancellation happened – but I just kinda went on about my business.  Definitely weird… just not sure if it rests squarely on the commish’s shoulders.


Utter-Fantasy #7) Green Bay and Philadelphia both have a “Bye” week as soon as Week 4 of the NFL regular season. This will mean that they will have to play 13 games in a row after their bye. Is this an advantage, a disadvantage or irrelevant for these two teams?

FFcouchcoach: I don’t think it’s going to matter for the Eagles.  Either way, this team is expected to be pretty bad in 2016.  The Packers are ranked at 32nd (dead last) for Strength of Schedule, and I’d think a Week 4 BYE would have something to do with that.  The Green Bay offense was almost unrecognizable in 2015, and that was largely due to the fact that they lost WR Jordy Nelson for the season – before the season even began.  I’d imagine it’s safe to say that playing 13 straight games makes it harder to remain healthy all season long.


Utter-Fantasy #8)  In 2015, I recommended that fantasy football owners avoid RB Darren McFadden like the Bubonic Plague 0f 1347. Thanks to the best O-Line in the NFL, McFadden ended 2015 as the #13 running back in the NFL, and made my recommendation a very bad one. Who in 2015 ( or in previous years) have you missed on with an “avoid” recommendation?

FFcouchcoach: Before the 2015 season began, I can remember making fun of a friend of mine for hanging on to Michael Crabtree – saying that I wouldn’t give him a can of beans for him in a trade.  This was when Crabtree was still on the 49ers.  It appeared as though Crabtree was a fantasy stinker… a let-down.  Crabtree signed on with the Raiders, and he became a valuable asset.  It happens!  Womp womp…


Utter-Fantasy #9) The curse of the Madden is well known, and of the past Fantasy Football Index magazine covers ( QB A Luck, QB P Manning, RB Adrian Peterson, TE Gronk. and RB Arian Foster ) only Manning has not had a disappointing season. My question to you is….do you believe in a jinx?

FFcouchcoach: Naa, I don’t believe in the mumbo jumbo.  If I can get my studs where I prefer them in a draft… I’m jumping on them!  I don’t care about any coincidental “curse”.  Let’s not forget: football is an extremely violent game.  We have 22 super athletes running at full speed towards one another & colliding… for hours on end… every week.  There are going to be injuries, and the cover of some game has zero to do with it.


Utter-Fantasy #10)  How much will DET QB Matthew Stafford miss “Megatron?”

FFcouchcoach: I think The Lions have brought in some really nice pieces for Matt Stafford to continue his success in the NFL – and for him to be a valuable fantasy football QB in 2016.  Like everyone else, I love Megatron… he was amazing.  But for the first time, this offense will not revolve around one guy.  I think Calvin’s absence will allow the ball to get spread around more, and Stafford’s stats won’t skip a beat.  Golden Tate is a monster after the catch, and the signing of Marvin Jones gives them a very reliable 2nd target.  The RBs are coming along nicely, and Eric Ebron seems to have escaped a big-deal injury.  I’m kind’ve excited to see what the 2016 Detroit Lions offense will do.


Next Week’s Guest….Mike Randle/ Fantasy Football Writer for LWOS


1st AND 10 Week 15 with Eric dewalt
1st AND 10 Week 14 With Jamie Black

NFL Preseason Week 1 Review 2016

NFL Preseason Week 1 Review 2016 by Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles

Well my fellow fantasy football fanatics…If you missed any of the NFL Preseason Week 1 games, you are in luck. I did not. Here is a review of all the games, with the information you need to know about the action from Preseason Week 1, that Utter-Fantasy hopes you find useful and helpful.

IND vs GB- HOF Game  AUG 7

• Cancelled


JACK @ NYJ (13-17)

• JACK QB Bortles started 6/7 – 105 yards (QB Henne came in for Bortles for rest of 2nd half)
• JACK RB Yeldon had token start, but RB Ivory was in 2nd series and ripped off 13 yards on 1st carry, later 1 Yd TD run
• JACK RB Denard Robinson 3rd RB in the game for Jags
• JACK TE Ju Thomas dropped easy 10 slant TD pass
• JACK WR Allen Robinson looked amazing – ready for reg. season

• NYJ QB R Fitz started. 3/4 72 yards.
• NYJ RB Powell started over RB Forte (hammy) – 4 yd TD run 2nd qtr – “must own handcuff”
• NYJ WR Q Enunwa key in Preseaon 1 offense. (QB Fitz called Enunwa “most improved player”)
• NYJ WR J Marshall kick returner is an interesting prospect

CAR @ BALT (19-22)

• CAR QB Cam Newton had one series-replaced by Derek Anderson
• CAR RB Fozzy Whitaker started – RB Jon Stewart sat out. Later RB Tolbert had a few carries
• CAR WR Ted Ginn Jr targeted by QB Newton often and in the endzone – he is still part of this offense.
• CAR WR D Funchess had 1 catch – 10 yard TD
• CAR WR K Benjamin – 1 series – 1 catch – 5 yards
• former MINN QB Joe Webb was 3rd QB in for CAR

• BALT QB J Flacco did not play. QB R Mallett started.
• BALT RB T West started – ended with 9 carries/25 yards and 2 TDs
• BALT TE Maxx Williams played well entire 1st half – seemed to have chemistry with QB Mallett who started
• BALT TE N Boyle is a good athlete and interesting

N.O. @ NE (22-34)

• NO QB D Brees played 1 series – threw only 1 pass – followed by QB G Grayson
• NO RB Mark Ingram started. 7 carries for 18 yards and 2 (1 yard) TD runs – 1 fumble
• NO RB T Hightower clear #2 running back for Saints
• NO WR M Thomas is a special wide out as advertised. (hope Brees likes him as much as QB Grayson/L McCown do)
• NO Defense already looks improved

• NE QB started J Garoppolo played entire 1st half in win. QB T Brady was not at the game (funeral)
• NE RB L Blount started. 9/20 and 1 yard TD run.
• NE RB J White played – good in the screen game. RB B Bolden 4 carries for 44 yards.
• NE RB Tyler Gaffney 44 yd TD run in 3rd qtr.  TOO many RBs in NE
• NE TE M Bennett targeted often by QB J Garoppolo
• NE WR rookie Malcolm Mitchell out up to a month after gruesome elbow injury

WASH @ ATL (17-23)

• WASH QB K Cousin started – 5/5 – 39 yards – 0 TDs  (followed by QB C McCoy)
• WASH RB Matt Jones started – 2 carries only 1 yard – (he’s better in the passing game)
• WASH WR Ryan Grant involved in offense
• WASH WR D Jackson 1 catch 5 yards
• WASH O-Line looks suspicious so far

• ATL QB M Ryan started – 0/4
• ATL RBs D Freeman and T Coleman rotated with starters
• ATL RB B Wilds looks like a great dynasty stash
• ATL WR M Sanu targeted a lot by QB M Ryan
• ATL WR Justin Hardy started with 1st string in 3 WR sets
• ATL WR Aldred Robinson ( deep threat/special teamer ) made a nice case for making team 3/118 yards
• ATL O-Line looks suspicious so far

TB @ PHIL (9-17)

• TB QB J Winston started – 7/9 yards – 1 TD pass to WR R Shepard
• TB QB Mike Glennon was 2nd QB and looked bad
• TB RB Doug Martin 5/13 yards. 1 catch for 11 yards
• TB RB Mike James came in 3rd qtr
• TB WRs Mike Evans and V Jackson each had 1 catch
• TB may have found their 3rd WR in Russell Shepard – top preseason Week 1 WR – 3/62 – 1TD
• TB WR Kenny Bell fumbled kicked off return- TB won’t like this!

• PHIL QB S Bradford started – only 1/1 for 3 yards but looks 100% healthy & best QB for PHIL now
• PHIL QB rookie C Wentz was erratic and high with his throws (needs work despite gushes from analyst Mike Mayock)
• PHIL QB rookie C Wentz was injured – (ribs) will not be able to throw “hard” for two to three weeks
• PHIL RB R Mathews started – 2/15 and 1 TD run – Looks good!
• PHIL RB K Barner followed Mathews into game – 7/35
• PHIL TE Z Ertz (3/26) is going to be a big part of offense – TE B Celek not so much
• PHIL WR R Randle may have (bad) played himself OFF of team

DEN vs CHI (22 -0)

• DEN QB M Sanchez started – 10/13 and 1 TD
• DEN QB T Siemian was 2nd QB into game, not QB P Lynch
• DEN RB C J Anderson (2/8 yds) started- rotated with RB R Hillman (3/13)
• DEN RB rookie D Booker was 3rd RB in game – RB K Bibbs most in 2nd half – 15/ 53 yards
• DEN WR Dem Thomas started – 2/43 and had DEN’s lone TD
• DEN WR Cody Latimer (7/82) was targeted often and might be bigger part of offense than expected (but started out like this in 2015)
• DEN TE Virgil Green is listed behind TE J Heuerman but had 3 catches to Heuerman’s 1

• CHI QB J Cutler (3/4 – 18 yds) started, followed by QB B Hoyer 7/10 – 81 yds
• CHI RB J Langford started but couldn’t find any running room (4/ 7 yds)
• CHI WR A Jeffrey had 1 reception – QB J Cutler’s 1st target
• CHI WR K White started w/ WR A Jeffrey
• CHI offense looked flat and O-Line suspicious


DET @ PITT (30-17)

• DET QB Matt Stafford only threw 4/6 for 58 yards
• DET RB A Abdullah did not play
• DET RB T Riddick started and was easily stopped by PITT DEF (better in passing game)
• DET RB Z Zenner (normally preseason star) was just OK
• DET WR M Jones was targeted often
• DET WR A Boldin 1/30 yards (DET is going to happy about this signing!)
• DET WR A Roberts was QB D Orlovsky’s favorite target in 2nd qtr
• DET TE Cole Wick started and was said to be “a star in OTAs”

• PITT QB B Roethlisberger did not play – QB Landry Jones started
• PITT RB De Williams did not play
• PITT RB D Richardson (drafted by the St. Louis Rams in the 7th round of 2012 NFL Draft) ended w/ 11/44 yds
• PITT WR D Heyward-Bey started the day rough, but had a nice 29 yd TD catch in 2nd qtr (lone catch)
• PITT WR S Coates did not looked good as well…wondering now if he can “be the guy” in PITT?????

MIA @ NYG (27-10)

• MIA QB R Tannehill – QB Matt Moore followed Tannehill (Moore 10/14 122 yds and 1 TD)
• MIA RB J Ajayi stared, and was ineffective – (2/ 6 yds). Fantasy football do not draft this guy high!
• MIA WRs J Landry and K Stills started – I did not see WR D Parker in the game
• MIA grinded the ball on the ground, more interested in running down clock than scoring
• MIA & NYG had many turnovers and penalties in this game

• NYG QB Eli Manning did not play
• NYG QB R Nassib played entire 1st half and started 2nd half (7/15 – 0 TDs – 2 INTS)
• NYG RB R Jennings had a nice 3 yd TD run in 1st qtr
• NYG had 8 running backs with carries preseason Week 1 ( is Tom Coughlin still the head coach???)
• NYG WR rookie S Shepard started opposite WR OBJ and was targeted often deep and in the endzone
• NYG TEs W Tye and L Donnell both stared and were featured in 2 TE sets
• NYG Giants first-round CB Eli Apple suffered a knee injury

MINN @ CINN (17-16)

• MINN QB T Bridgewater started – 6/7 and 1 TD (beautiful 49 yd lob to WR Ch Johnson)
• MINN QB T Bridgewater had 1 TD in this game and averaged 1 TD every game in 2015
• MINN QB Sh Hill was 2nd QB
• MINN RB A Peterson did not play
• MINN RB J McKinnon started (5/14)
• MINN RB C Ham came into game in 2nd half – He’s interesting! 12/ 35 yds and 1 nice 10 yd TD run
• MINN WR St Diggs started opposite WR Ch Johnson and L Treadwell

• CINN QB Dalton and WR AJ Green both started (Green 3/26 yds)
• CINN QB AJ McCarron came into game soon in 1st qtr
• CINN RB J Hill had 3 carries for 21 yds before suffering an index finger injury to his left hand (minor)
• CINN WR rookie T Boyd has a nice 40 yd reception
• CINN WR Alex Erickson had a 3yd TD pass from QB McCarron AND 80 yd punt return (dynasty stash?)

CLEV @ GB  (11-17)

• CLEV QB RG11 started and targeted WR T Pryor on nearly every pass
• CLEV QB RG11 threw an INT near the goal line – (it was to TE G Barnidge who wasn’t expecting the throw)
• CLEV RB I Crowell started but only had 1 carry – RB Duke Johnson came in on 2nd series – also 1 carry
• CLEV WRs rookies C Coleman and A Hawkins did not play
• CLEV WR T Gabriel started but was held without a catch

• GB QB A Rodgers did not play – back up QB B Hundley did not play. QB Joe Callahan started
• GB RB E Lacy started and looks trimmer (4/ 24 yds)
• GB RB J Starks rotated in w/ Lacy in a limited fashion – 5/ 13
• GB WRs J Nelson and R Cobb did not play
• GB WRs Ty Montgomery and J Abbrederis clearly passed WR J Janis on depth chart BEFORE Janis’ broke his right hand in practice
• GB K M Crosby hit 2 – 54 yd FGs

OAK @ ARI  (31-10)

• OAK QB D Carr played 2 series for Oakland
• OAK QB Matt McGloin came in after Carr in 1st qtr – threw 2 TD passes – (to TE C Walford & WR A Holmes)
• OAK RB L Murray started (4/21)
• OAK RB G Atkinson came in 2nd half and ate up ARI back up DEF (5/97 and 2 TD runs)
• OAK WR M Crabtree started opposite WR A Cooper – (Looks like another good year in store for Crabtree)
• OAK aggressive DEF got 2 nice turnovers in 1st qtr

• ARI QB C Palmer in his one series directed a 73 yard drive for a field goal
• ARI QBs D Stanton, M Barkley and J Coker followed Palmer into game respectively
• ARI RB David Johnson had 3 carries for 31 yards
• ARI RB Chris Johnson was 2nd RB into game for Cardinals, followed by RB A Ellington (who looked sharp w/ TD run)
• ARI RB E Penny ran down clock in 2nd half (15/ 43 yards)
• ARI WRS Michael Floyd and L Fitz each had 1 catch in 1st series
• ARI 3rd-round CB Brandon Williams is considered the favorite to start opposite Patrick Peterson


SEA @ KC (17-16)

• SEA QB R Wilson started and went 3/6 with 1 INT
• SEA QB J Heaps & T Boykin came in after Wilson
• SEA RB Thomas Rawls did not play
• SEA RB C Michael started and went 7/44 yards
• SEA WR Doug Baldwin started and was QB Wilson’s favorite target as usual
• SEA WR Paul Richardson played in 2nd series
• SEA WR T McEvoy caught fluke “hail Mary” pass at very end of game…which led to win

• KC QB Alex Smith directed 1st impressive drive for TD
• KC QB Nick Foles was 2nd quarterback into game
• KC RB J Charles did not play – RB Spencer Ware started (5/24 yds and 1 TD)
• KC WRS J Maclin, Chris Conley, and Albert Wilson started in 1st series 3 WR sets
• KC WR and former Raider Rod Steater saw some action
• KC TE T Kelce did not play
• KC TEs R Travis and  D Harris targeted often in 1st half
• KC 1st string O-Line looks great
• KC DEF.. Eric Berry, Tamba Hali and Justin Houston did not play

DAL @ LAR (24-28)

• DAL QB T Romo did not play
• DAL QB Dak Prescott started and looked impressive – 10/12 139 yds and 2 TDs
• DAL RB Zeke Elliott and TE J Witten did not play
• DAL RB Alfred Morris started- he hasn’t missed a game in 4 years!
• DAL WR Lucky Whitehead ran opening kick off 101 yds for TD ( likely securing #5 WR on team)
• DAL WRS Dez Bryant (2/28 and 1 TD), Cole Beasley, and T Williams (1/32 and 1 TD) all started

• LAR QB Case Keenum started 1st 2 drives
• LAR QB Jared Goff struggled after QB Keenum in the 2nd qtr, 4/9 for 38 yards and 1 INT
LAR QB Goff was pulled after tweaking his non-throwing shoulder
• LAR QB S Mannion handled all 2nd half – showed ability – 18/25 for 147 and 3 TDs (1 INT)
• LAR RB Todd Gurley did not play
• LAR RB Benny Cunningham started (4/23 rushing 1 TD – 1 reception for 20 yds)
• LAR RB Malcolm Brown was 2nd RB into game for Rams (8/66 yards)
• LAR WRs K Britt, T Austin and Brian Quick all started

SD @ TENN (24-28)

• SD QB Rivers started – threw a TD screen pass to RB M Gordon (44 yards)
• SD QB K Clemens followed Rivers, then former Titan Z Mettenberger
• SD RBs M Gordon and D Woodhead were both in 1st series
• SD RB Oliver – 3 carries in 2nd qtr – RB K Farrow played a lot following (16/ 60 yds – 2 rec/ 25 yds)
• SD recent signing WR James Jones played in 2nd qtr w/ WR Inman
• SD TE J Cumberland played 1st half

• TENN QB M Mariota started (5/5 45 yds)
• TENN QB Matt Cassel is TEN 2nd string QB
• TENN RB De Murray and D Henry started together in backfield 1st play of game
• TENN RB McCluster 3rd RB in game – RB Sankey 41 yd TD in 4th qtr
• TENN RBs Murray and Henry good games (DM 6/93 and 1 – 71 yd TD run…DH 10/74 and 1 TD)
• TENN WRs starting were rookie T Sharpe (one to watch!)…H Douglas and Andre Johnson
• TENN WR D Green-Beckham surprisingly played entire game
• TENN 10 different WRs caught passes for the Titans (TOO MANY!)

IND @ BUFF (19-18)

• IND QB Scott Tolzien ( 12/23 and 1 TD) played the entire 1st half . QB A Luck did not play
• IND QB Stephen Morris played 2nd half ( 5/9 and 1 TD)
• IND RBs R Turbin ( 42 yd TD  REC) and Trey Williams followed RB J Ferguson, did little in running game
• IND WRs TY Hilton, P Dorsett and D Moncrief all started. Moncrief was held without a catch
• IND WR TY Hilton was nicked up in 1st qtr, and did not return
• IND WR Q Bray was used on punts and kick off returns- WR J Boyce saw action in 2nd qtr
• IND WR rookie Ch Rogers had 57 TD reception in 4th qtr from QB S Morris

• BUFF QB Tyrod Taylor played 1st series only
• BUFF QB EJ Manuel played rest of 1st half  ( 10/18 and 1 TD)
• BUFF RB Gillislee started and rotated with RB Jonathon Williams ( RB Karlos Williams suspended)
• BUFF RB Reggie Bush used on punt returns
• BUFF WRS R Woods started with M Goodwin, Greg Little and L Hankerson
• BUFF WR Sammy Watkins did not play
• BUFF WR W Powell was targeted a ton in 2nd qtr ( 4/88 yds)
• BUFF TE C Gragg is listed as 3rd TE on depth chart, but one to watch! ( 2/ 26 yds and 1 TD)
• BUFF rookie QB Cardale Jones nearly won game in the final seconds w/ TD pass top WR J Boykin


HOU @ SF   ( 24-13 )

• HOU QB Brock Osweiler started and looked like he has work to do- 4/7 and only 27 yards
• HOU 2nd string QB was T Savage, 14/24 and 2 TDs, followed by B Weeden at the end of the game
• HOU RB Lamar Miller was strong in debut, 4/30, and played entire 1 st qtr
• HOU RB Kenny Hilliard came in 2nd, and had the most carries 12/40
• HOU WRS starting were D Hopkins, J Strong and W Fuller with Br Miller in 4 WR sets
• HOU DEF had the first score of the game w/ a block punt recovery for TD
• HOU DEF players Cushing, Clowney and Watt did not play

• SF QB Blaine Gabbert started with inaccurate throws, but settles down 4/10
• SF QB Thad Lewis played much of 1st half and 3rd qtr w/ RB Mike Davis-UPDATE: QB Thad Lewis tore his ACL in this game
• SF QB C Kaepernick did not play
• SF RB Carlos Hyde started and went 5/27 yards- one very nice 22 yd run
• SF WRs starting were Q Patton, B Ellington ( used on kick offs) and T Smith
• SF TE Vance McDonald looks like the play maker to watch 2/54 yds and 1 TD


The Ravens Are TOO Unpredictable

The Ravens Are TOO Unpredictable by Utter-Fantasy Football Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles

I recently did a poll on Twitter asking the fantasy football community to fill in the blank…

In 2016, Baltimore’s waiver wire darling RB Buck Allen will _________________ .

