1t and 10 DFF

1st and 10 with DFF Week 1

1st and 10 with DFF Week 1 by Utter-Fantasy Writer & Illustrator Doug Bowles

I was in Jiffy Lube the other day, and their was another guy waiting for his car, like I was. “How ya doing?” I asked. “Fine, how are you?” he replied. A little chit chat about the weather, then I asked him about his KC Chiefs sweat shirt. Now the conversation got fun. He loves the Chiefs, and he lost his big fantasy football league by one lousy point. Before we could get into the 2016 NFL Draft, our cars were done. Damn it. ( How often is it, that you’re in a Jiffy Lube and cursing that your car is ready? )

But that’s how the fantasy football community is. We like talking about it, and we like meeting people who like talking about it.

Michael Goins is the owner of Dynasty Football Factory, which is a website that you must visit daily, or you are missing out on great fantasy football, especially dynasty formatted fantasy football. Follow him on twitter @DynastyFFactory

Michael and I enjoy riddling each other with fantasy football questions, and I know fans of fantasy football would enjoy reading his answers.

Each week on Monday afternoon, 2:00 PM Central, I will post the latest segment in “1st & 10 with DFF Michael Goins.”  If you enjoy it, let us know. If you have any questions for Michael, really let us know.

Week 1- March 14th, 2016

Utter-Fantasy #1)  The San Francisco 49ers are a mess of a team. Does Chip Kelly make them better or make them worst?

Kelly will certainly bring an infusion of offensive creativity to the 49ers. However, it remains to be seen just how much control he will be extended. He certainly does not have the offensive talent he enjoyed and squandered in Philly. Whether or not a fast break offense can be successfully implemented will be something to track. Any skill position players SF acquires this off-season will certainly become high priority waiver adds. San Francisco has a lack of defined offensive roles outside of perhaps the one-trick pony WR Torrey Smith and RB Carlos Hyde. Even then, Hyde’s role isn’t completely clear. In PPR formats, he very well could lose passing downs to Draughn or another RB add this off-season. Still, from a fantasy perspective, the only player worth gambling on as a high potential production player is Hyde. I have reservations on whether or not Kelly is a developmental coach and one who can draft & groom players to fit his system or if he is simply a system based coach who requires certain types of players on the front end to plug into his scheme. My guess is that the 49ers spend 2016 finding their direction for the future.

Utter-Fantasy #2)  Doug Martin has re-signed with Tampa Bay, so he is staying a Buccaneer. He ended 2015 as the #3 running back with 4.87 per carry average. Is he a top 5 RB for 2016? If yes, then which of these 5 running backs are not- AP, D Freeman, Todd Gurley, LeVeon Bell or David Johnson?

As with any young offense, the continued development of Jameis Winston will be the key to Tampa Bays 2016 success. As far as will Martin remain a top RB fantasy talent, I have my doubts. Yes, there is something to be said for continuity, i.e. Martin/Sims worked well together in 2015. However, Winston’s wheelhouse isn’t dumping the ball off, rather its stretching the field. Therefore, with Evans evolving as a receiver, the hopeful return of a healthy ASJ and the anticipated inclusion of Kenny Bell, the Bucs offense could evolve with a greater focus on the passing game. This could leave Martin as nothing more than a goal line 2-down thumper limiting his upside. This is one of those cases where you would prefer to use Martin as your defined RB2 rather than your clear cut RB1 and would certainly want to cuff him with Sims, especially in PPR formats. With that said, a top 10 finish isn’t out of the question.

Utter-Fantasy #3)  Can Denver repeat as the AFC West champs in 2016, without even knowing who their quarterback will be yet, in 2016?

Yes. By a large margin, the Broncos will still have an imposing defense. I expect Elways to be aggressive in finding their future franchise QB. I wouldn’t put it past him to go after Goff in the draft or another high profile QB who he could earmark as “his” guy. The Broncos are still set up for success and have all the pieces in place on both sides of the ball to make another run and at the very least only need a solid game manager in my view. However, should they lose CJ Anderson, addressing the RB position will be key if they don’t acquire a solid QB. Sanchez simply won’t do.