(The four options were……)

1) be 2nd string to Forsett
2) spilt carries even
3) overtake Forsett early  
4) too many Qs to draft…………(which won overwhelmingly.)

Last year, RB Justin Forsett was unable to duplicate his impressive 2014 season when he finished as the #8 running back with over 1500 total yards and 8 touchdowns. His 2015 run abruptly ended in Week 11 when he broke both bones in his forearm while playing against the Rams. Rookie Buck Allen took over running back duties and became a waiver wire darling. Now in 2016, Forsett is battling Allen for carries, Allen is battling West for carries, and West is battling Dixon for carries. The Twitter community is right…too many question marks to draft.

But the running back situation in Baltimore isn’t the only position with uncertainty. Let’s start off with the man who needs to be the leader for the offense, quarterback Joe Flacco. The Raven QB was lost for the season back in Week 11 of 2015, with a torn ACL and MCL so his health is already in question. Since being drafted in 2008, Flacco has been a competent quarterback for Baltimore, but he has only bested the top 15 once for QBs at a season’s end, and that was 2014 when he finished as the #14 QB. He has also never averaged 2 touchdowns passes per game in any season, and usually ends a season averaging only 1.3 touchdown passes per game.

The wide receivers for the Ravens are filled with ambiguity and unpredictability, starting with Steve Smith. Although one of toughest competitors in the games, Smith is still recovering from a “double rupture” of his Achilles last November. His availability for the start of the season is an unknown. Another dubious candidate for 2016 is Breshad Perriman, who suffered a partially torn ACL in June after sitting out all of his rookie season with a PCL tear. Mike Wallace is now with the Ravens, and has worked with the first-team offense but flunked his conditioning test on the first day of camp. Wallace believes he is a better receiver today than when he left Pittsburgh, but I believe that he will disappoint, just like he has for the past 3 NFL seasons. Kamar Aiken came on strong at the end of the 2015 season, but let’s be clear…his best games came without QB Joe Flacco, and if not for a flukey 48 TD “hail Mary” in Week 15 vs Kansas City, Aiken would not have topped 80 receiving yards in any game. Will Aiken have chemistry with Flacco this year if he is forced to be the #1 wide out in Baltimore? That is unclear and yet to be determined.

The tight ends for the Ravens are also problematic for fantasy football owners. TE Ben Watson signed with Baltimore after an incredibly successful season in New Orleans. Watson ended 2015 as the #7 tight end in the NFL. Prior to 2015, he was the #50 tight end in 2014, and #45 in 2013. It’s extremely doubtful that Watson’s resurgence will continue. Add Watson’s situation to an already crowded tight end depth chart and you have another unresolved Baltimore player position.

It’s odd to see the precarious Baltimore defense dropping year after year into mediocracy. In 2011, the Ravens had the 4th best defense in the NFL. In 2014, they had the 9th best, but in 2015 they were ranked 24th. Terrell Suggs tearing his Achilles last fall was obviously a huge blow to the defense, but like the rest of this swiss-cheese team, there are many holes to fill on defense. Key losses for the Ravens in 2016 were LB Courtney Upshaw, LB Daryl Smith, S Will Hil, and DE Chris Canty.

Perhaps the most dependable fantasy football player on the Ravens team is Justin Tucker, who ended 2015 as the #7 place kicker. This fact gives me very little comfort in drafting Baltimore Ravens on any of my fantasy football teams this year, and I am reluctant, skeptical, hesitant, suspicious, unconvinced, unclear, dubious, hazy, leery and apprehensive as whether you can win with many of them as well.

1st and 10 Week 21

1st and 10 Week 21 by Utter-Fantasy Football Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles

“1st and 10″ is a weekly segment by Utter-Fantasy.com, getting fantasy football insights from a knowledgeable person in the fantastic fantasy football community. With 10 questions each week, we will canvass some of the hot button topics to keep us all informed on the ever-changing NFL landscape and which ones might carry major fantasy football implications.

Every Monday, at approximately 12:00 Noon Central, I will post the latest segment of “1st & 10.”  If you enjoy it, let us know. If you have any fantasy football questions, really let us know.


1st and 10 Week 21-  August 8th, 2016

“1st and 10″ Week 21 – Special Guest Writer- DFSArmy.com’s Kevin E, aka The Fantasy Football Geek


Be sure to follow The Fantasy Football Geek on Twitter @FFootballGeek


Utter-Fantasy #1)  Denver likely won’t be dominating the AFC West in 2016, and Green Bay is favored again in the NFC North. Which divisions do you anticipate having the biggest changes happening in the upcoming season?

The Fantasy Football Geek: This season the AFC South is really interesting. I expect the Colts to show major improvement over their injury marred 2015 season. The Texans, Titans and Jags all look like they have significantly improved as well. That division should be up for grabs.


Utter-Fantasy #2) Are you a “Sunday Gameday Bar Guy”…or are you a “Mancave NFL Ticket Guy”, and what makes your Sundays special? ( my mancave, actually named the “Manpit” by my wife 15 years ago, has 6 television sets!)

The Fantasy Football Geek:  I’ve always been a mancave type of guy. You just can’t pay complete attention at a bar with all the distractions particularly on Sundays where there are multiple games happening simultaneously. I’ll have redzone network going full blast alongside a second screen with the game I’m most interested in.


Utter-Fantasy #3) What does your crystal ball say the headlines will be at the end of 2016 for the Cleveland Browns, and will QB/WR Terrelle Pryor be in one of those headlines?

The Fantasy Football Geek: Unfortunately, I do not see Pryor in a positive headline this season. More likely will be the resurgence of the RG3 to Gordon connection. These two guys played college ball together and now they are reunited in what will be a sort of redemption season for the duo.  Cleveland added another WR weapon, Corey Coleman, in the 1st round of the draft. With Coleman, Gordon, Barndige at TE and a surging Duke Jr at RB I think this offense has scary good potential. 


Utter-Fantasy #4)  What’s harder for you to deal with…..a fun, successful NFL season coming to an end, or waiting for a new one to start?

The Fantasy Football Geek:  Between writing for my website and managing multiple season long teams, and investing tons of time and energy in to daily fantasy football I generally find the end of a season bitter sweet. Sad that the action is over but also looking forward to some well earned down time. By the time June rolls around I’m itching for the action again so definitely waiting for a new season is tougher for me.


Utter-Fantasy #5) Even if it is highly unlikely, tell me a few NFL players that you would like to see have an unpredictably great 2016 season?

The Fantasy Football Geek: I’ll go back to RG3 from the last answer. The weapons are in place for him to have success. Hopefully the past season humbled him and helped him focus. Another guy I like as a super sleeper break out candidate is Patriots WR Chris Hogan. The Patriots brought Hogan in to be the starter at outside WR. They haven’t made much effort to acquire anyone else at the position. That tells me that Belichick believes in him and that’s good enough for me. I’m making sure to stash Hogan on my fantasy bench in all my leagues.

Utter-Fantasy #6) What impact will new acquisition WR Anquon Boldin have on the Detroit Lion’s team, and how does Boldin now affect the production of WRs Golden Tate and Marvin Jones?

The Fantasy Football Geek: I thought Jones was being overrated and overdrafted a bit prior to the Boldin acquisition. Jones was the WR2 for a while with the Bengals and he did nothing. I would not trust him as a WR3 at this point. Boldin is a nonfactor for me.


Utter-Fantasy #7) The 5 worst O-lines projected for 2016 are Kansas City, Detroit, LA Rams, Jacksonville and finally Seattle. Does this information change your rankings for any running backs from these 5 teams? Any of the 5 quarterbacks?

The Fantasy Football Geek:  I don’t buy in to those types of predictions. Instead, a good way to consider RB’s is to look at opposing defenses and strength of schedule. The NFC West schedule is rough this season. Initially because all the NFC West teams feature solid run defenses. Secondarily because they face the AFC East which also features some tough run defenses. Looking at those situations individually:

KC – QB Alex Smith is a situational spot starter at best for fantasy purposes and Charles is somewhat matchup proof.

Detroit – QB Matt Stafford is off the QB1 radar, Abdullah is in RB4 territory

Rams – This one is interesting. They face a brutal schedule as far as the run defenses they will face. That’s more acceptable with a player like David Johnson because he is highly utilized in the passing game. For Gurley I think this is a slight negative that drops him a smidge in my rankings.

Jacksonville – They didn’t have much of a running attack last season and I don’t expect that to change. That’s good news for Bortles and his pass catchers because they tend to score almost exclusively through the air. They also play in a high scoring division so I’m looking for big things from this offense from a fantasy production standpoint.

Seattle – Wilson, like Cam Newton, is a special player with the ability to not only negate a pass rush, but to punish teams that get too aggressive by utilizing his scrambling abilities. I love this offense as a whole and would not shy away from any of them.


Utter-Fantasy #8) This year ARI Larry Fitzgerald will be 33 ( August 31st). In 2015, he led the team in receiving with 1215 yards and 9 touchdowns. Fitzgerald was followed by John Brown ( 1003 yards and 7 touchdowns) and Michael Floyd  (849 yards and 6 touchdowns). Assuming QB Carson Palmer can stay healthy and have another tremendous season, will 2016 end with Fitz on top again, followed by Brown then Floyd?

The Fantasy Football Geek:  If you look back to last season, Fitzy did the most damage when Floyd was out or hobbled. Palmer loves to spread the ball around but I’d reverse the order as far as fantasy production for this season with Floyd topping the list followed by Brown and then Fitzy.


Utter-Fantasy #9) In redraft leagues for 2016, I am not high on not Matt Jones, Melvin Gordon, Jay Ajayi, Dion Lewis, DeMarco Murray or Ameer Abdullah. Are there any names on this list who you think I should be higher on?

The Fantasy Football Geek: I suppose that depends on what your definition of “high on” is. Looking at this list I see a ton of redraft potential as compared to where some of these guys are currently being drafted. Matt Jones doesn’t have much competition in Washington right now, if any. For players that employ a zero RB strategy he could make for a decent player with top 10 upside in the later rounds. Lewis is another player that should make for an acceptable flex play in PPR formats. You could do worse than Abdullah as the second player off your bench as well. We still don’t know what he will become.


Utter-Fantasy #10) Last December I wrote that in 2016…Dallas owner Jerry Jones would break the bank ( one of his) to sign a dependable backup quarterback for QB Tony Romo. With only rookie Dak Prescott and journeyman Kellen Moore on the roster behind Romo, it’s safe to say my prediction has not come to fruition. Not that I mind, but is Jones setting himself up for a repeat of 2016…seriously?

The Fantasy Football Geek: Nick Foles is out there right now and it wouldn’t shock me to see him in a Dallas uniform at some point soon. As much as I love T-Rom as a player, with all the injury issues he can’t be trusted to make it through a season healthy.


Next Week’s Guest….the one and only…..FFcouchcoach


1st AND 10 Week 15 with Eric dewalt
1st AND 10 Week 14 With Jamie Black

Fantasy Sleepers I Keep Getting in Drafts

Fantasy Sleepers I Keep Getting in Drafts by Utter-Fantasy Football Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles

I’ve had 6 fantasy drafts so far, 2 dynasty and 4 redraft leagues. My teams seem to have a lot of names in common. As for these 6 teams, I am either going to be very right at the end of December, or very wrong, with regard to my late round sleeper picks. Perhaps the fantasy football owners that I have drafted against do not agree with my assessment of them, or I have just been quicker at drafting them. I am not sure which.

The list of players I have been targeting and getting in fantasy football drafts consists of 2 quarterbacks, 4 running backs, 4 wide receivers and 2 tight ends. I’ve written a brief summary on each of these players and why I want them in 2016. I still have plenty more drafts coming near the end of August. Unless there is big news to change my opinion of these players, with training camp and the preseason games, I am likely to have a lot more teams with plenty of sleeper names in common.


DET Matthew Stafford- Anyone who knows me, knows that I always wait on drafting a quarterback, and it’s usually paid off. ( In 2013, I had SD Philip Rivers on most of my teams, he was drafted in the late rounds and he ended that season as the #6 QB…not bad) This year Stafford seems to be available late. I want him over Dalton, Tyrod Taylor, Matt Ryan, Derek Carr, and even Tom Brady, all of whom are going earlier in drafts. ( I’ve also drafted Brees surprisingly late this season)

HOU Brock Osweiler- I can wait until the bottom of most drafts to get this guy as my #2 or #3 QB because no one else seems to think that he will have a good season. I do. He has a cannon for an arm, and I like his weapons. Houston’s division includes Indianapolis, Jacksonville and Tennessee. Although these 3 teams have made strides in improving their defenses, they still are not great and none of them will rank in the top half of the NFL in 2016. I like that for Osweiler.


PHIL Ryan Mathews- A disaster in San Diego, but he totalled almost 700 yards and 7 TDs splitting time with DeMarco Murray last year for the Eagles. It’s his show in 2016, and with 22 running backs being drafted before him….I say yes and thank you.

CHI Jeremy Langford– Is he Matt Forte? No…no one is. But when successful, HC Fox has shown a propensity to ride one running back, and I think Langford will be successful ( especially a bargain late in drafts where I am getting him)

JACK Chris Ivory- I get it. The Jags only scored 1 rushing touchdown in 2015, and RB T.J. Yeldon is still there. However, the Jags will commit to the run more in 2016, because Ivory is better than Yeldon. Ivory will get most of the carries…because T.J. Yeldon is still there.

N.O. Tim Hightower- RB Mark Ingram is a very good running back. He likes to hit his opponents and maybe he likes to hit his opponents too much. He’s missed 18 games since 2011, which equates to more than one full season. Hightower filled in for Ingram in Weeks 14-17 and he kicked ass! A top handcuff to own.


SD Travis Benjamin- I was afraid that if I wrote too much about Benjamin, fantasy football owners would prevent me from getting this guy. Not so far! I have him in every league.

PITT Sammie Coates- Last year QB Ben Roethlisberger talked up WR Wheaton, and I believed him. Then he threw the ball to Antonio Bryant and Martavis Bryant, over and over. I think Big Ben likes Wheaton, but the connection isn’t there. I’m grabbing Coates while others grab Wheaton.

NE Chris Hogan- Chemistry is everything with QB Tom Brady, and WR Brandon LaFell did not have it with the Pat’s QB in 2015, so he was shipped. Everything I’ve seen and read says that there is chemistry between Hogan and Brady. If there wasn’t a ridiculous 4 game suspension attached to Tom Terrific in 2016, Hogan would a top sleeper for me, but I still want him.

HOU Will Fuller- Look, I was on board with WR Jaelen Strong for the start of 2015, but when it was all said and done Nate Washington had a better season, and Cecil Shorts had a better season. …way better seasons. I do not believe the noise that Strong has passed/ will pass Fuller on the Houston depth chart. I want him.


CHI Zach Miller- ARI QB Carson Palmer will not throw to tight ends…it’s a fact. CHI QB Jay Cutler on the other hand, LOVES to throw to TEs, and he has helped the fantasy football relevance of every TE that he has played with. I laugh ( to myself) when fantasy football owners draft TampaBay’s ASJ, or Detroit’s Eric Ebron before CHI Zack Miller…then I say…..yes and thank you.

NE Martellus Bennett- News flash…HC Bill Belichick knows a thing or two about including one and two tight ends in the offensive game plan. ( Even Scott Chandler had a few nice games for the Pats in 2016). Bennett is definitely worth a late round flyer.


ATL Mohamed Sanu- This team has a TON of talent and there is a “must win now” attitude coming out of Atlanta. Sanu isn’t an amazing talent, but he will get lots of targets, he will get touchdown passes and he may throw a couple. With 52 wide outs being drafted before him, I say…..yes and thank you.

So if you’re in a fantasy football draft with me in the next 4 weeks, and you’re up, consider these guys or don’t….I promise you I will.

1st and 10 Week 20

1st and 10 Week 20 by Utter-Fantasy Football Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles

“1st and 10″ is a weekly segment by Utter-Fantasy.com, getting fantasy football insights from a knowledgeable person in the fantastic fantasy football community. With 10 questions each week, we will canvass some of the hot button topics to keep us all informed on the ever-changing NFL landscape and which ones might carry major fantasy football implications.

Every Monday, at approximately 12:00 Noon Central, I will post the latest segment of “1st & 10.”  If you enjoy it, let us know. If you have any fantasy football questions, really let us know.


1st and 10 Week 20-  August 1st, 2016

“1st and 10″ Week 20 – Special Guest Writer-DFF’s Michael Hughes…an all-time favorite guest for Utter-Fantasy

Be sure to follow Michael on Twitter @thatshiftybloke


Utter-Fantasy #1)  In Week 5 of 2015, vs Washington…Atlanta WR Julio Jones recovers a RB Devonta Freeman fumble in the end zone for the first Falcons touchdown. Most fantasy football leagues scored this as special teams TD, while others gave it to Julio as a touchdown that he could use in Week 5 for his fantasy football stats. How should this have been called, and how was it called in your leagues?

DFF’s Michael Hughes: It is very ironic that you bring this up, because I was both a beneficiary and a loser on this play. In one of my leagues, I did not get the touchdown points for Julio and that cost me the entire week, so you could imagine how I felt about that particular scoring set up. I did confirm with the commissioner and it was specifically delineated in the rules that such a play would not result in offensive points. As a result, I licked my wounds and accepted my fate. In another league, the scoring was set up to provide for the recovering player’s offensive touchdown and I did receive those points. As you would expect, though, it ironically made no difference and I lost that week by a solid amount. That being said, I do believe that you should receive points that are commensurate with the player’s actual stat sheet that week. So, although it may not be a perfect way to handle every situation, I do believe that if a player on the offensive side of the ball recovers a fumble in the end zone for a touchdown, he should be awarded six points for a touchdown. No sour grapes here!

Utter-Fantasy #2) For fantasy football owners who have already had fantasy drafts, the PITT RB LeVeon Bell suspension was a huge blow to their team. Was this totally unexpected? No, not totally. Tell me 5 running backs and 5 wide receivers who you think are not necessarily the best fantasy players, but who are the “safest”.

DFF’s Michael Hughes: Yet again, you are absolutely reading my mind. I was recently in a start up dynasty football draft and had the opportunity to draft Le’Veon Bell in the middle second round and I decidedly passed on the opportunity. For me it was all about risk and truth be told, I am seeing too many negative trends for this guy – injuries, drug suspensions, attitude issues… On the other side of the spectrum, there are definitely some players in the NFL at every position who provide a level of comfort in their actions and demeanor that arm their fantasy owners with a type of security. At the running back position, there is obviously a lot of volatility and last year that point was made very clear. I think you can point to your best to consistantly play it straight up and not bring about off field issues, but don’t forget that injuries are an unfortunate part of fantasy football. My top five “safe” running backs has to start with Danny Woodhead in San Diego because you know what you will get with him. The last few years have seen Woodhead score a lot, and I believe that he will continue with that kind of success and you know that you’re getting a reliable player who does not cause trouble. I also look to Duke Johnson in Cleveland, Adrian Peterson in Minnesota (even though he has had his fair share of shoes, you know that he is going to be a workhorse delivering significant fantasy points), Doug Martin in Tampa Bay, and Mark Ingram in New Orleans.

On the receiving side of the ball, I think the perfect picture of a safety blanket with explosive, high upside would be Julian Edelman with the New England Patriots. Edelman consistently puts up points because of his catches, yards, and touchdowns, and has always been reliable for both his team and your fantasy team. The other reliable fantasy receivers are guys who you can count on to catch a number of passes each game for a decent output of yards with the prospect of at least one touchdown: AJ Green in Cincinnati, Keenan Allen in San Diego, all three receivers in Arizona, and Allen Hurns in Jacksonville.


Utter-Fantasy #3) I’m listing 5 NFL players below. Please write a one line statement for each, as to why they were NFL busts.

DFF’s Michael Hughes:

1) Trent Richardson- (2012 NFL Draft- 1st round- 3rd overall) ….MCH: Trent Richardson was a bust in the NFL because he did not work hard enough and replaced his work ethic with takeout food.

2) Cordarrelle Patterson- (2014 NFL Draft, 1st round- selected 29th overall) ….MCH: Disclaimer, as a Viking fan I still believe that Patterson will eventually do something of value. Despite that disclaimer, Cordarrelle Patterson failed in the NFL because he did not commit to his craft and ultimately has not and seemingly will not master the route tree.

3) E J Manuel- (2011 NFL Draft, 1st round selection- 16th overall) ….MCH: EJ Manuel was a bust in the NFL because he was drafted to a team that did not truly give him the opportunity to succeed. Management was not supportive either.

4) Bishop Sankey- (2014 NFL Draft, 2nd round- selected before Jeremy Hill and Carlos Hyde) ….MCH: Bishop Sankey was an NFL bust because, as the first running back taken in that year’s rookie draft, the height and expectation was way too high and there was no way he could realistically deliver. At this point, even if he has a good day, everybody will expect it to be a fluke.

5) Chris Ponder- (2011 NFL Draft, 1st round selection- 12th overall) ….MCH: Christian Ponder was just not that good. Objectively speaking, and taking the fan out of me, Ponder did not have confidence in his own stuff and it was evident in his decision-making, or lack thereof, and in his reaction to panic in situations when he was being chased.


Utter-Fantasy #4)  In 2015, NYJ WRs Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker were the most prolific WR duo in the NFL. Who will be the the best NFL WR duo in the NFL in 2016…AND… the 2nd best?

DFF’s Michael Hughes: I believe that in 2016 you can look to the Jacksonville Jaguars to give you a top wide receiver pairing in Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns. That pair was electric last year, and even though they may not put up the exact same numbers I do believe they’re going to be consistently productive together. My selection for second-best pair of wide receivers on the same team this upcoming year would have to go to Keenan Allen and Travis Benjamin with the Chargers. Philip Rivers always delivers the ball to his top targets and Travis Benjamin proved last year that he is a reliable WR one or two on the roster.


Utter-Fantasy #5) If the NFL forced teams to start the regular season NEXT SUNDAY, which team would be in the most trouble because of the question marks that the team currently has, and who would be in 2nd most trouble. ( Lets skip NY Jets as an answer….we know the QB situation makes them one team)

DFF’s Michael Hughes: UPDATE: The Jets signed Fitzpatrick as of the time of this writing, so their issues are a little less glaring.

I believe that the team who would be most prejudiced and least prepared should the season start in a week would be the Miami Dolphins. Dolphins recently hired Adam Gase as head coach and I genuinely believe that team will need some time to mesh together and truly internalize the new offensive system that their recently hired coach seeks to employ. That is not to say that the Dolphins will be bad this year, but I do think they will greatly benefit from some preseason time together with one another and the new offense. Cleveland would be 2nd. HC Hue Jackson has been reluctance to fully commit to RGIII. ( Bonus- Denver’s QB Mark Sanchez can’t even beat out Trevor Siemian for the team’s starting job. They’ll need thatd efense more than ever.)


Utter-Fantasy #6) Here are a few names of quarterbacks that started NFL games in 2015. Will any of them ever be considered a starting QB again?
Brian Hoyer
Josh McCown
Nick Foles
J Manziel
Brandon Weeden

DFF’s Michael Hughes: I think that Brandon Weeden and Johnny Manziel are as good as gone in the NFL. I do not believe they will get a second chance and I do not think they are good enough to make anything of a potential second chance. Nick Foles was cut earlier this week and is likely going to resurface as somebody’s backup quarterback – that seems to be where he will remain for the rest of his career. Josh McCown can still start if Robert Griffin does not impress in Cleveland, so I do think the counter stands a chance. For what it’s worth, as long as the Bears are willing to put up with Jay Cutler, Brian Hoyer is nothing more than an injury replacement for Chicago.


Utter-Fantasy #7) CLEV WR Josh Gordon is suspended for the first 4 games of the regular NFL season, but he will be reinstated and able to play starting in Week 5. That is over 10 weeks from now. In a recent Twitter poll I conducted, only 23% of the fantasy football community think that Gordon will keep his nose clean until Week 5. How do you think he fares?

DFF’s Michael Hughes:  I personally and sincerely hope that he takes this opportunity to heart and makes a change for himself and his family. I thoroughly enjoyed his on-field exploits a few seasons ago when he ended the year as the top receiver. I can’t promise that he has learned his lesson, or that he has learned anything at all, but I believe that this will be the last opportunity he will ever get in the NFL. On the back of that assumption, I feel he will make the most of it and stay clean, sober, and motivated. Dear Cleveland, I’m sorry in advance if this is a jinx!


Utter-Fantasy #8) SD QB Philip Rivers said one goal of the 2016 season is to get TE Antonio Gates at least eight touchdowns to break Tony Gonzalez’s tight end touchdowns record. 8 TDS would be the 2nd most touchdown receptions for Gates since 2010…if he can get that many. I do not think he can. How many do you think Gates can get in 2016 at 36 years old?

DFF’s Michael Hughes:  It really would be a great story if he could get 8 touchdowns and break the record this year, although it may take two years. I am in agreement with you that he will not get eight this year because the opportunities will be fewer simply due to the fact that other teams will recognize his role in red zone plays and will likely double cover him to prevent him from scoring more times than not. I think a realistic number is 5 or 6 touchdowns this year again due to the fact that he will be covered very well in the red zone and I do not believe he currently possesses the wheels necessary to break long touchdown runs from anywhere beyond the 20. 


Utter-Fantasy #9) I asked this question to QuestFFL’s Matt Dougherty 2 weeks ago, (and with preseason just around the corner),  I think it’s an important one to ask you as well. What do you think is essential for fantasy football owners to pay attention to, in the 4 preseason games?

DFF’s Michael Hughes: This is a great question and I’m very happy to have the opportunity to share some of what I look for in the preseason games with your audience. Last year was a great example of the need to scout lesser-known running backs. One glaring example for me was watching Fitzgerald Touissant in Pittsburgh because he may, in the near future, play a significant role as a back up or third-down running back. Last season he showed me glimpses of significant promise prior to the beginning of the regular season. You can never know enough about a team’s running back stable!

Obviously, in most preseason games you will not see many of the household name NFL stars and are likely to be watching aspiring back ups or practice squad players. However, you can really put yourself ahead of the game by paying attention to those who are on the roster bubble and those who are lower on the depth chart. One of the best examples of this took place a few years ago when the New York Jets were on HBO’s hard knocks. When the Jets played the Giants in the Snoopy Bowl, it was hard not to notice Victor Cruz as a burgeoning star in the league. As it turned out, he became a very valuable fantasy asset. What I would recommend is reviewing the teams depth chart prior to the game so you spend more time watching the tape and less time fumbling through notes about who each player is.

The last piece of advice I would give is to monitor relationships between backup players, like second string quarterbacks and who the receivers /tight ends are that he has formed chemistry with. The benefit to this process is that you can capitalize if a starter should go down. For instance, a few years back in Philadelphia, Mark Sanchez, then the second string quarterback, and Jordan Matthews the receiver from Vanderbilt, had a lot of chemistry in the preseason. Later in the year when Sanchez started a number of games, it was clear that he had an affinity for Jordan Matthews and your preseason knowledge would have allowed you to capitalize on that chemistry.


Utter-Fantasy #10) Have you joined any new fantasy football leagues for 2016? How many leagues will you be in this year, and which ones are your favorites?

DFF’s Michael Hughes: If you know me at all, you know all too well that I cannot stop adding new teams to my portfolio! This is partly because fantasy football is one of the best past times and hobbies you could have, but also because we as owners of multiple teams definitely look to diversify certain players in certain positions to make things more interesting. As of right now, I will be in 11 dynasty fantasy football leagues and two redraft leagues at the beginning of the 2016 season. Two of my favorite leagues are where I am playing against some of the bigger analysts and personalities in the fantasy football arena. Without question though, my favorite league is the one where I took over a middle-of-the-road team and went to the championship last year. There are few things better than reviewing all of the trades and waiver wire requisitions that you made during the year that helps you overcome disappointing weeks and ultimately brings home the championship!


Next Week’s Guest….DFSArmy.com’s Kevin E, aka The Fantasy Football Geek


1st AND 10 Week 15 with Eric dewalt
1st AND 10 Week 14 With Jamie Black


Fantasy Football Sports Writer Invitation

Fantasy Football Sports Writer Invitation by Utter-Fantasy Football Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles


Fantasy Sports Writers Invitation

Do you have a passion for fantasy football?
I know you do, and perhaps you also have the skills and passion to write about it.
If you think you might, Utter-Fantasy would love to hear
from you. Simply fill out the form at this LINK- Fantasy Sports Writer Invitation, and we will contact you.

Previous writing experience is a plus but not required. A background in sports or fantasy football would be preferred, although we are happy to find excellent writers and columnists of all kinds. This is an excellent opportunity for you to share your fantasy football knowledge, and have a fun, exciting outlet for your creativity.

We ask each writer to commit to 1 article a week. Preseason is just around around the corner, and when it starts, we won’t have another weekend without NFL until  Valentine’s Day! That’s a lot of football to talk about. Becoming a fantasy football writer is a very rewarding endeavor. Your insights into fantasy football often helps you and your readers become better fantasy football players, which helps everyone win their league!

Looking forward to another exciting NFL season with you!

Doug Bowles- Utter-Fantasy

LINK- Fantasy Sports Writer Invitation






1st and 10 Week 19

1st and 10 Week 19 by Utter-Fantasy Football Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles

“1st and 10″ is a weekly segment by Utter-Fantasy.com, getting fantasy football insights from a knowledgeable person in the fantastic fantasy football community. With 10 questions each week, we will canvass some of the hot button topics to keep us all informed on the ever-changing NFL landscape and which ones might carry major fantasy football implications.

Every Monday, at approximately 12:00 Noon Central, I will post the latest segment of “1st & 10.”  If you enjoy it, let us know. If you have any fantasy football questions, really let us know.


1st and 10 Week 19-  July 25th, 2016

“1st and 10″ Week 19 -Special Guest Writer: Arthur Richardson…Co-Owner of Fantasyipa.com.

Special thanks to Arthur – Be sure to follow him on Twitter @Fantasy_IPA


Utter-Fantasy #1)  In 2015, the Jacksonville Jaguars had the 6th worst defense in the NFL. In the 2016 NFL Draft, they selected 4 defensive players and signed DE Malik Jackson, FS Tashaun Gipson, and CB Prince Amukamara. Are they automatically a better defense starting 2016, or will this side of the team take time to jell and have to prove that they are an improved defense?

FantasyIPA’s Arthur Richardson: I think that the influx of talent (including a rookie class full of upside) and it being Bradley’s 4th year with the team, that it can only mean positive things for the Jaguars.  It may take a couple of games, but I really see the Jags as having a chance to ascend at least to the upper half of defenses if not higher.  While there will be some time needed to establish chemistry (and health will play a big factor)… I do point to the Jaguars as the team most likely take the biggest leap as a defense in 2016.  So yes, I am on board with a big year from the Jags Defense and am even grabbing them as a flyer DST2 in Best Ball leagues.


Utter-Fantasy #2) If you could ask RB Barry Sanders, Walter Payton, and/or Jim Brown a question, what would it be?

FantasyIPA’s Arthur Richardson: I would ask Barry Sanders about his true passions or lack thereof as it pertains to the NFL.  I find it amazing that one of the most talented players in history would be willing to give up Professional Football early, in that sense… I often wonder what it is that he is passionate about and/or what took his passion away from the NFL.

I would ask Walter Payton how it felt to become the all-time leader in rushing and compare/contrast with his accomplishments as a family man.  He’s one of my favorite players of all time and it’s really nice to know he was charitable and grounded with strong family roots.

Jim Brown is tough because he has played football, been a political voice and has also had a lot of Hollywood moments…. literally.  I would give him an open forum to discuss whatever he wanted and see where he took it!!


Utter-Fantasy #3) TE Ben Watson is in nearly every top 12 statistical category for 2015 tight ends. I realize that the Baltimore TE depth chart is crowded, but he is currently on top of it, and yet Watson’s ADP isn’t even in the top 20. Are fantasy football owners sleeping on a possible sleeper?

FantasyIPA’s Arthur Richardson: I think we could be sleeping, but looking at the tight ends going ahead of him, I can only see 2-3 that I “might” question.  So I think he may be right where he should be as far as ADP, given the lack of a track record beyond Brees and the TE friendly offense in New Orleans. More importantly the extremely muddled offensive situations that are not only around the Tight ends but the running backs and wide receivers in Baltimore.  While I wouldn’t be surprised if he outperforms his ADP, I am not really targeting him.


Utter-Fantasy #4)  New HOU QB Brock Osweiler- I want you to play both optimist and pessimist. Tell me why QB Osweiler will have a great season in 2016, and tell me why QB Osweiler will have a bad season in 2016.

FantasyIPA’s Arthur Richardson:  Optimist– **“Brock can throw 70 yards on his back”.  I am pretty big on infrastructure and think that Bill O’brien and his system could be a great combination for any young quarterback.  Houston made a sizable investment to bring in an unproven, if not slightly proven commodity in Osweiler.  He will be given every opportunity to succeed and will definitely have the backing of the front office.
**Quote: Doug Bowles-Fantasy IPA Podcast 2016

Pessimist– While Brock Osweiler has the physical tools to become a great QB, my biggest concern is whether he has the mental side of the game down.   The “Belichick/Patriots” offensive scheme which O’brien is implementing in Houston has been known to render physical talents into bench players that could not pick up it up. Couple that with the fact that Osweiler is in a new system, that he has not had long stretches in production and that he had a propensity to hold onto the ball too long raises red flags for me.  It could take “a while” for this offense to become second nature and in today’s NFL we do not always have “a while”.


Utter-Fantasy #5) In 2015, RB LeSean McCoy dominated the Buffalo backfield with 1187 total yards, but he did not dominate in touchdowns for a Buffalo running back. RB Karlos Williams got that honor with 9 TDs ( McCoy 5 TDs). Williams also had 613 total yards to go with his TDs, and was the #32 RB for 2015. With McCoy one year older, can you see one of the other Buffalo running backs  dominating the Buffalo backfield in 2016 in both total yards and touchdowns?

FantasyIPA’s Arthur Richardson: I definitely don’t see Williams dominating Buffalo’s backfield, especially after recent struggles with weight and more importantly the 4 game suspension.  I still see Shady Mccoy as being the clear cut feature back in this offense for 2016 regardless of Williams’ status.  I think the main question now would be who is next in line.  Mike Gillislee actually showed very well in spot duty last season and the Rookie Jonathan Williams could factor in.  If I am drafting today, I would grab Gillislee as the handcuff, but would monitor the Rookie’s performance and be on the lookout for Buffalo to bring in a veteran.


Utter-Fantasy #6) Despite his post-season heroics ( 7 for 145 yards and 2 Tds in the 2015 Divisional Round game vs Arizona)…GB WR Jeff Janis is getting very little love from the fantasy football community, in ADP and in mock drafts. Considering the Packers high octane offense, and GB WR Davante Adams propensity to drop passes, why aren’t  fantasy football owners believers in Janis?

FantasyIPA’s Arthur Richardson: Well there are multiple things keeping Owners apprehensive
·         Owners have been swinging and missing on Janis for a couple of years now
·         Very small sample size of productive games
·         Very crowded receiving corps in Green Bay
·         Repeated reports of inconsistency and inability to pick up the mental side of the game

With all of these issues it makes sense that Janis’ ADP is pretty low.  I tend to own him in quite a few leagues at his current price.  So while I understand the reasons for his ADP, mark me down as someone targeting him at that price and hoping for a 4th year emergence ala Jordy Nelson!


Utter-Fantasy #7) Every year the NFL talks about reducing the number of preseason games (4) for a multiple of reasons, but apparently the owners are making too much money on them to ever move forward with the change. Do you think the NFL should reduce the number of preseason games to 3?

FantasyIPA’s Arthur Richardson: I don’t really think that they should change the preseason format. I know that some of the games do not feature much playing time from the starters, but that will also be shaken up if we drop a game. I do, however, think that the general public is right that the money is a main driver.  From a coaching perspective, I  imagine it is beneficial to see all 4 preseason games to aid them in choosing the correct players to roster. Each game translates to things like game prep, practice reps, wider outcomes based on opponents….. From a consumer point, I think 1 less game would be fine, but from a global perspective I think the current format is fine.


Utter-Fantasy #8) 2015 Post Season Conference Games- Denver beat New England 20-18. Carolina whipped Arizona 40-14, sending them to Super Bowl vs Denver. The Broncos won SB 50 24-10. What surprised you most about how all this played out?

FantasyIPA’s Arthur Richardson: On an overall scale, I don’t think I was really too surprised.  I have heard as long as I can remember that “Defense Wins Championships”.  And this was just another example of that adage being proved out.  If I was surprised by anything it was just how dominant the pass rush from the Broncos was and how it not only physically put a stamp on the game, but mentally seemed to always have the Broncos in the driver’s seat.  I think the secondary deserves a ton of credit as well.  If you can get to Brady as often as they did, your secondary has to reduce the opportunities in a quick strike horizontal offense. I think the Pass Rush will always be remembered, but the Defense as a whole was pretty unbelievable for the eventual Champs.


Utter-Fantasy #9) Only 4 tight ends had 1000+ receiving yards in 2016. Only 3 had double digit touchdowns and of the top 38 tight ends from 2015, 23 had 3 or less TD receptions. Why is it taking so long for NFL teams to discover the tight end as an offensive weapon, like New England and Carolina for example, have done for years?  ( TE Darren Fells lead Arizona tight ends with ONLY 311 receiving yards in 2015!)