Utter-Fantasy #4)  If you were Cleveland, would you take yet another, 1st round swing at a college quarterback, or go with a veteran free agent? There is talk that Kaepernick wants to play for the Browns. What do you think of “Kaep” as a Brown?

Kaep aint the answer. There are no viable QBs left to pick from to get that offense started. The draft is their best bet to rebuild the face of the team. There are lots of unknowns in Cleveland in 2016. However, with the potential return of Gordon, the emergence of Barnidge as a viable offense weapon and with a corps of decent RBs, all they are missing (from the offensive side) is a contributing WR2 and a stable QB situation. That’s a tall order for sure, but the offense is relatively young and they won’t be winning in divisional titles anytime soon so why not pluck the best of the QBs from the draft and employ a traditional rebuild philosophy?

Utter-Fantasy #5)  It would have been nice to see Forte get paid by Chicago and stay a Bear. Do you like where he went ( NYJ) and do you think Jeremy Langford can be Chicago’s Forte in 2016?

As a Bears fan I was sad to see him go. Alas, thats the nature of the business. Use’m, abuse’m and send them packing when you’ve tapped all that they have to give. He will be fine as a Jet. He won’t be the every week RB1 type, but will have his moments. IF the Jets are smart they will use multiple backs in order to keep him fresh. As far as Langford, he isn’t a particularly “special” talent, but he did perform well in 2015 which even surprised me. At the very least he will have a chance to start in 2016 and should hold down the change of pace roll should they bring in a “better” talent. Regardless, he will be a worthy play in PPR formats.

Utter-Fantasy #6)  I think RB DeMarco Murray has been cashing in on a great Dallas O-Line in 2014. He’s durable and a decent receiver out of the backfield, but he wasn’t special in Philly and he won’t be in Tennessee. Do you agree?

Murray is a power back, not an especially explosive short area back. This lack of quick explosion will hurt him in Tennessee. The offensive line is horrible and will limit his ability to break into the second level of defenders. Although, if Mariota can create enough of a “cause to pause” for the linebackers softening their approach then he could be solid, at least in a small window of time. Once again, every bit of offensive success in Tennessee will be predicated on the evolution of Mariota. They have weapons on offense, so the potential to be good offensively isn’t out of the realm of possibility, but will Murray be a true RB1? I doubt it. Another guy I would rather have as an RB2 if I owned him, but certainly not a guy I am targeting, especially in dynasty formats.

Utter-Fantasy #7)  Winston and Mariota had good rookie years, which isn’t an easy thing to do the NFL. Do you see any QBs in the April’s draft that warrant a 1st or 2nd overall pick?

No. Buts its all based on the direction a team headed. You never can tell what a GM is thinking, so all bets are off. In my view, the best QB in this draft is Goff, so if he is taken in the first few picks it wouldn’t surprise me.

Utter-Fantasy #8)  Heading into 2016, Gronk is still the #1 tight end, but who is your #2?

All the hype is with Eifert and rightfully so. He enjoyed a breakout 2015 and now they don’t have a viable/proven WR2 or WR3 to lean on. However, I still like Kelce as the TE2.

Utter-Fantasy #9)  It was January 11th, 2015 and the Green Bay Packers were clinging to a 26-21 lead late in the 4th quarter in the playoffs. Question: Was it a great catch by Dez Bryant or the correct call to overturn it as an incomplete pass?

LOL. Who cares. As an owner of Dez it was a catch. The “No Fun League” strikes again.

Utter-Fantasy #10)  Tell me a player from 2015, or previous years, that you were high on, but who you will never draft again because he killed your fantasy team?

I never say never with any player simply because situations and values remain fluid, especially in dynasty. However, I tend to shy away from drafting or investing too much if anything in any New England RB. As far as a player who has burned me over the last few years, it hasn’t been anyone in particular. Its been rather, that I have not developed the necessary production depth to allow me to cascade through the bye weeks or during a play off run.