FantasyIPA’s Arthur Richardson: I agree that many NFL teams have been slow to utlilize their tight end as an offensive weapon, like Arizona which you pointed out. I think there a few reasons for this. 1) Not every team has an incredible athlete at the position that can be a large, quick dependable target over the middle making contested catches, like the Pats and Panthers have. 2) It’s depends on what the head coach and offensive coordinator are comfortable with calling….i.e. preferring the way that receivers can separate, leading to more uncontested catches and which theoretically should result in more success. 3) By the very nature/definition of the TE position, they are much more relied on as a blocker.


Utter-Fantasy #10) ( The following question happened last year to a friend of mine in one of our leagues, so I wanted to ask you) ….Have you ever thought after a fantasy football draft, that yours was the worst team, only to have it win everything?

FantasyIPA’s Arthur Richardson: I have definitely come out of a draft feeling like it was a terrible draft only to field a very good team that year.  I would also say that the other side has happened…coming out of a draft where you love your team and it ends up bombing.  The main takeaway is that there are many different factors that go into Fantasy production and you have to be nimble.  Injury, under the radar emergence, suspensions…..are all things that change player value, you have to be on your toes and ready to react.  Fantasy Football is a week to week game.

I preach max effort no matter what state your team is in.  Drafting is important but waivers, trades, starting the right players are just a few other  factors that will determine success or failure.  “All you have to do is get to the dance, once in, anything can happen!”


Next Week’s Guest….1st and 10 alum DFF’s Michael Hughes

1st AND 10 Week 15 with Eric dewalt
1st AND 10 Week 14 With Jamie Black


Dear Ryan Fitzpatrick

Dear Ryan Fitzpatrick by Utter-Fantasy Football Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles


Dear Ryan Fitzpatrick,

For a smart guy… ( highest Wonderlic Test score ever by a quarterback )…you sure are being STUPID!

It’s time that you started to think about your teammates, the city of New York that gave you an opportunity in 2015, and all of the Jet fans, instead of just dear Ryan Fitzpatrick. Because, by the way, the Jets have offered you a three-year, $24 million deal with $12 million in the first year. ( That’s more money than what nearly every American watching you play, will ever see in their entire lifetime.) And, it’s a great offer, especially for you. Why…?

For starters dear Ryan Fitzpatrick, you are not that good! I said it. Let’s look at everything before 2015.

You were drafted by the St. Louis Rams in the seventh round of the 2005 NFL Draft…250th overall pick. Not the first, second, third, fourth, fifth or even sixth round…but the seventh round. St. Louis thought so little of you, that they traded you to the Bengals for a seventh-round pick in the 2008 NFL Draft on September 1, 2007.

You only ended up playing for the Bengals because of injuries to the real quarterback, Carson Palmer. After the 2008 season, Cincinnati didn’t want you anymore, so you signed with the Buffalo Bills on February 27, 2009. Mediocre games followed, and you lost your starting job to QB Trent Edwards. You returned as the Bills’ starter at the beginning of the 2012 season, but were released on March 12, 2013.

On March 18, 2013, you signed a two-year contract with the Tennessee Titans. Holding out after the 2013 season like you are this year, would have likely ended your career, because you played in only 11 games, starting in 9 of them. You finished that season with a lousy 3–6 record as the starting quarterback, and were released on March 14, 2014…replaced by Charlie Whitehurst.

On March 18, 2014, you signed a two-year contract with the Houston Texans. ( see a pattern here…no one wants you for very long, ) You were named the Texans’ starting quarterback by new Head Coach Bill O’Brien on June 17, but not for long. As usual, you were demoted to second string on November 5, 2014, and replaced as the starter by Ryan Mallett. You were later able to start again for the Texans, but only because QB Ryan Mallett tore his pectoral muscle. You finished the season with a 6–6 record, so at least you won half of your games.

On March 11, 2015, you were traded again! The Houston Texans didn’t want you, so they sent you to the New York Jets for a late-round conditional draft pick in the 2015 NFL Draft. Were you named the starter? No. It wasn’t until an incident in the locker room, when starting quarterback QB Geno Smith was sucker punched and left with a broken jaw, that you were tentatively named the starter for Week 1.

Did you end up having a good season in 2015? Yes you did. Many fantasy football owners were happy. You were the #11 quarterback for 2015, with 3,905 passing yards, and 31 TD passes. ( along with 270 rushing yards and 2 rushing TDs.) Did you accomplish this, after struggling in the league since 2005, because you suddenly are great? No. Did the team around you have a ton to do with this renaissance season? Yes they did. ( Thanks WR Brandon Marshall, WR Eric Decker, RB Chris Ivory, RB Bilal Powell, the O-Line, the #22 defense, the coaching staff, and everyone else that helped you become the #11 quarterback for 2015.)

Do you deserve a raise? Yes you do, and you have been offered one…a big one. So once again, it’s time dear Ryan Fitzpatrick that you started to think about your teammates, the city of New York that gave you an opportunity in 2015, and all of the Jet fans, instead of just Ryan Fitzpatrick.

It’s a great offer, especially for you.

( and answer your damn phone when Eric Decker calls!)

1st and 10 Week 18

1st and 10 Week 18 by Utter-Fantasy Football Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles

“1st and 10″ is a weekly segment by Utter-Fantasy.com, getting fantasy football insights from a knowledgeable person in the fantastic fantasy football community. With 10 questions each week, we will canvass some of the hot button topics to keep us all informed on the ever-changing NFL landscape and which ones might carry major fantasy football implications.

Every Monday, at approximately 12:00 Noon Central, I will post the latest segment of “1st & 10.”  If you enjoy it, let us know. If you have any fantasy football questions, really let us know.


Week 18-  July 18th, 2016

“1st and 10″ Week 18 Special Guest Writer- GuestFFL.com’s Matt Dougherty

Special thanks to Matt and be sure to follow him @FFLSFantasy and  @QuestFFL


Utter-Fantasy #1) Here is a Dynasty Quarterback Ranking that I got off of a popular  fantasy football website. Please comment on what you do and don’t agree with, regarding to the QBs on this list and where each is ranked.

1. IND Andrew Luck
2. GB Aaron Rodgers
3. CAR Cam Newton
4. SEA Russell Wilson
5. OAK Derek Carr
6. TB Jameis Winston
7. JACK Blake Bortles
8. TENN Marcus Mariota
9. DET Matthew Stafford
10. SD Philip Rivers

GuestFFL.com Matt Dougherty: The top 3 QB’s are interchangeable and I would not fault anyone for taking any one of them as the first QB off the board, but Newton would be my #1 QB.  45 total TD’s in 2015 and that was with Ted Ginn and Jericho Cotchery as his top weapons.  Now he has a healthy Kelvin Benjamin, a developing Devin Funchess and a chip on his shoulder after his Super Bowl performance and post game meltdown.

Luck would come in as a close second and is a major buy low candidate after an abysmal 2015 season.  Expect a big bounce back season in 2015 and I love the young weapons he has around him with Hilton, Moncrief and Dorsett.

Rodgers is Mr. Consistent and you can always pencil him for over 30 TD’s and has Jordy Nelson coming back from injury.  At 32 years old, I would take Newton and Luck over Rodgers.  

I don’t have any issues 4-8 as all 5 QB’s will be great #1 options for the next 10 years.  Although Carr scares me a bit after his 2nd half performance in 2015 and would feel better taking a couple of the guys like Mariota, Bortles and Winston over Carr. In the final 5 games in 2015, Carr had a QB rating of 71.1 with a 8 TD’s and 7 INT’s.  

I expect a huge season from Rivers.  Travis Benjamin is a great addition and will put up some good numbers in that offense.  With Keenan Allen returning from injury and Antonio Gates back for another season, Rivers will easily surpass 30 TD’s and is a reliable #1 QB.  At 34, his age keeps him down in the rankings.  

I have a huge problem with Stafford in the top 10. Post Megatron, there is no way I trust him as my #1 fantasy QB. Golden Tate and Marvin Jones do not inspire much confidence.  I would take guys like Philip Rivers, Matt Ryan, Andy Dalton, and even the oldies but goodies Drew Brees and Tom Brady, even with the suspension  over Stafford.  


Utter-Fantasy #2) Is Chip Kelly’s 1st year as the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers doomed, if he is counting on either Blaine Gabbert or Colin Kaepernick to be his starting quarterback in 2016?

GuestFFL.com Matt Dougherty: Yes! I don’t expect either of them to be a long-term solution in SF and expect a musical chairs at QB this season.  In a tough NFC west, this should be a rebuilding season and a top 5 draft pick in 2017, where Kelly can grab his QB of the future.


Utter-Fantasy #3) In 2015 San Francisco, Minnesota and St. Louis were last in the NFL in passing -respectively. Can you make a case for 1 or more of these improving enough to stay out of the bottom 3 again in 2016?

GuestFFL.com Matt Dougherty: Minnesota will make a big move up those rankings. QB Teddy Bridgewater should continue to progress as a passer and I expect the coaching staff to open up the playbook for him this season.  I also love the weapons Minnesota is putting  around him.  Teams will continue to stack the box with AP still a stud and the addition of Treadwell, who will contribute immediately, will help the passing game.  Diggs and Rudolph should continue to improve as well.

As stated above, I see no hope in SF this year.  Kelly will run Hyde into the ground as there are virtually playmakers on the offensive side.  The same goes for the Rams, with a likely rookie starting QB.  It will be the Todd Gurley show.  Jared Goff is someone to stash on your roster in dynasty leagues, however.


Utter-Fantasy #4)  Preseason football is just a couple weeks away. What do you think is important for fantasy football owners to pay attention to, in the 4 preseason games?

GuestFFL.com Matt Dougherty: I try not to pay too much attention to pre-season numbers, especially when it comes to established players that you will be relying on as starters during the season.  Players will be rested and coaches will keep play calling close to the vest.  Pay attention to what kind of reps backups and rookies are getting in pre-season games, as this is a good indicator of where they may end up on the depth charts.

(Utter-Fantasy: I like to see the 1st string O-Lines)


Utter-Fantasy #5) In 2015, TENN TE Delanie Walker had a league leading 94 receptions, while none of the other Titan receivers even topped 36 receptions ( H Douglas/ K Wright both had 36). WR Dorial Green-Beckham only had 32 catches in 2015. In his 2nd year, will QB Marcus Mariota be more successful in spreading the ball around to his offensive weapons? Also, what kind of receiving stats do you see TE D Walker, WR DGB, WR K Wright and Rishard Matthews ending the 2016 season with?

GuestFFL.com Matt Dougherty: Mariota will continue to develop as a passer and his passing stats should reflect this.  The addition of Derrick Henry and DeMarco Murray will help open up the passing game for Tennessee and Mariota.  While I expect Walker to once again put up top 10 TE numbers, 94 catches will be tough to match with the weapons Tennessee has added and the development of WR’s like DGB.  DGB showed glimpses of the star that many think he will be the last half of 2015 with two 100 yard games out of the last 6.  1000 yards is not of the question for DGB.  Matthews and Wright could be a decent flex option in PPR leagues but their production will be inconsistent and their ceilings will be limited with the number of weapons Tennessee has.


Utter-Fantasy #6) Do you think a player like TB WR Mike Evans can dramatically improve his receiving abilities and concentration ( most drops in 2015 by a wide out), in only one off-season?

GuestFFL.com Matt Dougherty: I do and I expect Evans to have a huge year.  At only 22, and going into the magical 3rd year for a WR, I expect a big leap and Evans should not have a problem getting rid of the dropsies. With Winston continuing to develop and the Bucs also improving, I expect double digit TD’s and over 80 catches.


Utter-Fantasy #7) An NFL team may often have a terrible losing record, but still provide great players for fantasy football owners. The New Orleans Saints ( 7-9 in 2015) are a good example. Of the 14 defensive players selected in the 1st round of the 2016 NFL draft, who are you expecting to help fantasy football owners the most in leagues that score individual defensive players?

GuestFFL.com Matt Dougherty: If you are looking for immediate production, Joey Bosa of the Chargers should rack up the tackle total.  For long-term production, Jaylon Smith and Myles Jack are the players to own if you are willing to be patient and have the roster room available to wait for them to recover from significant injuries.


Utter-Fantasy #8) I have written that I thought Robert Griffin III could resurrect his career in 2016, if given the starting job in the preseason. However, looking at the upcoming NFL schedule, the Browns have 5 of their first 7 games on the road, and the 2 home games are against Baltimore and New England. A rough start will likely crush RG3’s fragile confidence, so I am back tracking on my earlier prediction. Good idea, based on the schedule?

GuestFFL.com Matt Dougherty: To go along with a fragile confidence, RG3 also has a very fragile body and I would be shocked if he makes it out of the first half alive. I would avoid him at all costs, especially with the price tag still a bit inflated with owners hoping he can replicate his rookie year performance.


Utter-Fantasy #9) I recently published an article entitled “10 Players Getting No Respect” and on that list was JACK QB Blake Bortles. A few of my readers, who’s comments I very much welcome, disagreed with Bortles being on the list. They feel like he is already getting all the respect that he deserves in rankings and mock drafts. Which side of this subject are you leaning and why?

GuestFFL.com Matt Dougherty:  I need to see another year of production from Bortles before I can give him the proper respect that a QB coming off a 35 TD season deserves.  With Jacksonville playing from behind so much in 2015, his TD stats are a bit inflated and I expect those totals to regress some in 2016.  With Jacksonville loaded with young offensive talent in Robinson, Hurns and Thomas, Bortles is set up for long-term successes.  I just need to see one more season before I am completely sold.


Utter-Fantasy #10) As the commissioner of over 300 fantasy football leagues, many of which are “dynasty leagues”, what advice would give 1st year fantasy football owners starting in this type of formatted league?

GuestFFL.com Matt Dougherty: Study up!  Dynasty is a different animal than redraft leagues.  Review expert dynasty rankings, ADP and look at prior drafts on the site you are joining. Also, make sure you review the league scoring thoroughly before drafting.  PPR vs. non-PPR leagues are completely different drafting strategy.


Next Week’s Guest….IPA’s Arthur Richardson


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10 Players Getting No Respect

10 Players Getting No Respect by Utter-Fantasy Football Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles


In less than a month, NFL fans will finally get to see some action when the 2016 preseason kicks off on Sunday, Aug. 7, in Canton, Ohio…the Green Bay Packers face the Indianapolis Colts in the Hall of Fame Game. Fantasy football fanatics are getting excited, and mock drafts and rankings are as abundant as campaign yard signs. Many people, including myself, have already participated in actually drafts, and are looking forward to more. With completed drafts, mock drafts and rankings, one can already get an idea who is expected to do well this upcoming season, and who is not.

This article showcases 10 NFL players that are currently getting little RESPECT from the NFL and fantasy community. They may end up being strong ‘sleepers” in 2016, so perhaps fantasy football owners should revisit their preconceived opinions on these players.

#1- WR Anquan Boldin– “Oo Baby…What you want”…if not this sure-handed receiver on your team, especially if you have young wide outs who need mentoring. Why this guy is still a free agent is a mystery to me. Like his former teammate WR Larry Fitzgerald, Boldin is the consummate professional. In 2014, Boldin was the #23 wide receiver in the NFL, and in 2015, he was #43. His stats for 2015 were better than MINN Stefon Diggs, PHIL Rishad Matthews, NE Danny Amendola and WASH DeSean Jackson (who all currently have jobs).

#2- WR Doug Baldwin– From Week 10 of 2015, to the end of the season, the only thing WR Doug Baldwin did was catch 60 passes for 848 yards and 13 touchdowns. He ended 2015 as the #7 among all NFL wide outs, but is currently having 24 wide receivers drafted before him. Nothing has changed in Seattle! TE Jimmy Graham is a shell of his early self, WR Tyler Lockett is emerging, but QB Russell Wilson trusts Baldwin.

#3- QB Blake Bortles– This Jacksonville leader quietly was the #3 quarterback for the 2015 NFL season, with 4428 passing yards, 310 rushing yards and 37 total touchdowns. You’d never know it, however, by the way the mock drafts are going. 10 quarterbacks are being selected before Bortles and in many standard league drafts Bortles can be stolen as late as Round 10.

#4- RB Chris Ivory– In the 2015 NFL Draft the Jaguars selected Alabama’s TJ Yeldon with their 2nd round pick. He was to be their workhorse and every down back for the future. The signing of RB Chris Ivory on March 10, 2016 to a three-year deal should give you a clue how they feel about Yeldon today. RB Chris Ivory is tough runner in the same mold as a Frank Gore, who wants the ball and wants to pound it for 4 quarters. In 2015 Ivory rushed for over 1000 yards as a Jet, and recorded 8 TDs. He is a massive upgrade over Yeldon, and his current RB ADP #26 is too low.

#5- WR Eric Decker– Even though the quarterback situation is currently unresolved, one has to assume that QB Ryan Fitzpatrick is going to come to his senses, and sign with the team. It’s the only time in Fitz’s career that he’s ever had any success for crying out loud. When he does, Decker should be drafted with confidence in the top 15 wide outs for 2016, rather than #30 where his ADP is today. In 2015, Decker was the #11 wide receiver in the NFL with 1027 receiving yards and 12 touchdown receptions. (If Fitz never signs, drafting Decker at #30 may be actually too high)

#6- RB Rashad Jennings– When the Raiders decided to let Jennings go after the 2013 NFL season, I was excited for him to get a starting job with the Giants. On March 12, 2014, Jennings signed a four-year, $14 million contract with New York. But Tom Coughlin was the head coach, and it wasn’t until Week 14 that the numbskull Coughlin, let RB Jennings have more than 13 carries in one game. The Giants won that game 31-24 in Miami. Ben McAdoo is the new head coach, so it remains to be seen if Jennings can get enough carries consistently to be a running back fantasy owners can rely on, but the potential is definitely there.

#7- WR Kamar Aiken– If WR Breshad Perriman did not get injured (again), I wouldn’t be writing this, but Perriman did, so I am. If you believe that WR Mike Wallace still has plenty left in the gas tank, then you and I will have to agree to disagree. So for me, that leaves Steve Smith and Kamar Aiken as the primary receivers in Baltimore. (Wallace will get some targets, just not a lot) Smith will wear down even quicker than he did last year, and has a bye in Week 8. Expect Aiken’s numbers to be good for the 1st 7 weeks, and take off after that.

#8- RB James Starks– Guess who had more total yards in 2015 than RB’s DeMarco Murray, Jeremy Hill, Eddie Lacy and CJ Anderson? Since his name is in bold type, and right before the question, so please tell me that everyone got this right! In a back up role mind you, RB James Starks was the #23 running back for 2015, and he may be the best suited running back for the Packer offense. I am not saying draft Starks before Lacy, but he may be the #1 RB handcuff to have in fantasy football, and should be drafted before the 51st RB off the boards, where he is currently going.

#9- QB Brock Osweiler– It is not uncommon to see a back up quarterback, who is suddenly thrusted into the starting job late in the season, to fall flat on his face. It’s almost expected. He hasn’t worked with the 1st team all year afterall, and is facing NFL defenses in real games for the first time. But QB Brock Osweiler did not fall on his face. Of the 7 games that he started in the final games of the 2015 season, the Broncos won 5, and Osweiler was a big reason why. Fantasy football owners are sleeping on this guy, and with his weapons in Houston, he is a steal in the later rounds.

#10- Tim Hightower– RB Mark Ingram was drafted by the Saints in the 1st round of the 2011 NFL Draft, and 2012 was the only year that he was able to play in all 16 games of a regular season. In 2013, Ingram only played in 11 games, in 2014 only 13, and in 2015 only 12 games. Last year when Ingram was out (again) with injuries, RB Tim Hightower stepped in and started the final 4 games. In that short span, Hightower racked up 456 total yards and 4 touchdowns. Hightower spent nearly four years out of the league before returning in strong fashion last year, and showed fresh legs and an eagerness to play football. Must add for Ingram owners.

(NOTE: CLEV RB Isaiah Crowell was #10, before his ill-advised instagram post. We’ll see how that one ends up playing out.)

Maybe I’ll be singing a different tune by Week 6 on some of these players, but this is what I think right now. If you disagree, “Break It to Me Gently”  (another great Aretha Franklin tune)…or not gently, I can take it!


UncleOdds Top 5 Standard Rankings

UncleOdds Top 5 Standard Rankings by Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles


Utter-Fantasy welcomes fantasy football extraordinaire RotoUncleOdds as a guest writer this week, sharing with us his 2016 Top 5 Standard QB, RB, WR and WR Rankings with Projections.

GB Aaron Rodgers tops his “Top 5 Standard QBs Passing & Projections” Board, while LAR Todd Gurley, PITT Antonio Brown and NE TE Rob Gronkowski top his “Top 5 Standard League Rankings & Projections” for Running Back, Wide Receiver and Tight End” boards respectively.

Utter-Fantasy thanks RotoUncleOdds for his generosity.
Please follow the him on Twitter- @RotoUncleOdds

UncleOdds Top 5 Standard QBs Passing Stats 2015/  2016 Projections


1. GB Aaron Rodgers 2015 Passing Stats

2015 GB 16 347 572 3,821 31


• GB Aaron Rodgers Passing Projections 2016

2016 GB 16 374 560 4,472 34


  1. 2. CAR Cam Newton 2015 Passing Stats
2015 CAR 16 296 495 3,837 35


• CAR Cam Newton Passing Projections 2016

2016 CAR 16 305 515 3,990 31


  1. 3. SEA Russell Wilson 2015 Passing Stats
2015 SEA 16 329 483 4,024 34


• SEA Russell Wilson Passing 2016 Projections

2016 SEA 16 334 497 3,994 30


  1. 4. IND Andrew Luck 2015 Passing Stats
2015 IND 7 162 293 1,881 15


• IND Andrew Luck Passing 2016 Projections

2016 IND 16 375 568 4,453 32


  1. 5. PITT Ben Roethlisberger 2015 Passing Stats
2015 PIT 12 319 469 3,938 21


• PITT Ben Roethlisberger Passing 2016 Projections

2016 PIT 16 369 547 4,435 31


UncleOdds Top 5 Standard RBs Rushing Stats 2015 / 2016 Projections


  1. 1. LAR Todd Gurley 2015 Rushing Stats
2015 13 229 1,106 4.8 10


• LAR Todd Gurley Rushing 2016 Projections

2016 16 293 1,438 4.9 12


  1. 2. Adrian Peterson 2015 Rushing Stats
2015 16 327 1,485 4.5 11


•Adrian Peterson 2016 Rushing Projections

2016 16 268 1,196 4.4 11


  1. 3. PITT Le’Veon Bell 2015 Rushing Stats
2015 6 113 556 4.9 3


• PITT Le’Veon Bell 2016 Rushing Projections

2016 6 243 1190 4.8 10


  1. 4. ARI David Johnson 2015 Rushing Stats
2015 16 125 581 4.6 8


• ARI David Johnson 2016 Rushing Projections

2016 ARI 16 256 1190 4.6 9


  1. 5. DAL Ezekiel Elliott 2015 (College) Rushing Stats
2015 13 289 1821 6.3 23


• DAL Ezekiel Elliott 2016 Rushing Projections

2016 16 261 1195 4.5 9


UncleOdds Top 5 Standard WRs Receiving Stats 2015/  2016 Projections


  1. 1. PITT Antonio Brown 2015 Receiving Stats
2015 16 136 195 1,834 13.5 10


• PITT Antonio Brown 2016 Receiving Projections

2016 16 121 184 1,658 13.7 9


  1. 2. NYG Odell Beckham Jr. 2015 Receiving Stats
2015 15 96 159 1,450 15.1 13


• NYG Odell Beckham 2016 Receiving Projections

2016 15 97 155 1,425 14.7 11


  1. 3. HOU DeAndre Hopkins 2015 Receiving Stats
2015 16 111 192 1,521 13.7 11


• HOU DeAndre Hopkins 2016 Receiving Projections

2016 16 102 179 1,472 14.4 9


  1. 4. ATL Julio Jones 2015 Receiving Stats
2015 16 136 204 1,871 13.8 8


• ATL Julio Jones 2016 Receiving Projections

2016 16 110 175 1,575 14.3 8


  1. 5. JACK Allen Robinson 2015 Receiving Stats
2015 16 80 153 1,400 17.5 14


• JACK Allen Robinson 2016 Receiving Projections

2016 16 85 162 1,386 16.3 14


UncleOdds Top 5 Standard TEs Receiving Stats 2015 / 2016 Projections


  1. 1. NE Rob Gronkowski 2015 Receiving Stats
2015 15 72 120 1,176 16.3 11


• NE Rob Gronkowski Gronkowski 2016 Receiving Projections

2016 16 76 129 1,093 14.4 9


  1. 2. WASH Jordan Reed 2015 Receiving Stats
2015 14 87 114 952 10.9 11


• WASH Jordan Reed 2016 Receiving Projections

2016 16 84 118 965 11.5 9


  1. 3. CAR Greg Olsen 2015 Receiving Stats
2015 16 77 123 1,104 14.3 7


• CAR Greg Olsen 2016 Receiving Projections

2016 16 71 113 1,017 14.3 6


  1. 4. TENN Delanie Walker 2015 Receiving Stats
2015 15 94 133 1,088 11.6 6


• TENN Delanie Walker 2016 Receiving Projections

2016 15 78 114 918 11.7 6


  1. 5. CINN Tyler Eifert 2015 Receiving Stats
2015 13 52 72 615 11.8 13


• CINN Tyler Eifert 2016 Receiving Projections

2016 13 54 88 632 11.7 7


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Rank Team DST
1 Seattle Seahawks
2 Denver Broncos
3 Cleveland Browns
4 Indianapolis Colts
5 San Diego Chargers
6 Tennessee Titans
7 Kansas City Chiefs
8 Buffalo Bills
9 Los Angeles Rams
10 Minnesota Vikings
11 Green Bay Packers
12 Pittsburgh Steelers
13 New York Jets
14 Oakland Raiders
15 Jacksonville Jaguars
16 Cincinnati Bengals
17 Miami Dolphins
18 Baltimore Ravens
19 Washington Redskins
20 Philadelphia Eagles
21 Detroit Lions
22 Atlanta Falcons
23 Chicago Bears
24 Dallas Cowboys
25 San Francisco 49ers
26 New York Giants
27 New Orleans Saints
28 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
29 Cleveland Browns
30 Indianapolis Colts
31 San Diego Chargers
32 Tennessee Titans

1st and 10 Week 17

1st and 10 Week 17 by Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles

“1st and 10″ is a weekly segment by Utter-Fantasy.com, getting fantasy insights from a knowledgeable person in the fantastic fantasy football community. With 10 questions each week, we will canvass some of the hot button topics to keep us all informed on the ever-changing NFL landscape and which may carry major fantasy football implications.

On Monday afternoon, approximately 12:00 Noon Central, I will post the latest segment in “1st & 10.”  If you enjoy it, let us know. If you have any fantasy football questions, really let us know.


Week 17-  July 11th, 2016

“1st and 10″ Week 17 Special Guest Writer- Jennifer Smith- senior writer for TheFantasyAuthority

Special thanks to Jennifer Smith and be sure to follow her on Twitter @FF_female920


Utter-Fantasy #1) The running back can be a hit-or-miss position. Of the 11 RBs selected early last year in fantasy football drafts, only one delivered on what people were hoping for, that would be Adrian Peterson. The disappointing group included Marshawn Lynch, Eddie Lacy, Arian Foster, Melvin Gordon and Jamaal Charles. I believe, however, that the current top 10 RBs are safer picks in 2016, than the top 10 RBs were last year? Do you agree Jennifer?

Jennifer Smith TFA: Well, injuries were the main factor last year with many you mentioned and those concerns are still present in this year’s top 10 RBs (as they always will be due to the ground and pound of being a workhorse); however, I’m confident in those at the top compared with last season. Age and durability have been the main topics coming up, but also small sample size/experience (e.g. Elliot, D Johnson). The main things I look for in my RB1 are 1) opportunity/volume 2) consistency 3) injury/durability concerns. If you spend an early round pick on these guys, you want a return and a big one at that. Both Charles and Bell are coming off knee injuries, but their rehab seems to be going well and I have no concerns about their volume or consistency when healthy. Doug Martin and Mark Ingram are integral pieces in their offenses (and consistent), and Lacy dropped weight and seems primed for a bounce back. I am high on Lamar Miller’s talent on a run heavy Texans team (he’s my #5 RB) and David Johnson will have to prove that his performance at the end of the season was legit. His coaching staff seems confident that Chris Johnson and Ellington will be complements and D Johnson will get lion’s share of the carries.

Devonta Freeman and Ezekiel Elliot are probably the backs I have more concern about, only because we haven’t seen Elliot at a professional level and there is always adjustment there, even though he is clearly very talented and well-rounded. Will he actually get 280-300 carries as is speculated? I’m thinking it will be less than that, but plenty to make a fantasy impact. Freeman’s efficiency started to wane over the second half of last season and with Tevin Coleman healthy, he will see less touches (265 carries last season, 73 receptions). The volume will be there and he showed he can be the bell-cow, but his performance over first half of last season (4.5 YPC; 9 TDs in 6 games) may be inflating fantasy owner’s expectations for 2016. He actually fell out of my top 10 (#11).


Utter-Fantasy #2) We all know that WR Antonio Brown will likely have another stellar season in 2016, but the other offensive players are harder to predict. Please write a brief sentence on the following Pittsburgh players with regard to their likely success with QB Roethlisberger and overall impact in fantasy football for standard formatted leagues. WR Markus Wheaton-WR Sammy Coates-WR Darrius Heyward-Bey-TE Ladarius Green

Jennifer Smith TFA:

WR Markus Wheaton- He will come out of the gate at the WR2 position and was tied with Heath Miller last season for the 2nd most red zone targets (third overall targets). He was pretty unimpressive in beginning of season, but had 4 TDs in last 6 games and seemed to develop chemistry with Big Ben. If he doesn’t step up initially with M. Bryant out, he’ll open the door for Coates. With a late 8th round ADP currently, you could snag a WR2 for a WR3 price (which is where I expect him to land for most of fantasy season), but I would rather have guys like Marvin Jones, Crabtree, or Travis Benjamin at a similar price.

WR Sammy Coates- They’ll involve Coates in 3 wide sets and give him an opportunity to show what he can do after having a “tremendous” off-season. He has the most to gain from M Bryant’s absence, but won’t hit his numbers in 2016. Coates is a great late round flyer in redraft and best-ball/MFL10 leagues due to his upside and opportunity.

WR Darrius Heyward-Bey- I don’t see him as fantasy relevant, as he is lowest on the totem pole out of all these listed. He had an increased role at the beginning of last season, but then was much less involved once Bryant returned.

TE Ladarius Green –He has the most upside for me, due to Ben’s extensive use of TEs in the past; however, this was with veteran Heath Miller who he developed chemistry with over 11 seasons. Green has been in Antonio Gate’s shadow in San Diego and definitely has the athleticism and size to dominate in the position. In the 3 games Gates was out in beginning of last season, Green averaged 4.6 rec, 58 yards, 12.5 yard average, and scored in 2 out of 3 games. I have him ranked as the #8 TE for 2016.


Utter-Fantasy #3) Most fantasy football prognosticators have a certain player(s) that they are higher on for the upcoming season than others might have them. I have DAL RB Zeke Elliott and SD WR Travis Benjamin higher than most. Who have you seen recently ranked perhaps too high, that you have reservations about?

Jennifer Smith TFA: Latavius Murray, Dion Lewis, and Devante Parker are the ones that I’ve seen creep up ranks this summer, perhaps too much. Murray’s YPC last season was unimpressive, but he was able to end the year as the #10 fantasy RB. The story this end result doesn’t show you is the weekly inconsistency and rollercoaster of production that he gave owners last season. He is currently ranked around #17-18 RB off the board and last season, he only bested this ranking in 6 games. The rest, he ranked #23 at best and #57 at worst. He’s ranked near guys like Forte, Anderson, Hyde, and D Murray (and above Gore, Gordon, Langford) and ADP in late 3rd round. This price is just too high for me given the issues mentioned and the addition of D Washington behind him (will probably steal mostly receiving touches, at least initially). I would rather have someone with more consistency for my RB2.

My concerns with Lewis are purely about durability. He has NEVER played a full season and is on the ever-mysterious NE Patriots which many downplay, but is a serious obstacle and frustration of many fantasy owners during season. I don’t question his talent one bit, but coming off another injury (ACL), I think drafting him at around #23 RB (near in ranking to J Hill, Stewart, Gore, D Murray, Landford, and Gordon) is too steep for me. My RB2 needs to be consistent and stable, and I just wouldn’t reach that high for someone with such high risk. FYI, I had the same mindset about Arian Foster last year and told others that even his lower ADP was too pricey. There’s a chance things turn out well for owners, but a higher likelihood of disappointment. Good best ball pick or RB3, but most likely someone is going to reach for him in your league. It won’t be me.

Devante Parker is a guy with upside and his performance at the end of last season after Rishad Matthews’ injury gave him the opportunity was impressive. I won’t argue the upside, as everyone saw how explosive he CAN be when he’s healthy and his fundamentals are sound. However, my concern is his ADP (6.10) and that he is flying off the board before guys like John Brown, Allen Hurns, Donte Moncrief, and Tyler Lockett. We have a limited sample of Parker and he has a nagging foot injury that he’s struggled with since college (missed time last season as well). There’s just not enough to justify a his increased ranking, in my eyes.


Utter-Fantasy #4)  In a follow up question, what player have you currently ranked higher than others, because you see them having a better 2016 NFL season than is expected?

Jennifer Smith TFA: I swear, I had him before he was mentioned in the last question but Travis Benjamin is a guy I really like this season. The Chargers offense will be improved this year with the return of Keenan Allen and better play by Melvin Gordon. Rivers ended 2015 as the #1 QB in completions (438) and pass attempts (662), so there’s plenty of targets for this deep threat player. Benjamin finished last season as the #28 fantasy WR, yet he is being ranked around #48 currently despite joining a better team and having a better QB. His ADP is in the ninth round right now, which is a steal for a WR2 across from Keenan Allen. Sign me up.


Utter-Fantasy #5) The fantasy football draft can be one of the best parts of any fantasy season. One of my favorite “best ball’ leagues actually drafts “twice”…once prior to the beginning of the NFL season, then at Week 8 of the NFL schedule. (Each team freezes 2 players from their existing roster, all other players are thrown back into the “available pot” and we re-draft.) It is very fun, and brings a new, exciting element to the league as everyone has practically a brand new team. Have you ever participated in a mid-season re-draft league, and if not, would you ever recommend it for a future league?

Jennifer Smith TFA: I actually haven’t participated in a league with a mid-season re-draft, but I’m always game for ways to make fantasy more fun. I like the excitement of getting a “second crack” at drafting, but I would imagine as an owner that is dominating or drafted well initially, the second draft could be un-welcomed or frustrating. The owner that drafted poorly or whose team is plagued with injuries, would be ecstatic. If you sign up for one of these leagues, you know the 2nd draft is coming and most likely you enjoy something different to spice things up mid-season. Personally, I might steer clear of doing a lot of these leagues due to preparation that I do for my drafts and that this might be a lot to manage mid-season. I can definitely see the appeal, especially if you’ve been in fantasy football for a while and are getting bored with regular formats.


Utter-Fantasy #6) Falcons’ QB Matt Ryan has put up consistent fantasy numbers year after year, ending 2015 as the #16 overall quarterback. A few years ago he was being evaluated as a top-tier quarterback, but opinions have varied since then. Do you have faith that Matty Ice will have a productive 2016 campaign? Where would you rank him amidst QBs? How early or late should owners be looking to draft him?

Jennifer Smith TFA: Yes, I do think that Matt Ryan will have an improved season compared to 2015 and I have him ranked currently at #13 , right between Romo and Dalton. Ryan ended in the top 10 fantasy QBs in 2012-2014, but his dud last season might be steering owners away in 2016, which is a mistake. Ryan seemed to have difficulty adjusting to OC Kyle Shanahan’s system and threw 16 interceptions (2nd highest in career) and only 21 TDs (worse than any of his past 6 seasons; only season he did worse was his rookie campaign). Julio is Julio, but he can’t do everything. Roddy White clearly did help Ryan’s play in 2015, but Atlanta hopes that Sanu will contribute more. I think Sanu will be better than White and having a decent (emphasis on decent, not good) WR2 to help reduce double coverage on Julio Jones can only help the offense. Add in the successful running tandem of Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman, and I think Ryan returns to form and ends the season just outside the top 10


Utter-Fantasy #7) Which team or teams that made the playoffs last season will suffer the biggest drop off and miss the tournament this year? Subsequently, which team could you see making the jump into relevance in 2016?

Jennifer Smith TFA: The Bengals may struggle in the AFC North division, as I think both the Steelers and the Ravens will have good 2016 seasons and, as already discussed, they have a depleted receiving corps heading into this season. As we all know as well, Dalton will have to step up his consistency in order to make the playoffs again this year. I know I might anger a bunch of fans here, but I think the Patriots might have a harder road this season to the playoffs than in many seasons past. The Jets missed playoffs by the skin of their teeth in 2015, Dolphins have some great upside, and Buffalo gets Sammy Watkins at full health and a dynamic quarterback in Tyrod Taylor.

I could see the Colts making a jump back into relevance this season with a healthy Andrew Luck. They improved their O-line and so can protect him better and I like their receiver corps of Hilton, Moncrief, and D Allen. Their run game is a little concerning, as if Gore goes down, there isn’t a lot of depth behind him. I could also see Cowboys having a big jump after a horrible 2015 season. They’ll need a healthy 16 games from Romo and Bryant, and for Elliot to hit the ground running (literally), but I could see them having a strong season. Their receiving corps isn’t very strong behind Bryant, however, so that’s something to keep in mind.


Utter-Fantasy #8) Of the following NFL players who had significant injuries in 2015, who concerns you the most for the upcoming season? RB LeVeon Bell… RB Jamaal Charles… TE Jimmy Graham… WR Jordy Nelson… WR Kevin White… WR Keenan Allen

Jennifer Smith TFA: I know many might say Kevin White (and I’m concerned somewhat, but more of his rookie performance and not injury), but I’m more concerned with Jimmy Graham. The reports out of Seattle about his recovery timeline have been mixed, some saying he will be ready Week 1 and others that he will start the season on the PUP/reserve list (costing him first 6 games of the season, a huge fantasy impact). As if this wasn’t enough, Graham was severely underutilized last season in Seattle after dominating in New Orleans. He had difficulty converting the few red zone targets he received (30% completion rate) and then tore his patellar tendon in week 12. This is considered one of the most serious injuries a player can face and his ability to bounce back is severely in question (see Victor Cruz). He concerns me most, followed by White.


Utter-Fantasy #9) Denver’s WR Demaryius Thomas had 14 TDs in 2013, 11 TDs in 2014 and only 6 TDs in 2015. Does his downward TD spiral continue in 2016, and what do you predict for his overall stats at the end of the upcoming season?

Jennifer Smith TFA: I think Thomas bounces back in 2016 and I anticipate a 10-12 TDs, 110 receptions for around 1375-1400 yards. DT had some distractions (contract, mother’s release from prison) during the 2015 season and has admitted that these distractions took away from his performance. Add in Manning’s struggles and moves at QB, and this temporary dip in production makes some sense. Despite the uncertainty at QB for 2016, DT is by far the most targeted receiver (overall and in the red zone) in Denver, and it isn’t close. He will continue to be an anchor of the offense and looked toward to lead the team in 2016.


Utter-Fantasy #10) The Cincinnati Bengals lost WRs Marvin Jones and Mohamed Sanu to free agency. TE Tyler Eifert is injured again and does not expect to be ready for Week 1. The Bengals signed WR Brandon LaFell and drafted WR Tyler Boyd, but did they do enough in free agency and the 2016 NFL Draft to replace their depleted receiving corps?

Jennifer Smith TFA: It’s a strong no for me on this one. AJG can’t do it all himself and the injury to Eifert is a significant loss. Eifert represented the 3rd most targeted receiver overall and the 2nd most targeted player in the red zone. LaFell represents a fill-in and someone that could be fantasy relevant only because of volume/situation, not based on talent. Anyone that watched him last season couldn’t be overly impressed with his drops and completion percentage (50%), but the Bengals will look to him as WR2 as Boyd gets used in the slot. I was never very impressed with Sanu, so I think his loss hurts much less than Marvin Jones. He quietly had a solid 2015 season with a 65-816-4 line and was a consistent contributor across from Green, but left the Bengals to get more opportunities and leave Green’s shadow. Boyd will need to get his feet wet as a rookie and if Green gets injured, the Bengals will struggle significantly.

Next Week’s Guest….GuestFFL.com’s Matt Dougherty

1st AND 10 Week 15 with Eric dewalt
1st AND 10 Week 14 With Jamie Black


2016 Defensive Player Rankings


2016 Defensive Player Rankings by Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles

Overall 2016 Defensive Player Rankings-

1. HOU DE J.J. Watt
2. OAK DE Khalil Mack
3. CAR MLB Luke Kuechly
4. TB OLB Lavonte David
5. SF ILB NaVorro Bowman
6. LA MLB Alec Ogletree
7. DET  WLB DeAndre Levy
8. SEA MLB Bobby Wagner
9. CAR OLB Thomas Davis
10. LA DT Aaron Donald
11. BALT ILB C.J. Mosley
12. MIA SS Reshad Jones
13. JACK OLB Telvin Smith
14. IND ILB D’Qwell Jackson
15. PHIL DT Fletcher Cox
16. PITT ILB L. Timmons
17. DET DE Ezekiel Ansah
18. MIA MLB Kiko Alonso
19. NE MLB Jamie Collins
20. NO OLB Stephone Anthony
21. DAL WLB Sean Lee
22. ARI ILB Deone Bucannon
23. NYJ DE M. Wilkerson
24. KC ILB Derrick Johnson
25. MINN FS Harrison Smith
26. NYG DE Olivier Vernon
27. OAK OLB Malcolm Smith
28. BALT FS Eric Weddle
29. NYG FS Landon Collins
30. CHI ILB Danny Trevathan
31. TB MLB Kwon Alexander
32. BUFF ILB Preston Brown
33. DEN  ILB Brandon Marshall
34. GB SS Morgan Burnett
35. BUF  FS Corey Graham
36. CHI ILB Jerrell Freeman
37. DEN  OLB Von Miller
38. NYJ ILB David Harris
39. PHL FS Malcolm Jenkins
40. OAK FS Reggie Nelson
41. MIA DT Ndamukong Suh
42. CINN DE Carlos Dunlap
43. ARI ILB Kevin Minter
44. JACK MLB Paul Posluszny
45. CAR DT Kawann Short
46. NO SS Kenny Vaccaro
47. BUFF ILB Reggie Ragland
48. SEA OLB K.J. Wright
49. CLE  ILB Chris Kirksey
50. LA OLB Mark Barron
51. PITT ILB Ryan Shazier
52. DAL SS Barry Church
53. SEA SS Kam Chancellor
54. TB MLB Daryl Smith
55. MIN MLB Eric Kendricks
56. WAS CB Bashaud Breeland
57. CAR FS Kurt Coleman
58. JACK SS Johnathan Cyprien
59. IND  ILB Nate Irving
60. ATL  MLB Paul Worrilow
61. TENN ILB Avery Williamson
62. TENN  ILB Wesley Woodyard
63. NO MLB James Laurinaitis
64. SD  OLB Melvin Ingram
65. NE DE Rob Ninkovich
66. ATL DL Adrian Clayborn
67. WASH ILB Chris Baker
67. MINN DE Danielle Hunter
68. TB SS Chris Conte
69. NYG SS Darian Thompson
70. SEA CB Brandon Browner


Defensive Linemen Rankings

Tier One DLs

1. HOU DE J.J. Watt

Tier Two DLs

2. OAK  DE Khalil Mack
3. PHIL DT Fletcher Cox
4. LA DT Aaron Donald
5. CINN DE Carlos Dunlap
6. NYJ DE M. Wilkerson
7. NYG DE Olivier Vernon
8. DET  DE Ezekiel Ansah
9. MIA DT Ndamukong Suh
10. CAR DT Kawann Short
11. NE DE Rob Ninkovich
12. NO DE Cameron Jordan
13. CINN DT Geno Atkins

Tier Three DLs

14. SD DE Joey Bosa
15. PHIL DE Connor Barwin
16. ARI DE Calais Campbell
17. KC DE Jaye Howard
18. TB DT Gerald McCoy
19. SEA DE Michael Bennett
20. MIA DE Mario Williams
21. PHIL DE Brandon Graham
22. SF DT DeForest Buckner
23. WAS DE Chris Baker
24. MIA DE Cameron Wake
25. PITT DE Stephon Tuitt
26. SEA DE Cliff Avril
27. NYG NT Damon Harrison
28. NYG DE Jason Pierre-Paul
29. NYJ DE S. RichardsonNYG
30. PITT DE Cameron Heyward
31. MINN DE Everson Griffen
32. CINN DE Michael Johnson
33. MINN DE Brian Robison
34. TB DE William Gholston
35. MINN  DT Linval Joseph
36. SF NT Ian Williams
37. TB DE Robert Ayers
38. DAL DE D. Lawrence
39. TENN  DE Jurrell Casey
40. NYJ  DT Leonard Williams
41. BUFF DT Kyle Williams
42. LA DE William Hayes
43. DEN DE Derek Wolfe
44. BUFF DT Marcell Dareus
45. NE DE Jabaal Sheard
46. JACK DE Dante Fowler
47. PHIL NT Bennie Logan
48. JACK DE Malik Jackson
49. DEN  DE Jared Crick
50. CAR  DE Charles Johnson
51. SF DE Quinton Dial
52. NE DT Malcom Brown
53. BALT NT Brandon Williams
54. MINN DE Danielle Hunter
55. GB  DE Mike Daniels
56.BALT DE Lawrence Guy
57. OAK DT Dan Williams
58. TB DE Jacquies Smith
59. DET DE Devin Taylor
60. NE DE Chris Long
61. CAR DE Kony Ealy
62. IND DE Kendall Langford
63. ATL DE Derrick Shelby
65. CLEV DE Desmond Bryant
66. OAK DE Mario Edwards
67. IND DE Authur Jones
68. ATL DE Vic Beasley
69. JACK Sen’Derrick Marks
70. KC DE Allen Bailey


Defensive Linebackers Rankings

Tier One LBs

1. SF ILB NaVorro Bowman
2. CAR MLB Luke Kuechly
3. TB OLB Lavonte David

Tier Two LBs

4. LA MLB Alec Ogletree
5. DET WLB DeAndre Levy
6. SEA MLB Bobby Wagner
7. JACK MLB Paul Posluszny
8. DAL WLB Sean Lee
9. BALT ILB C.J. Mosley
10. JACK OLB Telvin Smith
11. PITT ILB L. Timmons
12. NO OLB Stephone Anthony
13. MIA MLB Kiko Alonso
14. NE MLB Jamie Collins
15. IND ILB D’Qwell Jackson
16. ARI  ILB Deone Bucannon
17. KC ILB Derrick Johnson
18. OAK OLB Malcolm Smith

Tier Three LBs

19. CHI ILB Danny Trevathan
20. TB MLB Kwon Alexander
21. BUFF ILB Preston Brown
22. DEN ILB Brandon Marshall
23. CHI ILB Jerrell Freeman
24. DEN OLB Von Miller
25. NYJ ILB David Harris
26. ARI ILB Kevin Minter
27. CAR OLB Thomas Davis
28. BUFF ILB Reggie Ragland
29. SEA OLB K.J. Wright
30. CLEV ILB Chris Kirksey
31. LA OLB Mark Barron
32. TB MLB Daryl Smith
33. IND ILB Nate Irving
34. PITT ILB Ryan Shazier
35. MINN MLB Eric Kendricks
36. NO MLB James Laurinaitis
37. ATL  MLB Paul Worrilow
38. TENN ILB Avery Williamson
39. TEN ILB Wesley Woodyard
40. SD OLB Melvin Ingram
41. HOU ILB Brian Cushing
42. PHI WLB Mychal Kendricks
43. ARI OLB Chandler Jones
44. NYG OLB Jonathan Casillas
45. GB ILB Clay Matthews
46. PHI MLB Jordan Hicks
47. CINN OLB Vincent Rey
48. CLEV ILB Demario Davis
49. NYG MLB Keenan Robinson
50. SD ILB Manti Teo
51. CINN ILB Karlos Dansby
52. DAL MLB Rolando McClain
53. CINN OLB Vontaze Burfict
54. CHI ILB Christian Jones
55. JACK OLB Myles Jack
56. BALT OLB Terrell Suggs
57. SD ILB Denzel Perryman
58. WASH ILB Will Compton
59. DEN ILB Todd Davis
60. MINN OLB Anthony Barr
61. ATL  WLB Deion Jones
62. NYJ LB Erin Henderson
63. HOU  OLB Whitney Mercilus
64. BUFF OLB Jerry Hughes
65. NE OLB Donta Hightower


Defensive Backs Rankings

Tier One DBs

1. MIA SS Reshad Jones
2. MINN FS Harrison Smith
3. NYG FS Landon Collins
4. BAL FS Eric Weddle
5. GB SS Morgan Burnett
6. SEA 5 FS Earl Thomas
7. PHIL FS Malcolm Jenkins
8. OAK FS Reggie Nelson

Tier Two DBs

9. DAL SS Barry Church
10. NO SS Kenny Vaccaro
11. SEA SS Kam Chancellor
12. BUFF FS Corey Graham
13. CAR FS Kurt Coleman
14. JACK SS Johnathan Cyprien
15. ARI 9 FS Tyrann Mathieu
16. PHIL SS Rodney McLeod
17. KC SS Ron Parker
18. GB FS Ha Ha Clinton-Dix
19. IND FS Mike Adams
20. OAK SS Karl Joseph
21. LA CB Trumaine Johnson
22. ARI SS D.J. Swearinger
23. TB FS B. McDougald
24. PITT FS Mike Mitchell

Tier Three DBs

25. DET FS Glover Quin
26. SD FS Dwight Lowery
27. KC CB Marcus Peters
28. NYG CB Janoris Jenkins
29. MIA FS Michael Thomas
30. TENN CB Antwon Blake
31. ATL SS Keanu Neal
32. NYJ FS Marcus Gilchrist
33. NE SS Patrick Chung
34. WASH CB Bashaud Breeland
35. TB SS Chris Conte
36. NYG SS Darian Thompson
37. SEA CB Brandon Browner
38. CLEV FS Jordan Poyer
39. WASH CB Josh Norman
40. ATL  FS Ricardo Allen
41. PIT  SS Sean Davis
42. NE  CB Logan Ryan
43. LA  CB Lamarcus Joyner
44. BUF  CB Ronald Darby
45. OAK  CB D.J. Hayden
46. NYG  CB D. Rodgers-Cromartie
47. DAL CB Brandon Carr
48. TENN FS Rashad Johnson
49. NE CB Malcolm Butler
50. JACK CB Davon House
51. JACK CB Jalen Ramsey
52. MINN SS Andrew Sendejo
53. ARI SS Tyvon Branch
54. SF FS Eric Reid
55. CINN CB Dre Kirkpatrick
56. TB  CB Vernon Hargreaves
57. SF  CB Kenneth Acker
58. OAK  CB David Amerson
59. GB SS Micah Hyde
60. MIA CB Byron Maxwell
61. CAR SS Roman Harper
62. NYJ  SS Calvin Pryor
63. NE FS Devin McCourty
64. HOU CB Kareem Jackson
65. KC CB Eric Berry
66. NO FS Jarius Byrd
67. TB CB Brent Grimes
68. JACK FS Tashaun Gipson
69. NYJ CB Darrelle Revis
70. GB CB Damarious Randall


2016 QB Rankings Standard League
2016 RB Rankings Standard League

The 2016 Fantasy Football Manual

The  2016 Fantasy Football Manual by Utter Fantasy Writer & illustrator Doug Bowles




Chapter 1 – What Is Fantasy Football?
Chapter 2 – How You Score
Chapter 3 – Ways to Compete
Chapter 4 – Keys to a Successful Draft
Chapter 5 – Managing Your Team
Chapter 6 – Fantasy Football Etiquette
Chapter 7 – Starting Your Own League

At Utter-Fantasy.com, we get a lot of questions from people who are interested in playing fantasy, but don’t know how to get started. So, we decided to put together this quick guide that explains the basics of the game, and answers the questions we get asked most often.
The most common question that we get asked by people who are totally unfamiliar with fantasy football is, “Does everyone have the same players?” The answer is actually the opposite. No team in any fantasy football league will have ANY players in common. Hopefully, after reading this How-to-Manual for Fantasy Football, all of your questions will be answered and any confusing pre-conceptions about fantasy football will be cleared up, so that you can enjoy the fun that the rest of us are having.


Chapter One: What Is Fantasy Football?

Fantasy Football is a competition in which participants select imaginary teams from the players in the NFL, and score points according to the actual weekly performance of their players.
A fantasy football league normally consists of 8-12 individuals who are called “owners” and who draft their own teams. (Some leagues may have more or less teams participating and a team can have “co-owners”…friends who can share the responsibilities of one team.)

The league is usually set up by one ambitious person who is called “the commissioner” and he or she will organize pretty much everything to get started such as:
· Inviting everyone to participate
· finding an online fantasy football site to keep track of your league
· Setting a draft date
· Collecting league fees (If there are any. Many leagues play just for fun.)

Before the NFL season starts, owners name their fantasy team, then get together (either in person or online) to take turns drafting their team consisting of NFL players. A draft order is determined beforehand. During the draft, each fantasy owner selects one NFL player at a time until the rosters are complete. Typically each team will draft between 15-18 players. The number of players on your roster is determined by each league before the draft.

A Comforting Note For You…
Since most drafts are done online now, so there should be no fear of “not knowing the NFL players”. They will all be listed for you in the draft room, on the website that your league chose. It’s cool how it works. When it’s your turn to draft a player, you will simply click on the players name then he will go to your roster and will automatically become unavailable to any other team.

In most cases, the draft is serpentine. In fantasy, a serpentine draft goes like this…It starts with the person selecting #1, then goes down the line of draft owners picking, until the last pick in Round One. (If your league has 10 team owners, Round One will have 10 different NFL players selected.) Round Two begins in reverse order The #10 team owner, who had the last pick, drafts a second time right after his first pick, and drafting goes right back up the line of owners. (If you were #1 owner and drafted first overall, you will have two picks back-to-back ending Round Two and starting Round Three.)
When an NFL player is drafted by a team owner, that player is no longer available.

Just like being a real NFL general manager, fantasy owners are in charge of all aspects of their team. Drafted players will remain on someone’s roster as long as the owner wants them to be. They can cut players, add players, bench players, or even make trades with other owners in the league. This is all easily managed online.

A long list of available players ( not yet drafted) will always be listed on your chosen website. If you have a player that is injured and perhaps out for the season for instance, you can drop this player usually by clicking this (-) symbol near your roster player’s name, then clicking the add (+) symbol near the un-drafted available player’s name that you want, then clicking the “save” button. This will become very clear as you get started. As I have mentioned before, this is all easier than it sounds.

A Fantasy Suggestion: Fantasy football is best played among friends and remember, everyone was a beginner at fantasy football at some point. However, if you’re are concerned about being too inexperienced among people that you know who are experienced…you might want try a year by yourself and join a public league. Anyone can sign up to join a random public league on Yahoo for instance, and you could learn the nuances of the game. Most are played for fun and there is no money involved. Or, you might try starting your own league with friends who are also inexperienced. You could all learn together. Scroll down to Bonus Chapter: Seven for tips on starting a league. It’s easier than you think.


E Book


Chapter Two: How You Score-Standard League

Your rosters will consist of 15-18 players at various positions (depending on your league rules). Each week you’ll set your starters, which will consist of a
quarterback, two running backs, two-three receivers, a tight end, a kicker, and a team defense.
(This is very easy to do on your league website. Simply click “Starter” or “Bench” after the player’s name in your roster.)

Only the “Starters” will count towards your score that week…the rest of the roster is comprised of bench spots that don’t score any points. An example of your fantasy team “Starters” in Week One could look like this:

QB: Drew Brees – Saints
RB: LeVeon Bell – Steelers
RB: Alfred Morris – Washington
WR: T Y Hilton – Colts
WR: Roddy White – Falcons
TE: Rob Gronkowski – Patriots
K: Matt Prater – Lions
DEF: Chicago – Bears
Bench: QB Carson Palmer – Cardinals
Bench: WR Steve Smith – Panthers, WR Davante Adams – Packers
Bench: TE Brent Celek – Eagles
Bench: K Patrick Murray – Buccaneers,
DEF – New England Patriots

(These bench players are still on your roster and you may choose from to start another week. Week Two you may choose to “Start” QB Palmer over QB Brees…or WR Adams over WR Roddy White…depending on match ups or injuries.)

To score points: the players from your team need to score on the NFL field. Some leagues reward points for touchdowns only. So, if your QB throws for 240 yards and two touchdowns, the example team listed gets 12 points (two touchdowns at six points each). And some leagues reward players for yards gained.
An example would be a point for every 20 yards gained, receiving or rushing. If a running back runs for 100 yards, gains 50 as a receiver and scores a touchdown, he scores 13 points that week.

As for kickers and team defenses, they generate points the same way as position players. A kicker’s stats are normally the same as what he does in an NFL game – he gets a point for an extra point and three points for a field goal. There are some leagues that will give bonus points to kickers for the length of the kick (more points for the longer kicks).

Team defenses can get points for sacks, interceptions, fumble recoveries, points allowed, and touchdowns scored. There are any number of ways a league can setup scoring for a team defense. Most team defenses also get rewarded for special teams play. If a kick-off is returned for a touchdown for example, your defense is awarded six points.

In the early days of fantasy football, league commissioners had the unenviable task of keeping track of the league, tallying scores and keeping track of the standings by hand. But since the internet took off, there are services (like CBS Sportsline or Yahoo) that will keep track of all your stats, standings, transactions, etc. This makes the task of running and playing in a league much easier. The internet is the main reason fantasy football is so popular today.

Other types of leagues: Above is a sample scoring for a Standard or Redraft league. Today, there are many other formats for fantasy football leagues. Here are some of the options you have: PPR Fantasy Football Leagues- Auction Fantasy Football Leagues- Keeper Fantasy Football Leagues-Dynasty Fantasy Football Leagues

A nice link that describes each- Fantasy football 101: Different types of leagues


Beginners Fantasy Football E Book


Chapter Three: Ways to Compete

Teams can compete in fantasy leagues in different ways, but here are the two main ways.

Head to Head Competition: Just like the NFL (again, in most leagues), two teams are matched up against each other every week in fantasy leagues. This is called “head-to-head”, or sometimes referred to as “HD2HD” competition.

In the “Head-to-Head” competition, each week during the NFL season your team will compete against a different team in your league. The goal is to have the best record (most wins) at or near the end of the season. The four teams with the best head-to-head records (usually by Week 15 of the regular NFL season) will battle in a playoff scenario. The final week will pit the top two against each other, so that a head-to-head champion is determined.

Overall Points: The second way to compete is an overall points competition. Each week every team in your league will accumulate points depending on how your fantasy players did on the field. The four teams with the highest accumulated points throughout the season (usually by Week 15 of the regular NFL season) will battle in a playoff scenario. This usually happens in the final two weeks of the regular season. The final week will pit the top two against each other, so that an overall point champion is determined. (Some leagues compete in both ways described above. At the end of the season, two champions are crowned…an overall points champion and a head-to-head champion. Sometimes a team can brag as to having won both in a season.)


Chapter Four: Keys to a Successful Draft – Do Your Research

Research key players NFL teams. You already know more than you think. This seems like a daunting task, but it’s actually not. Simply study a little at a time, rather than a two hour crash course right before the draft. Give yourself 20 minutes, for example, to familiarize yourself with 32 QBs in the NFL. Next session, familiarize yourself with starting running backs. Fantasy Football magazines are a great place to start. They will list for instance how all the running backs did in 2014. (My favorite magazine is, “Fantasy Football index”.)

The internet has an endless amount of information for you to research from, via search engines, and sports websites. Before choosing your fantasy team, you need to research available players so you can pre-rank them according to your personal preference, but you don’t necessarily have to! Your fantasy football magazines will have early “cheat sheets”, which will rank all the NFL players and defenses, and most good fantasy football websites (like Utter-Fantasy.com) will have players rankings available to you as well.

Be Prepared
Prior to your pick in any round, have players in mind to select. Be ready in the event that the player you really wanted has just been taken. It can be frustrating when one team owner takes a long time to make each of his/her player selections during the draft . This usually happens when the player that they wanted has just been taken by another team, and they aren’t prepared to make another decision.

If you don’t have options ready when it’s your turn, you will be:
1. Lost as to who you do want next.
2. Rushed into selecting someone that you really don’t want.
When my turn is 3 picks away during the draft, I spend the time since my last selection choosing 3 players that I desperately want on my fantasy team. If two of them were chosen before it’s my turn to pick, my decision is easy, because I have that 3rd player ready to draft. Draft Quality Players at Every Position

During the draft, keep a record of how many players you’ve selected in each position. If you use your top 5 draft picks on the best 5 RBs available, you will likely have the best stable of RBs in the your league. However, by ignoring the other positions, your team will be beat by teams that have overall strength week after week.

Remember, you can only score two RBs each week, so those other 3-4 superstar RBs that you’re smitten with, aren’t helping your team sitting the bench. You need quality WRs to score each week, as well as a strong TE and QB. Pay attention to your team, and draft intelligently at every position.
Don’t Draft a Kicker or Defense Until the Last Few Rounds

There have been instances where I haven’t always followed my own advice
on this because:
1. I select a kicker of defense too early, because I was enamored with their successful performance the year before. Particularly concerning kickers, very seldom do they follow up a great stat year, with another one. Pick your kickers last. Pick your defense(s) next to last. (Although if you choose to select the Seattle Defense in a mid-round, I wouldn’t blame you. They have been the top defense for two years in a row.)
2. I might not have been prepared in to draft in a particular round and therefore end up swinging for a kicker or defense out of desperation.


Beginners Fantasy Football E Book


Chapter Five: Managing Your Team

Drafting the best team in your league doesn’t ensure you’ll win. In order to be successful in Fantasy Football, you have to actively manage your team throughout the entire season. Here are some of the keys to managing your team.

Start ‘Em or Sit ‘Em: Most leagues require you to select the players from your roster each week that you wish to score. For example, if you drafted 4 running backs (RBs), you may be required to select only two of them to score in any given week. Your decision of which two to score will be based on many different factors, such as of health of your players, the teams your players will be facing, or even the weather. Utter-Fantasy.com offers Start ‘Em & Sit ‘Em advice. You can sign up to get these alerts and updates using the form in the right hand column
of any page on the website.

Player Moves: You’re not stuck with the players you chose on draft day. As a matter of fact, by the end of the season, your roster will likely look very different from the one you drafted. Making the right player moves can greatly improve even a poorly drafted team. The two main ways you can make player moves are through the waiver wire, and via trades.

Waiver Wire: As a fantasy owner, you’re in total control. You can drop players you think aren’t good enough and replace them. The waiver wire is a list of players that that nobody in your league already has on their roster. Therefore, these payers are available to be added to your team, once you drop a player.
If you have a player on your roster who gets hurt, benched, suspended…or just isn’t performing up to expectations, you can drop him in exchange for a player who is a free agent (not owned by any team in your league). Every week, new players become available or in demand due to many reasons and advice on picking up these players can be found on fantasy websites that have, “Waiver Wire Updates”. (It’s a popular feature on Utter-Fantasy.com)

Trades: You can even make a trade offer to another owner. Sometimes there will be a situation where you’re very heavy in one position and end up with high
scoring players sitting you on your bench. If this is the case, you’re likely
going to be weak at another position. Look around the other rosters in your
league and see if there’s a team in an opposite position (weak where you’re
strong, and strong where you’re weak). If a trade looks mutually beneficial,
extend an offer to the team owner.
Note: The other owners in your league aren’t fools. Offering to trade your 3rd Tier WR for someone’s 1st tier RB isn’t going to get you anywhere. If the trade doesn’t seem mutually beneficial to you, it won’t to them, either…so don’t insult their intelligence.

Winning Your League: Only the strong survive, and at the end of the fantasy season, the top teams square off in a playoff tournament to decide the league champion. The last team standing may win a trophy, a cash prize, or just bragging rights. Some leagues have the playoffs begin week 13 of the NFL season and some have them start week 15. Every league has their own rules on this.


Beginners Fantasy Football E Book


Chapter Six: Etiquette and Rules of Personal Conduct

While fantasy football can be an extremely competitive endeavor, it is important to remember that enjoyment of the game is predicated on a certain level of sportsmanship displayed by the participants. Common courtesy and common sense are good things to keep in mind this fantasy season.

Here are a few DO’s & DON’Ts:

The Draft – Be on time for the draft. Know when it is your turn, and do not take excessive amount of time when it is your turn to select. Everyone has a round or two of indecision, just make sure you are not the guy (or gal) who does it almost every time. Come prepared.

Participate in Fantasy Activities in a Timely Manner – That means, respond to phone calls, or emails etc by other team owners without long delays, and especially communications by the commissioner. Accept or Reject a trade offer as soon as possible. Online League sites often send out invitations to team owners and need replies…SO REPLY! Don’t make the commissioner’s job harder than it already is.

Trash Talking – It is part of fantasy football, so get used to it. However, you can have fun without being offensive (and BTW, I already know how fat my mother is).

No Collusion – Collusion can occur when one team makes moves to benefit another team, without trying to improve its own position. One-sided trades
are an obvious example of this. Another example is when a player drop is made so another team can pick up that player. Your commissioner can and
should void trades and moves where this is obvious.

Do Not Impede Other Owners- Certain transactions made solely to impede other owners is not allowed. Tanking games for the sole purpose of denying another player’s chance to make the playoffs is against the rules. In particular, cycling through players in free agency to put them on waivers and make them unavailable to other teams in your league is strictly prohibited and should be grounds for expulsion from your league.

No Roster Dumping either (i.e. dumping players into the player pool due to disinterest or for any other reason).

Keep Your Team Active – In order to maintain the integrity of the league, team owners should not remain inactive for extended periods of time. If you are giving up on the season, reassign ownership of your team to someone that will try.

Pay Before You Play – If your league plays for cash prizes, everyone should get their league dues in before the season starts. Commissioners dread the manhunt, tracking down a team owner that has not handed in their league due.

Vote – It’s worth mentioning again. Do not let a few team owners run your league. If someone thinks a rule or point system needs changing, demand a vote. If majority agree, change it.

A Few Extras –
· Take it easy on the New Team Owners. (We’ve all been one)
· Football Sunday is your fantasy day, so spoil the spouse on Saturday.
· Don’t be the Moocher at the draft – If you eat & drink with friends for
fantasy fun, buy some of the eats, and buy some of the drinks.

Good luck, and welcome to the obsession!

Beginners Fantasy Football E Book


Bonus Chapter Seven: Starting Your Own League

We have new players ask us about how to start their own leagues, so we thought we would cover the subject as a bonus chapter, for those who are interested. There are countless internet sites that you can play on, and keep track of your fantasy leagues. Many popular sites don’t charge a fee. It is free to park your leagues there. The most recommended ones are NFL, ESPN and Yahoo.

When you decide to play fantasy football, joining one of these sites is easier than you might think. Let’s say you want to have Yahoo host your league.
(You’ll be asked to sign into your Yahoo! Account if you haven’t already.)
· Go to Yahoo.com.
· Select the Sports tab from the list of Yahoo services.
· Next click on the “Fantasy” tab in the Sports Section.
· Scroll down to “Fantasy Football” and click this link.
· There you will find two choices…”Join a League” or “Create a League”.

To Join a League – Simply click this link – you will see open leagues that
need teams.

To Create a league – Click this link –YAHOO FANTASY FOOTBALL . It will ask
you for your League name – Type of league you want (Points vs HD2HD) –
How & When you want to draft – Click “Finish” and voila!– You can even
customize your league settings right there.

Another site growing fast in popularity is MyFantasyLeague.com where all of my current leagues are. Check them out!

As a league, decide on rules for trades, player moves each week and for submitting weekly line ups. You’ll also need to decide how long your season
will last and if your league will have playoffs. These are decisions every team
member should vote when starting a new league.

If you’re invited to join a friend’s league, you’ve probably received an e-mail with a link to the sign-up page. Just click on the link, accept your spot, pick a team name and logo. This type of league works exactly like a public league when the season begins, but the league’s commissioner can customize the setup. Yahoo has a certain set of standard defaults for roster requirements, scoring, free agency, and so on.

So, there you have it…setting up your league with a Free Fantasy Football Hosting Site is as easy as taking a ride on the Reading Railroad!
To learn more about your new obsession and get more advanced fantasy tips and advice, be sure to visit us at Utter-Fantasy.com often.

1st and 10 Week 16

1st and 10 Week 16 by Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles

“1st and 10″ is a weekly segment by Utter-Fantasy.com, getting fantasy insights from a knowledgeable person in the fantastic fantasy football community. With 10 questions each week, we will canvass some of the hot button topics to keep us all informed on the ever-changing NFL landscape and which may carry major fantasy football implications.

On Monday afternoon, approximately 2:00 PM Central, I will post the latest segment in “1st & 10.”  If you enjoy it, let us know. If you have any fantasy football questions, really let us know.


Week 16-  Happy July of 4th, 2016

“1st and 10″ Week 16 Special Guest Writer- RTFantasySports

Be sure to follow RTFantasySports  @RTFantasyFball


Utter-Fantasy #1) I recently posted my preseason standard league rankings for running backs, broken down into Tiers. Looking at my top tiers for RBs, is there anyone you would disagree with or change?

Tier One RBs
1. RB LeVeon Bell PITT
2. RB Todd Gurley LAR
3. RB David Johnson ARI
4. RB Adrian Peterson MINN
5. RB Ezekiel Elliott

Tier Two RBs
6. RB Lamar Miller HOU
7. RB Doug Martin TB
8. RB Devonta Freeman ATL
9. RB Eddie Lacy GB
10. RB Jamal Charles KC
11. RB Jeremy Hill CINN
12. RB Matt Forte CHI
13. RB Thomas Rawls SEA
14. RB Mark Ingram N.O.
15. RB CJ Anderson DEN
16. RB Latavius Murray OAK

RTFantasySports Response: I disagree with Ezekiel Elliott joining Bell, Gurley, Johnson and AP in Tier #1. For me it is tough to put a rookie who hasn’t played a single down in the NFL, in my top 5 running backs. Could he finish top 5? Absolutely, but before the season starts I will be recommending that he is the #10-12 RB taken off the boards.


Utter-Fantasy #2) Does the loss of DE Malik Jackson and LB Danny Trevathan hurt Denver’s chances for being a top 3 defense in 2016?

RTFantasySports Response: The Broncos had the #1 defense in the NFL in 2015, (which in large part, helped Peyton get his second ring!) but Denver won’t even be top 3 defense in 2016.


Utter-Fantasy #3) Kansas City’s offense looks almost identical to the one they had in 2015. With Denver likely to struggle in the AFC West in 2016, will the Chiefs be kicking themselves for not getting some more dynamic weapons for QB Alex Smith?

RTFantasySports Response: KC needed upgrades on offense and didn’t really make any moves that I thought they would have. Despite this, I still see them winning the AFC West division.


Utter-Fantasy #4) In 2015, WASH RB Matt Jones had plenty of opportunities to shine, but except for one nice Week 2 performance, he was pretty dull all season. Despite this, he is currently being ranked as the #13 or #14 RB to take in 2016. Why do fantasy football authorities and owners think Jones is suddenly going to be great?

RTFantasySports Response: I think Matt Jones ranked at 15/16 is where he should be, but I have seen him ranked as low as #25. He has upside because he is only entering his 2nd year in the NFL (Jones entered the 2015 Draft, after his junior season) and he is going to be given lots of opportunities immediately. RB Alfred Morris now plays for Dallas, leaving RB Chris Thompson as his only competition. Even then, Thompson is the favorite to operate as the Redskins’ passing-game specialist.


Utter-Fantasy #5) Kansas City, Detroit, LA Rams, Jacksonville and Seattle are projected to have the worst offensive lines for the upcoming season. Are there any players from these 5 teams that should be lowered in current rankings, because of the bad O-lines that are forecasted?

RTFantasySports Response: In my opinion, the entire Detroit offense is currently ranked too high, and I would recommend lowering all of the Lion’s skill position players. In 2015, Detroit had the worst yards per rush average in the NFL, and with the 4th worst projected O-Line for 2016, I don’t see their running game getting any better. I think HC Pete Carroll and the Seahawks will do the best with what they’ve got, over the other 4 teams on the list.


Utter-Fantasy #6) If the Patriots have to play the first 4 games of the 2016 NFL season without QB Tom Brady, how many games can New England win with QB Garoppolo under center, and mastermind HC Bill Belichick having 3 months to plan for it?

RTFantasySports Response: I actually have the Patriots going 3-1 with Jimmy Garoppolo as their quarterback. Their first game is in Arizona, and I don’t think they have a chance of winning that game, even if HC Bill Belichick had 6 months to plan for it. Their next 3 games are home games however, with Miami, Houston and Buffalo playing in New England. Worst case for 2016, the Pats start the season 2-2, which is manageable.


Utter-Fantasy #7) Newly acquired NYJ Matt Forte is a running back that I am higher on than most fantasy football owners. For the upcoming season, he is ranked as the #16 RB to take off the boards. I think that is far too low…is it for you?

RTFantasySports Response: I am with you on this! I too love Forte this year. I think he was a great acquisition for the Jets. I will go so far as to say that I feel RB Forte has the potential to be a top 7 RB in PPR leagues for 2016.


Utter-Fantasy #8) Like Matt Forte in Question #7, is there a player that you think will have a great season in 2016, but who is currently ranked pretty low and why do you think he will be successful?

RTFantasySports Response: SF RB Carlos Hyde would be that player. I think with a season under his belt, that the 49ers and new HC Chip Kelly are looking more stable and committed to the run. Like I pointed out with Matt Jones earlier, Hyde will be given lots of opportunities immediately. Even Carlos seems to be excited for the new offense…”Chip Kelly’s system will help showcase all my abilities…not just as a ball carrier, but also as a threat in the passing game.”


Utter-Fantasy #9) Of these 5 players who had spectacular 2015 seasons, which will be “least likely” to repeat their success in 2016 and why?

JACK QB Blake Bortles
KC WR Jeremy Maclin
WASH TE Jordan Reed
TB RB Doug Martin
HOU WR DeAndre Hopkins

RTFantasySports Response: In 2015, QB Blake Bortles was the #3 quarterback, but he was forced to throw a lot because the Jags were behind in every game. Jacksonville has vastly improved their defense, and have RB Chris Ivory to shore up their running attack. I still like QB Bortles, but he won’t end up as the #3 QB for 2016.

BONUS: I believe with WR DeAndre Hopkins’ talents and with a upgrade at the QB position with Brock Osweiler, that the sky’s the limit with the young wide out, and that he is “most likely” to repeat his success in 2016.


Utter-Fantasy #10) Fantasy football can be an emotional roller coaster throughout the season. I know of one guy who has broken two television sets due to a fantasy football setback such as a call reversed, a turnover or a TD negated by a penalty. Have you had any embarrassing tantrums that you do not mind sharing?

RTFantasySports Response: I do in fact… I once punched my wall with my fist because I lost a “Super Bowl” on a blocked punt. One lousy blocked punt cost me the title, so “I let my wall have it!”

Next week Utter-Fantasy will have 10 new questions to another knowledgeable person from our fantasy football community.

Next Week’s Guest….The Fantasy Authority’s Jennifer Smith!

1st AND 10 Week 15 with Eric dewalt
1st AND 10 Week 14 With Jamie Black


2016 Top 150 Fantasy Football

2016 Top 150 Fantasy Football by Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles


2016 Top 150 Fantasy Football- Rankings Standard League


1. WR Antonio Brown, Steelers
2. RB Todd Gurley, Rams
3. WR Odell Beckham Jr., Giants
4. WR Julio Jones, Falcons
5. RB David Johnson, Cardinals
6. RB Adrian Peterson, Vikings
7. RB Lamar Miller, Texans
8. RB Ezekiel Elliott, Cowboys
9. WR DeAndre Hopkins, Texans
10. TE Rob Gronkowski, Patriots
11. RB Doug Martin, Buccaneers
12. WR Allen Robinson, Jaguars
13. RB Devonta Freeman, Falcons
14. RB Eddie Lacy, Packers
15. WR Brandon Marshall, Jets
16. WR A.J. Green, Bengals
17. WR Mike Evans, Buccaneers
18. RB Jeremy Hill, Bengals
19. WR Dez Bryant, Cowboys
20. RB Le’Veon Bell, Steelers ****Suspended 3 games
21. RB C.J. Anderson, Broncos
22. RB Mark Ingram, Saints
23. WR Jordy Nelson, Packers
24. WR Amari Cooper, Raiders
25. WR Sammy Watkins, Bills
26. RB Matt Forte, Jets
27. WR Brandin Cooks, Saints
28. RB Thomas Rawls, Seahawks
29. WR Alshon Jeffery, Bears
30. QB Cam Newton, Panthers
31. RB DeMarco Murray, Titans
32. WR Eric Decker, Jets
33. WR T.Y. Hilton, Colts
34. QB Aaron Rodgers, Packers
35. WR Demaryius Thomas, Broncos
36. WR Keenan Allen, Chargers
37. WR Randall Cobb, Packers
38. RB Ryan Mathews, Eagles
39. RB LeSean McCoy, Bills
40. RB Latavius Murray, Raiders
41. RB Jonathan Stewart, Panthers
42. TE Greg Olsen, Panthers
43. RB Carlos Hyde, 49ers
44. RB Chris Ivory, Jaguars
45. RB Jeremy Langford, Bears
46. QB Andrew Luck, Colts
47. RB Frank Gore, Colts
48. WR Allen Hurns, Jaguars
49. WR Jarvis Landry, Dolphins
50. TE Jordan Reed, Redskins
51. WR Julian Edelman, Patriots
52.  RB Melvin Gordon, Chargers
53. RB Matt Jones, Redskins
54. WR Jeremy Maclin, Chiefs
55. WR Doug Baldwin, Seahawks
56. WR Josh Gordon, Browns****4 game suspension
57. RB Jamaal Charles, Chiefs
58. WR Golden Tate, Lions
59. WR Michael Floyd, Cardinals
60. WR Tyler Lockett, Seahawks
61. WR Jordan Matthews, Eagles
62. WR Kevin White, Bears
63. QB Russell Wilson, Seahawks
64. TE Gary Barnidge, Browns
65. QB Blake Bortles, Jaguars
66. TE Delanie Walker, Titans
67. WR Tavon Austin, Rams
68. QB Drew Brees, Saints
69. QB Ben Roethlisberger, Steelers
70. RB Isaiah Crowell, Browns
71. WR Corey Coleman, Browns
72. WR DeSean Jackson, Redskins
73. WR Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals
74. TE Coby Fleener, Saints
75. WR Travis Benjamin, Chargers
76. RB Terrance West, Ravens
77. RB Ameer Abdullah, Lions
78. QB Eli Manning, Giants
79. QB Kirk Cousins, Washington
80. TE Travis Kelce, Chiefs
81. WR Donte Moncrief, Colts
82. QB Tom Brady New England Patriots****higher if suspension overturned
83. WR Tajae Sharpe, Titans
84. RB Rashad Jennings, Giants
85. RB Giovani Bernard, Bengals
86. RB Jay Ajayi, Dolphins
87. TE Tyler Eifert, Bengals ****targeting Weeks 4-6
88. TE Julius Thomas, Jaguars
89. WR Will Fuller, Texans
90. WR Emmanuel Sanders, Broncos
91. RB Danny Woodhead, Chargers
92. WR Michael Crabtree, Raiders
93. RB Dion Lewis, Patriots
94. WR Kelvin Benjamin, Panthers
95. RB James Starks, Packers
96. RB Charles Sims, Buccaneers
97. WR Marvin Jones, Lions
98. WR Willie Snead, Saints
99. WR Sterling Shepard, Giants
100. TE Zach Ertz, Eagles
101. RB Duke Johnson, Browns
102. WR Sammie Coates, Steelers
103. TE Zach Miller, Bears
105. QB Philip Rivers, Chargers
106. WR Mike Wallace, Ravens
107. WR Mohamed Sanu, Falcons
108. WR  Michael Thomas, Saints
109. QB Carson Palmer, Cardinals
110. TE Antonio Gates, Chargers
111. QB Matthew Stafford, Lions
112. QB Matt Ryan, Falcons
113. QB Derek Carr, Raiders
114. RB Karlos Williams, Bills
115. RB Buck Allen, Ravens
116. RB Theo Riddick, Lions
117. RB Tevin Coleman, Falcons
118. RB Kirk Cousins, Redskins
119. WR Devin Funchess, Panthers
120. RB Darren Sproles, Eagles
121. WR Chris Hogan, Patriots
122. WR Terrance Williams, Cowboys
123. WR Brandon LaFell, Bengals
124. RB Christine Michael, Seahawks
125. WR Stefon Diggs, Vikings
126. WR Dorial Green-Beckham, Eagles
127. WR DeVante Parker, Dolphins
128. WR Steve Smith, Ravens
129. QB Jameis Winston, Bucs
130. QB Jay Cutler, Bears
131. WR Tyler Boyd, Bengals
132. RB Derrick Henry, Titans
133. RB LeGarrett Blount, Patriots
134. RB Chris Johnson, Cardinals
135. QB Joe Flacco, Ravens
136. WR John Brown, Cardinals
137. QB Andy Dalton, Bengals
138. TE Jimmy Graham, Seahawks
139. QB Marcus Mariota, Titans
140. WR  Laquon Treadwell Vikings
141. WR Josh Doctson, Redskins
142. RB Tim Hightower, Saints
143. RB Jordan Howard, Bears
144. RB T.J. Yeldon, Jaguars
145. RB DeAndre Washington, Raiders
146. RB Justin Forsett, Ravens**** free agent
147. WR Torrey Smith, 49ers
148. WR Vincent Jackson, Bucs
149. TE Jason Witten, Cowboys
150. WR DaVante Adams, Packers

151. RB Ronnie Hillman, ****Free agent

152. RB C.J. Prosise, Seahawks


2016 QB Rankings Standard League
2016 RB Rankings Standard League

2016 TE Rankings Standard League


2016 TE Rankings Standard League by Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles

2016 TE Rankings Standard League- Top 100 NFL Tight Ends


Tier One TEs

1. TE Gronk-  New England Patriots

Tier One TEs

2. TE Greg Olsen-  Carolina Panthers
3. TE Jordan Reed-  Washington
4. TE Delanie Walker-  Tennessee Titans
5. TE Travis Kelce-  Kansas City Chiefs
6. TE Gary Barnidge-  Cleveland Browns
7. TE Coby Fleener-  New Orleans Saints
8. TE Zach Ertz-  Philadelphia Eagles
9. TE Julius Thomas-  Jacksonville Jaguars
10. TE Virgil Green- Denver Broncos
11. TE Tyler Eifert-  Cincinnati Bengals-OUT UNTIL WEEK 4-6

Tier Three TEs

12. TE Antonio Gates-  San Diego Chargers
13. TE Zach Miller- Chicago Bears
14. TE Jason Witten- Dallas Cowboys
15. TE Kyle Rudolph- Minnesota Vikings
16. TE Jared Cook-  Green Bay Packers
17. TE Charles Clay- Buffalo Bills
18. TE Dwayne Allen-  Indianapolis Colts
19. TE Jesse James- Pittsburgh
20. TE Martellus Bennett-  New England Patriots
21. TE Jimmy Graham- Seattle Seahawks

Tier Four TEs

22. TE Will Tye-  New York Giants
23. TE Brent Celek- Philadelphia Eagles
24. TE Austin Hooper-  Atlanta Falcons
25. TE Eric Ebron- Detroit Lions
26. TE Jordan Cameron- Miami Dolphins
27. TE Richard Rodgers-  Green Bay Packers
28. TE Crockett Gillmore- Baltimore Ravens
29. TE Ryan Griffin-  Houston Texans
30. TE Clive Walford- Oakland Raiders
31. TE Vance McDonald- San Francisco 49ers
32. TE Larry Donnell-  New York Giants
33. TE Hunter Henry- San Diego Chargers
34. TE  Tyler Higbee-   Los Angeles Rams
35. TE Jace Amaro-  New York Jets

Tier Five TEs

36. TE Vernon Davis- Washington
37. TE Maxx Williams- Baltimore Ravens
38. TE Cameron Brate-  Tampa Bay Buccaneers
39. TE Dennis Pitta- Baltimore Ravens
40. TE Niles Paul-  Washington
41. TE Jacob Tamme-  Atlanta Falcons
42. TE Luke Willson-  Seattle Seahawks
43. TE Daniel Fells- Arizona Cardinals
44. TE  Mychal Rivera-   Oakland Raiders
45. TE Brandon Pettigrew-  Detroit Lions
46. TE Anthony Fasano- Tennessee Titans
47. TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins- Tampa Bay Buccaneers
48.  TE Jeff Heuerman- Denver Broncos
49. TE Ed Dickson- Carolina Panthers
50. TE Josh Hill- New Orleans Saints
51. TE CJ Fiedorowicz-  Houston Texans

52. TE Ladarius Green-  Pittsburgh Steelers- Health issues
53. TE Benjamin Watson- Baltimore Ravens-OUT FOR THE SEASON


2016 QB Rankings Standard League
2016 RB Rankings Standard League

1st and 10 Week 15

1st and 10 Week 15 by Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles

“1st and 10″ is a weekly segment by Utter-Fantasy.com, getting fantasy insights from a knowledgeable person in the fantastic fantasy football community. With 10 questions each week, we will canvass some of the hot button topics to keep us all informed on the ever-changing NFL landscape and which may carry major fantasy football implications.

On Monday afternoon, approximately 2:00 PM Central, I will post the latest segment in “1st & 10.”  If you enjoy it, let us know. If you have any fantasy football questions, really let us know.


Week 15-  June 27th, 2016

“1st and 10″ Week 15 Special Guest Writer- FanUp Network’s Eric DeWalt

Be sure to follow Eric and FanUp Network  on Twitter @FanUpNetwork


Utter-Fantasy #1)  The “Zero RB Draft Strategy” really gained steam as a popular draft strategy in 2014. A year after fantasy owners were still hooked on taking running backs early, this “wide receiver stacking strategy” seemed like a very intriguing option. It caught on with a lot of people, but not with me. I still value a strong running back roster for all of my fantasy football leagues. What do you think of the “Zero RB Draft Strategy” and have you tried this strategy in any of your drafts?

Eric DeWalt FanUpNetwork Response: I have not personally tried this strategy yet. But I have a friend that has used WR stacking as a strategy for the last few years, and he has experienced consistent success with this strategy. It is something I am looking at closely, especially considering how NFL passing yards are increasing while rushing yards drop.


Utter-Fantasy #2)  Few players have had their values fluctuate over the past calendar year quite as much as Cowboys’ WR Dez Bryant. Once widely seen as a receiving dynamo, Bryant had an injury plagued 2015 season and lost some of his luster. What do you make of Dallas WR Dez Bryant in 2016?

Eric DeWalt FanUpNetwork Response: Bryant will bounce back and have a strong year. He is an intense competitor with a ton of pride, so I am sure he will be focused. Having QB Tony Romo back will be a big boost for him. Also, the addition of Zeke could provide more balance for the Cowboys, and give Dez more one-on-one coverage. Look for Dez to be an elite fantasy WR in 2016.


Utter-Fantasy #3) The Cleveland QB Battle: I believe Robert Griffin III resurrects his career in 2016, and is a candidate as a decent QB sleeper. Others believe that the odds are favorable that McCown would give Cleveland its best chance to win, and that he will end up as the Brown’s starter. Which side are you on?

Eric DeWalt FanUpNetwork Response: The Browns are looking for a young QB to build around, so I think RG3 gets every opportunity to prove he is that guy. He has some decent weapons in Cleveland with rookie WR Corey Coleman, TE Gary Barnidge and RB Isaiah Crowell. I think RG3 wins the job and is worth a look as a late round pick.


Utter-Fantasy #4)   I am in the midst of a 32 team dynasty league draft. I also have an 8 team (redraft) league draft scheduled for July 4th. Most of my other leagues won’t draft until the end of August. Are June and July simply too early to be drafting in fantasy football leagues, or is anytime a good time?

Eric DeWalt FanUpNetwork Response: One of the basic rules of FanUpNetwork is…”It is always Fantasy Football season!”… so anytime is a good time.


Utter-Fantasy #5) When I drafted my very first fantasy football team, I was at a table with the other participants, and my first selection was DET RB Barry Sanders. Back then there were ONLY live drafts, because fantasy football websites hosting drafts did not yet exist! There are many young people today competing in fantasy leagues that have only drafted through websites and not never experienced the fun and excitement of drafting in person. What is your drafting preference?

Eric DeWalt FanUpNetwork Response: I really prefer in-person drafts. It creates a connection and energy that can spill into your season. I believe in-person drafts help create rivalries that help drive interest in a league and keeping a group together.


Utter-Fantasy #6)  In a recent 12 team, 15 round “mock draft” I observed, 18 tight ends were selected, and none of them were CHI TE Zach Miller. CHI QB Jay Cutler has always been a quarterback who has counted on his tight ends as important weapons in his offense. In the final 8 games of 2015, Miller had 31 receptions for 404 yards and 5 TD receptions. I would draft Miller before drafting DET E Ebron, TB ASJ, PITT L Green and IND D Allen. I think fantasy football owners are sleeping on Zach Miller. Do you?

Eric DeWalt FanUpNetwork Response:  YES!!!! I believe you are correct. Miller is in position for a strong season, and most people are not very high on him. In a limited role for 2015, Zach Miller still managed to end the season as the #16 tight end, with 439 yards and 5 touchdowns. He did this playing in only 11 games. ( In Week 10 of last season, he had 5 grabs for 107 yards and 2 TDs.)  Jay Culter loves to throw to his tight ends and he already seems to have good chemistry with Miller.


Utter-Fantasy #7) I think it’s safe to say that Jacksonville has Allen fever! Between Penn State standout Allen Robinson and unstaffed pass catch Allen Hurns, the Jaguars boasted one of the most electrifying young receiving corps of any team last season. Why do you think they had so much success last year, and can that level of play be sustained?

Eric DeWalt FanUpNetwork Response: The WRs compliment each other so well. Robinson can work downfield and make big plays with his jumping ability, while Hurns is always in the right spot at the right time, and rarely drops the ball. I believe they feed off the other. Look for their success to continue as they develop even more chemistry and confidence with the young QB Blake Bortles.


Utter-Fantasy #8) Based on their team’s roster of talent, which NFL team should have been more successful in the regular season over the past couple years?

Eric DeWalt FanUpNetwork Response:  The Philadelphia Eagles should have experienced more success. The offense was inconsistent and they were not able to dominate the game with star tailbacks. At times, you saw flashes of what they could be, but their efforts seemed inconsistent. 2015 would have been a good time for the Eagles to step up and play to their potential. It didn’t take a great record to win the division last season. Washington won the NFC East with a 9-7 record.


Utter-Fantasy #9) Were you surprised that in the 2016 NFL Draft, the San Francisco 49ers did not address their offense until the 6th Round? (Round 6- QB Jeff Criskel…Round 6 RB Kelvin Taylor and Round 6 WR Aaron Burbridge) Will any of these 3 players impact the SF team in 2016?

Eric DeWalt FanUpNetwork Response:  I was not shocked by their defense heavy draft. They had a lot of defensive losses since their Super Bowl team, and Chip Kelly seems to think offensive players are almost interchangeable. I do not expect any of their offensive rookies to make a real impact this season.


Utter-Fantasy #10) Free agent WR Anquan Boldin is one of my favorite NFL players, and I think it would be fun to see him reunite with WR Larry Fitz in Arizona. Unfortunately, the Cardinals do not have room on a crowded WR depth chart for Boldin. Can you tell me 3 NFL teams that could benefit greatly by signing the gritty and talented Anquan Boldin?

Eric DeWalt FanUpNetwork Response: Bills could benefit from having him mentor Watkins and be a reliable #2 WR to move the chains.
Vikings have proven to have some potential, but WRs have been underwhelming. QB Teddy Bridgewater could really benefit from having a reliable possession WR.
Chiefs and Boldin could also be a great fit. Bolden would be a great compliment to Maclin.

Next week Utter-Fantasy will have 10 new questions to another knowledgeable person from our fantasy football community.

1st AND 10 Week 14 With Jamie Black

2016 WR Rankings Standard League

2016 WR Rankings Standard League by Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles

2016 WR Rankings Standard League- Top 100 NFL Wide Receivers


Tier One WRs

1. WR Antonio Brown PITT
2. WR Odell Beckham NYG
3. WR  Julio Jones ATL
4. WR DeAndre Hopkins HOU
5. WR Brandon Marshall NYJ

Tier Two WRs

6. WR A J Green CINN
7. WR Allen Robinson JACK
8. WR Mike Evans TB
9. WR Brandon Cooks NO
10. WR  Amari Cooper OAK
11. WR Sammy Watkins BUFF
12. WR Dez Bryant DAL
13. WR Jordy Nelson GB
14. WR Alshon Jeffery CHI
15. WR Keenan Allen SD
16. WR Eric Decker NYJ
17. WR Demaryius Thomas DEN
18. WR Allen Hurns JACK
19. WR T Y Hilton IND
20. WR  Randall Cobb GB
21. WR Jeremy Maclin KC
22. WR Jarvis Landry MIA
23. WR  Julian Edelman NE

Tier Three WRs

24. WR Doug Baldwin SEA
25. WR Golden Tate DET
26. WR Kevin White CHI
27. WR Michael Floyd ARI
28. WR Jordan Matthews PHIL
29. WR Tyler Lockett SEA
30. WR Tavon Austin LAR
31. WR Kelvin Benjamin CAR
32. WR DeSean Jackson WASH
33. WR Will Fuller HOU
34. WR Travis Benjamin SD
35. WR Donte Moncrief IND
36. WR  Larry Fitzgerald
37. WR Emmanuel Sanders DEN
38. WR Michael Crabtree OAK
39. WR Marvin Jones DET
40. WR Willie Snead N.O.
41. WR Josh Gordon CLEV
42. WR Sterling Shepard NYG
43. WR Corey Coleman CLEV
44. WR Kamar Aiken BALT
45. WR Chris Hogan NE
46. WR  Sammie Coates PITT
47. WR Michael Thomas N.O.

Tier Four WRs

48. WR Tyler Boyd CINN
49. WR rookie Tajae Sharpe TENN
50. WR Kenny Stills MIA
51. WR  Devante Parker MIA
52. WR Mike Wallace BALT
53. WR Dorial Green-Beckham PHIL
54. WR John Brown ARI
55. WR  Brandon LaFell CINN
56. WR Mohamed Sanu ATL
57. WR Stefon Diggs MINN
58. WR Devin Funchess CAR
59. WR Torrey Smith SF
60. WR Terrance Williams DAL
61. WR  Danny Amendola NE
62. WR Davante Adams GB
63. WR Vincent Jackson TB
64. WR Steve Smith BALT
65. WR Laquon Treadwell MINN
66. WR Rishard Matthews MIA
67. WR Braxton Miller HOU
68. WR Pierre Garcon WASH
69. WR Kenny Britt LAR

Tier Five WRs

70. WR Anquan Boldin Detroit
71. WR Ted Ginn Jr
72. WR Quinton Patton SF
73. WR Robert Woods BUFF
74. WR Josh Doctson WASH
75. WR Jermaine Kearse SEA
76. WR Cole Beasley DAL
77. WR Brandon Coleman N.O.
78. WR Philip Dorsett IND
79. WR Albert Wilson KC
80. WR Jaelen Strong HOU
81. WR Victor Cruz NYG
82. WR Justin Hardy ATL

Tier Six WRs

83. WR TY Montgomery GB
84. WR Eddie Royal CHI
85. WR Charles Johnson MINN
86. WR Nelson Agholor PHIL
87. WR Jeff Janis GB
88. WR Dwayne Harris NYG
89. WR Malcolm Floyd SD
90. WR James Crowder WASH
91. WR Chris Conley KC
92. WR Kenny Bell TB
93. WR Darrius Heyward-Bey PITT
94. WR Andre Roberts OAK
95. WR Pharoh Cooper LAR
96. WR Devin Hester ATL
97. WR Dezmin Lewis BUFF
98. WR Dontrelle Inman SD
99.  WR Kendall Wright TENN
100. WR Cecil Shorts free agant

101. WR Reuban Randle free agent

102. WR Stevie Johnson SD- OUT FOR THE SEASON

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